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My Hero Academia: Overhaul (2019)
Season 4, Episode 2
Now this is how you start a season
21 October 2019
This episode continues the story from the previous season finale, and two new characters are introduce (we saw them in last season, but we didn't know them). The first one is Overhaul, a really interesting villain who wants to become the leader of the League of Villains...and man, the first half of the episode is really dark, maybe the darkest moment we've seen in the whole series, and it's thanks to him. The other character is Nighteye, All Might's former sidekick, and this is where the episode turns from really dark to really weird. He appears in the last 2 minutes maybe, but he is nothing like you imagine. We can all agree that this is the real first episode of this season, not like last week's recap/filler episode.
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Filler episode to start the season
13 October 2019
Since I don't read the manga, I don't really know if what I saw in this episode is actually relevant for the rest of the season. A reporter comes to UA and enumerates every 1A student and their quirks (something we already saw like 3 or 4 times), and there's not a hint about what this storyline will be about, so it feels like this season will actually start next week.
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Attack on Titan: Hero (2019)
Season 3, Episode 17
21 June 2019
I finished watching this episode with my two hands on my face, shaking and tearing...this...THIS is AoT
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Shazam! (2019)
A standalone DC movie in the DCEU
6 April 2019
This movie is so entertaining. It stands by itself in the DCEU because it has it's own tone and tyle. The character development is well written, specially in Billy Batson. Zachary Levi as Shazam is the best part of the movie, he's made for this role. Freddy Freemam is a relly good sidekick for Shazam, he is like every kkd who is a hardcore fan of superheroes, so it's easy to relate. Mark Strong's character (Dr. Sivana) lacks of an original motivation, though, but his performance is good. The CGI could be better, it was not bad, but neither was great. Even though, the Seven Deadly Sins design could have been a LOT better, they didn't matched with the tone of the movie, and they wasn't eaay to recognize. The music was good, it emphasized some scenes, but wasn't memorable either. It reaembled me of the Avengers theme a few times.
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Attack on Titan (2013– )
I cannot think of one think I don't like about this show
9 January 2019
I'm not an otaku, but I got myself interested in anime lately. This is my fourth anime I see, and I gotta say is my favorite until now. There's not one episode, or a character, or a song, or a landscape I don't like. It's all stunning and amazing. The art is one of the best things I've seen, and as an artist, it makes me want to draw characters like this everytime I finish watching an episode. I just completed the season 1 (a little late I know) and starting season 2, and it's still epic.
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A 'Psycho' wannabe
23 October 2018
There is a lot of bad things in this movie. First of all, it seems like it was filmed, directed and written by a teenager. The colors are awfuly saturated, specially in the daylight scenes, as if it had an Instagram filter. The story is far from original, as it has a lot of resemblances with Hitchcock's 'Psycho', but with a senseless and confusing plot. It has a lot of plot holes, and uninteresting characters to fill those voids. Even Jennifer Lawrence gives a forgettable performance.
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Daredevil: Kinbaku (2016)
Season 2, Episode 5
Cheesy episode
16 October 2018
This episode showcases two different time lines: the present, where we see Matt, Karen and Foggy still recovering from the Punisher's events, and a romantic approach between Matt and Karen; and in some flashbacks we get to know how Elektra and Matt met, and start another romantic approach. Yeah, this episode is full of cheesy moments, and the one thing that made the last 4 episodes great (The Punisher) is missing. This episode doesn't thrill or shock us like Daredevil usually do.
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Daredevil: New York's Finest (2016)
Season 2, Episode 3
We all remember the corridor fight in the first season, right?
11 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Let me get this straight: Daredevil is the best fighter. We saw him figth a bunch of crooks on a corridor, now we see him fight against a bunch of crooks while he goes down the stairs from the roof of a building to the base floor, with literally his hands tied with tape to a gun and a chain. Just EPIC. Plus, we get to finally know Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, and he gives on of the best speechs to "D" (with quotes as "You're just one bad day away of becoming me") This has to be one of the best episodes so far. Even though I would have liked it to be just that, we have a side plot, portrayed by Foggy and Karen, a.k.a. the drama queen. She keeps whining and getting her voice shaky everytime she speaks. It's a little annoying. But at least, Foggy is a total badass using just his speeching abilities. These two plots are packed inside an intense and powerful episode, with spits of each plot here and there.
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Daredevil (2015–2018)
A hell of a series!
9 October 2018
*Review for Daredevil Season 1*

I gotta say I saw this show three times already, and it never grows old. Each time I see it again I enjoy it even more. The story in this 13 episodes is very well developed. In each episode, we get to know more deeply every character, showing flashbacks of their past or what are they going through on the present to avoid their ghosts and guilts. Again, the character development is great, but specially on characters like Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. We get to know them as little kids, and the path they took till they became the men (or monsters) they are in the present. The additional characters have their back story too, even though Foggy is more like a comical relief, but sometimes he has some strong moments and dialogues with Matt. Karen, on the other hand, wasn't developed like the rest. She didn't really had a big backstory, and everytime she appears she is whining and crying, so it makes it a little exhausting. Technically, this show is great, using visual and sound resources to make us "see" as Matt Murdock sees. Even when he's not in the scene, we can hear a heartbeat like if we have his superhearing; or we can hear the whole atmosphere of the background. Visually is a little dark, sometimes we can't see very good what's happening on the scene, but again, this makes us feel like if we were blind. The action sequences are awesome, sometimes intense and gritty, and so intelligently filmed, giving us some amazing one-shot fight sequences. Final score: 9.5/10
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Extinction (2018)
A bland mix between 'Edge of Tomorrow', 'Oblivion' and 'Blade Runner' that lacks of interest
12 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER FREE SECTION The premise of this movie presentes it as some kind of innovative Sci-Fi where the main character shows some kind of strange hability to see the future, but still I think I saw that before. This movie start with a slow pace, presenting the characters of Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan and it's family. This group lacks of chemistry, they let us know they have problems, but we simply can't sympathize with them. The main reason the premise was interesting was those visions the protagonist has. But that's just wasted potential , because they only show up at the beginning, making this not remarkable of any alien invasion movie.

SPOILER SECTION The explanation of everything that happened in the movie was a mix of concepts I saw in different movies: 1) People surrounding the main character use his visions to know the outcome and try to survive ('Edge of Tomorrow') 2) The protagonist didn't had visions of the future, they are flashes from the past because someone erased his memory so he can fresh start ('Oblivion') 3) The revelation, presented in a disturbing slow paced scene, is that the "human" protagonist are human-like robots, and the "aliens" are human soldiers sent to exterminate the robots ('Blade Runner') 4) The soldiers came from space colonies, just as the ones in 'Blade Runner', too.
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Remember (I) (2015)
Predictable plot twist in an okay movie
27 August 2018
I saw this movie because a friend of mine recommended it and said it was great...but my opinion was very different.

Watching this movie, I could't help notice some similarities with 'Memento': the protagonist has memory issues, he writes himself so he can remember everytime he forgets what he's doing, he doesn't really know what he is doing, etc. But this is far from being great as 'Memento'.

The main problem is that the plot is very simple. I'm not saying it isn't interesting, but the plot is simple enough to make me think: "this can't just be all, there should be a plot twist somewhere". So, yeah, for me the end was very predictable.

Christophe Plommer is a great actor. I'm not saying otherwise, but his performance here is just okay. At least he can perform well as an amnesiac, who sometimes is scared, suspicious and intimidating.

Visally, it isn't great neither. There where only a few shots I liked, with intense yellow colors spreading through the scene. But there wasn't a caracteristic style throughout the movie. At least it tried to make a few interesting sequences, zooming and moving slightly the camera.

Finally, this movie isn't bad, but it isn't great neither.
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Split (IX) (2016)
A great psychological thiller (8,5/10)
26 August 2018
This movie tells the story of Kevin Wendell Crumb, a patient suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, having 23 personalities living on his head, each one being able to change the chemistry of his body. This personalities are waiting to take the "Light" or the "Spot" of Kevin. One day, at the beginning of the film, he kidnaps three girls, saying they are important for "thr beast", another persona inside Kevin that is waiting to take the "ligth".

This movie is great. The plot is very well unfold scene by scene, reaching the climax with the espectator fully connected to it's characters and intrigue. Maybe it starts a little bit slow, and the lack of a characteristics music makes it hard to keep up, but if you are one of those who don't want to miss a thing, you've got to watch it with full concentration.

The character(s) of Kevin is the best thing of the movie, being portrayed by James McCavoy with an outstanding performance, changing completely his character in a few seconds. I really liked his backstory, and the explanation to the persona of The Beast. Cassey is also an interesting character, developing her backstory progressively through flashbacks, making it haunting and thrilling. What I didn't like was the other two kidnapped girls. They are a bit cliché, plus their acting is a bit mediocre.

Technically this movie is great too. It has a very haunting color pallette, even though it's not very wide, but coloring every scene with warm, yellow tones. The composition of the shots are interesting, because sometimes the scenes are cut, showing a portion of the characters and the situations, doing justice to the title, 'Split'.

The scenography fullfils it's purpose, placing the characters and the espectators in a very claustrophobic ambient, sharing the haunting and thrilling feel of being kidnapped by a mad man, 23 mad men, however.

Finally, when you reach the ending you can be one of two kind of person: the one that doesn't understand what's the point of that scene; or the other kind, who understands that this movie is part of a larger universe, leading to a future crossover.
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Unbreakable (2000)
An Underrated Modern Classic
13 August 2018
I'm shocked to see that right now, 17 years after the release of this movie, only 300.000 people had rated it, and has a 7.3 total average. This movie deserves so much more. I'm gonna get technical first, and then I'll analyze it's simbolism and meaning more deeply. The plot is a thrilling story, extremely careful assuring it hasn't plot holes or conveniences. The story develops differently in each scene, and gets progressively more unrealistic. Right from the start we get to know the characters (David Dunn and Elijah Price), both in very good sequences, filmed, almost entirely, in only one take. The whole movie is filmed with great sequences and shots, resembling to the comic books panels, with low camera movement and very simmetric shots. It make me think on Alan Moore's 'Watchmen' because of how the perspective changes slightly on panel to panel. Attached to this is the color palette, each character wearing a distinctive color, in a sometimes contrasting or matching environment. Enough with the technical. Let's dive deeper. The way the movie loses it's realism throughout the scenes is a very realistic iteration of how would be the life if superheroes were real, and how this gifted beings would discover and develop their powers, and weaknesses, slowly and with baby steps before jumping to the sky and start punching bad guys, figuratively speaking. The figure of the villain is also well portrayed here, showing how a comic book villain reacts to the world surrounding him, he's motives and how he feels about the hero. If you are expecting a Marvel or DC like superhero movie, this is not your type of movie. This can't be fully considered a superhero movie, though. It's much more than that, just as 'The Dark Knight'.
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The Death of Superman (2018 Video)
The best adaptation of this storyline so far
6 August 2018
Finally, after seeing Superman die 4 times on the screen, we've got a very accurate and decent adaptation. Don't get me wrong, I don't care if this is accurate in how much similar it is to the comic book. But it gave me the same feeling as reading it (and, damn, I had a lot of feels with this movie). Visually, I loved this movie. Even though there isn't much improvement in the animation, I really liked the color palette. The sunset or night scenes had a great combinnation of colors. The story, as it's fragmented in a few sub-plots, is a progressive journey through the feelings that Superman gives to the people of Metropolis and the whole world, and makes you feel the same desperation they felt on the climax of the movie. What I didn't like was the way the post-credit scenes where shown. I'd prefered if it was all together instead of each one separated from the other. Even though, I really look forward to seeing the Reign of the Supermen next year.
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A very good action movie to close the franchise
30 July 2018
My score: 8.5 I went to the theater very hyped because of I loved Rogue Nation, and the trailers for this one were so good. Andmy expectations where highly satisfied. The story of this one is a sequel for Rogue Nation, so the characters that I loved of the previous one are back. The way this film is writen and narrated is so good, dynamic and intelligent. The action stunts and sequences are incredibly good choreographed and are satisfactory real, no trace of CGI, greeen screens or any visual effects. The action, however, even though it's great, sometimes is a little exhausting, and the scene is over leaving you wanting for some air, but that feeling of intensity is something that makes you live the movie like you where there. The plot is full of twist and turns, but not any plot-hole. The way the situation changes from one scene to another is so chaotic that you need to give full attention to the movie all the time. I really liked the interaction between Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise, but I wanted to see more moments with those two. Overall, this movie was so satisfactory that it's instantly one of my favorites from the last few years.
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Incredibles 2 (2018)
Not as good as the original, but fun
29 July 2018
When this movie was announced after 14 years, everybody was crazy and excited about it, but even though I liked the first movie a lot, I wasn't looking forward to seeing a sequel. And I was right. It seems like everytime Pixar does a sequel, they don't want to really do it, they don't put a lot of effort as with the originals, and that's what happens here. The story is practically the same as the first one, but with a change in the roles. The villain is so preddictable, and his, or her, motives didn't convinced me. Sometging that didn't liked me neither was the beginning. It's some kind of flash forward, and then it goes to a flashback 5 minutes earlier...and then it comes back to where it started. In my opinion it was a little unnecessary, and weird. Even though, visually it was very impressive and had a lot of fun through the movie.
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Let's not exaggerate here
22 July 2018
Infinity War is one of the best Marvel movies (and of the Superhero genre in general), but is not perfect. The way the Russo brothers entangled all the stories of this past ten years is pretty good, and seeing all the near 30 characters of the MCU in one movie is a really cool fan service, but let's be realistic: the movie is a complete fan service. The weight of the movie is carried by 2 groups of heroes, leaving the rest of the cast there without doing something else that doesn't add much to the plot. One would expect to see all the characters together in the same scene, but some of these never met in the whole movie and didn't even do or say something remarkable. That's the BIG flaw of this movie, but there are so many good stuff here, like the villain, Thanos, the best character in the whole movie. His motives and actions are very well justified and portrayed by Josh Brolin. He is a strong character with a strong personality, and he steals the movie. The visuals are also very good, with a minor issues in some characters, who look like videogame PNJ. The music is so intense and is an emotional homage to the original Avengers soundtrack. Anyway, Infinity War is an enjoyable movie for superhero fans, and will be arguable considered as the "best superhero movie ever" by some easy-to-please fans and critics, but that's just a tag far from the reality.
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Wind River (2017)
Powerful and intriguing
23 September 2017
Wind River is a thriller which mystery es very well portrayed, since the moment that it's introduced until the revelation. It's not just a suspense crime thriller, it's also a drama in which you reach to connect with the characters, the situation and the environment; it makes us reflect on the value of all human lives and in the will to fight that all the oppressed ones have. A treasure of this year.
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