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Impulse (1990)
A Sexy Hot...but Reserved Policewoman!
11 January 2020
Theresa Russell portrays a remarkable policewoman with style! Though she is sexy and hot in her undercover roles, she's also reserved in her private life. She's nobody's playmate...even if that's how she appears on assignments.

Many viewers have never watched this movie yet....though it's been around since 1990. Why are the networks reluctant to include this film more often in their schedules? There's plenty trash on the air, and yet a sparkling gem like this movie rarely sees the light...

Instead of leaving you breathless and trying to keep track of all the twists and turns, this story gives you breathing-space to savour and digest each scene. What a refreshing change! Aside from the main story-line, some scenes are educational for both men and women. How so?

Well, the behaviour of some men disgusts Theresa Russell, and her response is eloquent enough. Yet she responds warmly if some man treats her respectfully, gently and politely. Theresa Russell's character can discern between a gentleman and a lout, which would go down well with female viewers, no doubt. On the other hand, male viewers can re-assess how to really win a woman's heart...the right way!
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Hidden Gem: Fast-Paced...Action and Twists
11 January 2020
Another one of those rare films that is not frequently aired. Once again, events in the Whitehouse are the main focus.

If you follow Charlie Sheen's steps, this original story sounds plausible because there's always power-play when the stakes are big enough. The fast-pace slows down at times, allowing you to catch your breath and digest what's happening on-screen. Unlike what many reviewers stated here, I was never bored for a second!!

Oh...don't take my word for it, naturally. If you do get your hands on this movie, You will be hooked within the first five minutes..... So one wonders why such a movie is heavily criticized by reviewers, and kept collecting dust in film-libraries? Is it because it has elements of truths that some big shots prefer to keep away from public scrutiny?
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The Fixer (1998 TV Movie)
The Ones Pulling The Strings
10 January 2020
Who's pulling the strings in our lives nowadays? Ever wonder about that?

Well, this movie reveals some of the methods used by the powerful to attain their goals.We are rarely privileged to witness what goes on behind the scenes of dirty deals. But this film takes you through an eye-opening ride that will make you think and reflect on what goes on in the world around us.

The lack of reviews suggest that this movie is one of those "rare" ones that have neither been widely circulated..... nor sufficiently advertised. And I wonder why? Is it perhaps it makes some powerful folks uncomfortable? Why does hardly anybody even remember seeing it even once? :Who knows?

You just might find the answer to these questions yourself...IF you watch this movie.
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Hustlers (2019)
Strippers striking back at...Wall-Street??!!
25 December 2019
A bunch of hot chicks guided by JLo start hitting back at Wall-Street, in their own special way!!

If you pay any attention to the "bad" reviews, it will cost you a truly remarkable movie. Instead of the strippers dancing away in the background, these girls are the real stars, going after their clients with a vengeance. Instead of strippers being exploited by their clients, we see the exact opposite, for a change., Isn't that refreshing?

Why not find out for yourself how smart these strippers truly are? Strippers who succeed in outsmarting a man must be good. But strippers who can outmaneuver a Wall-Street guy must be exceptional...
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6 Underground (2019)
Alias...The Fast & Furious XXX
14 December 2019
A movie that keeps you breathless with its fast-paced action, astounded at the original stunts, incredible car-chase maneuvering and reminiscent of the Fast & Furious team led by Toretto (Vin Diesel).

Don't task my word for it, guys...judge it for yourself. Avoid being disheartened by the "bad" reviews, lest you miss out on one of the best movies of 2019!! Toretto himself would have been proud to be one of the SIX... Would You??
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Undercover Wife (2016 TV Movie)
Faithful Wife seeks her husband's killer
2 December 2019
Watch how a loving, faithful wife resolves to track down her husband's killer. Simple as that! Though not a private investigator, she has skills that could enable her to succeed.

The female star - Jewel Staite - used to belong to Serenity's crew, back in 2002, in the TV Show "Firefly"; playing the part of the mechanic.

The story is straightforward - nothing exceptional - but it keeps you interested and hooked right up to the finish line. Don't take my word for it....check it out for yourself, and avoid being deterred by the scarcity of reviews. This little gem goes undiscovered by many....why add your name to this list?

Personally, I enjoyed every minute!!
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Rebecca De Mornay is Sexy, Fun & Adorable
24 September 2019
Rebecca De Mornay simply shines in this heart-warming motion picture! Take a peek at you've never seen her before, or since, for that matter. Avoid allowing the bad reviews here from dissuading you from judging this romantic tale that will pull at your heart-strings, and leave you with a warm glow by the time the end credits start scrolling.

One of the reviewers - with a 9-star rating - can enlighten you further, if you wish...

Speaking for myself, I could not take my eyes off the screen the entire time, and relished every minute. In my book, this is the kind of uplifting "fairy-tale" that I can watch over again, and still get a kick out of it. And if you aim to double your joy...share it with a loved one!!
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Sexiest Pirate Captain...that CAN push any of her crew around!
17 September 2019
This movie is one of the best pirate movies ever filmed....and how many pirate movies boast a FEMALE captain too? Cutthroat Island is a sparkling Gem among pirate movies, yet the bad reviews and the even worse response in the cinemas when it hit the theatres is mystifying!! Such cutthroat criticism from movie critics and theatre-goers at the time have fired me up to defend this entertaining film with this review.

What was the matter with theater goers ? An action-packed adventure in exotic locations, perfumed by a superlative soundtrack by John Debney, and splashed with humorous scenes across the movie....what more could the average film-goer ask for? I was enthralled from the first minutes...captivated by the powerfully rhythmic music and Geena Davis galloping on horseback across a stretch of water, that made her seem she was actually "racing on water" on a horse! Geena Davis never looked better and director Renny Harlin has never made a more action packed film since Cutthroat Island or after!

I've seen worse movies with higher-ratings and record box-office hits....and which in my opinion were inferior to Cutthroat Island...if not outright rubbish! It's a crying shame that it was considered a flop....a fate it never deserved. And even sadder is the fact that Carolco Pictures was sunk along with it!! Don't take my word for it. Check this gem out yourself, and find out firsthand if Geena Davis is the sexiest pirate captain you ever feasted your eyes on.
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Deadly Attraction (2017 TV Movie)
Beware of Judging a Gorgeous Girl by her Looks & Charm!!
14 September 2019
Yes, this is the lesson that every man should heed before taking the marriage vows!! What an eye-opener this film turned out to be... I was not expecting much initially. However, I decided to analyze the story - as it unfolded - with an open mind. The lack of reviews impel me to take time to add another one myself.

Before I know it, I am gripped by the powerful, magnetic- but twisted - personality of the lead female star. She is enchanting and bewitching, and she has the knack of bending any man around her little finger. She ALWAYS gets her man. She never misses her target!!. Any wise man will not look at a stunning woman in the same way, after watching this film. Don't take my word for it....check out this seductive olive-skinned foxy lady for yourself!!
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Black Panther (2018)
Outstanding Movie with a Heart !!
3 August 2019
Truly an outstanding movie that thrills you from start to finish... The negative reviews here are's a shame so many reviewers see this movie "through a glass darkly". But everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Don't take my word for it...try out this movie yourself, and judge it by your own standards.

The King of Wakanda - the New King - is inspiring and willing to embrace new ideas. If only there were more world leaders like him!!

Spectacular Panoramas - Hilarious (at times) action - Superb fighting sequences - Inspiring family ties in Royal Wakanda family - Original Tech Concepts in Wakanda - Balance of Male / Female stars - An Adventure for the Entire Family: something in it for everyone - Incredible Car Chases - Unique storyline unlike any previous film.

Black Panther is ONE of the Marvels of this World......why miss it??
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Blackjack (1998 TV Movie)
Positive Movie with Heart
8 July 2019
Discovered that BLACKJACK was plain good fun to watch, aside from sending some positive messages too...about going out-of-ones-way for Friendship!

Thanks to the BAD reviews here, I nearly did NOT watch this film!! After the movie ended, I felt so upset and angry with the bad reviews here, that I felt impelled to write one myself.

This is one of Lundgren's most positive movies. Aside from action, you will discover quite a few heartwarming scenes. Lundgren's friendships here inject a refreshing scent into this violent movie. I enjoyed every minute and was never bored. Where the action slowed down, it helps one to understand what's happening in more detail, and gives you a time to catch your breath...

Bottom-line: You will be GLAD you've watched this little gem....
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Veteran Trekkie says: Episodes are more appealing (to me) than DS9...!!
31 January 2019
After sifting through a big pile of negative reviews, it was time to find out firsthand what ST Discovery is all about. A good place to start is Season 1 Episode 1...

Though it's not TOS, TNG or VOY, I found each episode sufficiently interesting to keep me curious about what transpires in the successive episode. Personally, I can't say as much about DS9 or ST Enterprise.

Yes, it's definitely NOT what Trekkies like about Roddenberry's ST universe. The Klingons resemble reptiles more than humans and do appear weird to a genuine Trekkie. Why the creators of STD decided to make these "phony" looking Klingons speak in "Klingon" is beyond me!! I heard more "Klingonese" phrases in just the pilot episode than in the entire seven seasons of TNG.....

Nevertheless, I found myself following closely the actions of the main characters. The Chinese female captain (played by Michelle Yeoh) was particularly warm and friendly, especially with her first officer Michael Burnham. A female officer with a male name is most unusual. If nothing else, it DOES make her stand out from the rest....and maybe that's why she picked this name, who knows?

Yes, most reviewers have harshly judged the character of Michael Burnham, as being too cold etc. Yet in view of her upbringing, it's understandable. Just watch a handful of episodes to comprehend her more deeply, prior to passing judgment. It's all too easy to criticize Michael Burnham, if you don't understand her background...

IF you strive to watch ST Discovery with an open mind, you might discover that it IS worth watching....even though it's NOT of the same caliber as TOS or TNG or VOY. Ultimately, as the old adage goes: "Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder". If I could watch ST Discovery episodes and find them enjoyable, maybe you might also....
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Star Wars:Young Han Solo is...a HIT !!
10 September 2018
The latest episode in the Star Wars Saga is....a real Hit!! Why all the negative reviews here? I nearly did not watch this movie because of them.... and what a shame that would have been! Don't take my word for it... Don't taken anybody's word for it....judge it for yourself. Personally, I enjoyed every minute of it. Why ten stars, if it's not perfect? After sitting down to watch it....knowing I nearly dismissed it because of the negative reviews here....I could NOT give it any less, AFTER following it to the very end. There was action and adventure and glorious panoramas, and an impressive assortment of aliens....and yes, Romance was woven into this movie from start to finish. Musically, it is indeed reminiscent of the Star Wars Saga, and so it should be. Story-wise....the writers injected originality amongst the familiar patterns we are accustomed to, in any Star Wars movie. Whoever picked the lead actor for playing Han Solo did a superlative selection: the guy is handsome, yet friendly, easy-going and you just can't help liking him, his character and personality. If you're thirsting for a refreshing movie in the spirit of Star Wars, this is the movie for you.
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John Carter (2012)
Edgar Rice Burroughs himself would be Proud of this movie!!!
15 April 2018
One of the reviews here said it all and took the words right out of my mouth. I raise my hat to the reviewer who goes by the name "Metacognizant". Rather than repeat that review - which you can find yourself - let me add this: In my youth, I managed to acquire and read the entire set of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs known as "The Martian Series". The first novel is entitled "A Princess of Mars".

Anyway, I was always disappointed that nobody in Hollywood ever brought this swashbuckling epic to the cinema screen. Imagine my astonishment and delight when "John Carter" (the movie) surfaced in 2012. The denigrating and scathing reviews that I waded through - at the time - made my heart sink. Nevertheless, I rented the movie and steeled myself to judge "John Carter" from what was projected onscreen, before my own eyes. By the time the end credits started scrolling, my teeth were gnashing at all the critics who besmirched this magnificent movie... What I thought of them - and still do - is truly unprintable here....take my word for it!!

Apparently, Hollywood critics and Hollywood film producers can't "smell" a good movie from a bad one, anymore. Well guys, I have not, and if anybody in Hollywood wants a fellow who CAN smell a good movie from a bad one...I'm available!! Remember Kurt Russell in "The Barefoot Executive" (1971).....and how a Chimp could "smell" good stuff that studio execs could not.... Sound familiar?

If you have not yet immersed yourself in this marvelous masterpiece, what are you waiting for? Why not rent "John Carter" and see for yourself who's right: the critics or the positive reviewers:- such as Metacognizant ? You will have the time of your life.....why else would I rate this movie as 10/10 ??
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Worth Watching : Thrilling & Action-packed
24 July 2017
My wife selected this movie and I was initially skeptical due to the relatively unknown actors cast in this movie.

I read the handful of reviews after watching it, and I was rather dismayed at the negative comments spread out before my eyes...all except for one review that was in total accord with my impressions of this film.

Since all but one review seemed to reflect what I had experienced in this movie, I decided to post a review myself...for the very first time on IMDb. Yes, the actors are relatively unknown for I could not even name one from memory. Nevertheless, they managed to create an action-packed movie that kept me riveted to the chair from start to finish.

The main characters all demonstrated widely differing personalities that were easily distinguishable. Somehow, you were drawn to each one - more or less. If you wish to relish the story, avoid over-analyzing the details and simply sit back and enjoy the action-packed ride.

Give it a's truly worth watching!
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