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Another potentially great movie GONE BAD!
8 March 2019
Captain Marvel isn't a horrible movie... Nor is it a great movie... It's just okay.

I'm a HUGE Marvel FAN and I really wanted this movie to be great but with Marvel's marketing team promoting the BAD side of feminism and Brie Larson putting down white men at every turn... I'm not sure how anyone can get behind this new direction. Does Kevin Feige actually want us to buy into THIS Captain Marvel as the new (feminist SJW) face of the MCU??

The movie itself isn't a horrible movie, but nor is it great either... AND unfortunately, it's SOURED by it's marketing team.
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Just in Time for Christmas (2015 TV Movie)
Is This Hallmark Movie Worth Your Time?
19 November 2018
This cute little movie is about a young woman at a crossroads in her life. She then magically gets shown her future, if she continues down the path she's on. In the future, she is a successful professor and author and her boyfriend is engaged to someone else (yet still has feelings for her). She appears to have come back to town unexpectedly after having been gone for 3 whole years...

The movie is well cast, with Eloise Mumford holding the movie together brilliantly as the main lead. Her grandfather is played by Christopher Lloyd, who brings some of his "Back to the Future" charm back. Also the magical man (Angel) is played by William Shatner who made me smile every time he popped up. Overall, this is a wonderful little movie that the whole family can enjoy! A wonderful movie from my past, that came out just in time for Christmas.
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Tchaikovsky is SOOOOOO Rolling In His Grave right now...
5 November 2018
There's potential here for a wonderful movie! I found this movie DESIRING to be a cross between "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Chronicles of Narnia"...but alas, the movie just fell flat. For young viewers, this movie can be quite scary at times. The Mouse King - actually a writhing body of mice all working together as one moving mass - is the stuff of children's nightmares. For older viewers, there's very little storyline here. It's way too politically correct, while the emotional bonds between ALL the characters just felt thin and scripted. I wish I could say something positive about this movie, but unfortunately this Nutcracker will NOT be a classic.
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The Christmas Train (2017 TV Movie)
An Enjoyable Ride!
26 November 2017
I just finished watching the premier of Hallmark Hall of Fame​'s "The Christmas Train". It was a sweet story, with a well crafted script. The main 4 leads were perfectly cast. Joan Cusack, while always a little bit corky, had me smiling throughout the whole film. The back and forth between the films love interests (Kimberly and Dermot) was quite charming. It was fun to watch how Danny Glover brought out the best in his co-stars. While the parallel side mystery, kept me engaged.

The only real issue I had, was that this film had a tendency to cut short quite a few scenes. Which also gave way to a few pacing issues. There were a couple times I found myself wondering, "did I miss something?" and "how did we get here?" Yet, even with these flaws, I still found "The Christmas Train" to be an enjoyable ride!
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