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Belly Laughs (no pun intended). Cinematic grandeur . And educational too!
2 February 2006
Based on the true life of one of the most unusual entertainers in history (understatement), this film tells his story without "Joking it up". The actual fact that a performer could perfect and become so popular with this particular skill set is so bizarre that everything about his passion and drive to succeed is inherently funny. The filmmakers bear hug this notion including smart casting that doesn't ham it up, but rather organically explores the truths of these bizarre real life characters and events... I was really impressed with the big budget studio look and feel of the film, some of the locations were startling... Causing myself the ask, "How'd they shoot that?"

This film is a bright spot for dark comedies. My favorite moment? An extremely memorable climatic scene (understatement), that makes me laugh every time i think about it.
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