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Simply the best episode in anime
19 February 2017
This episode is about Subaru trying to escape the land after he had been in a traumatic memory and got returned by death. He tries to get Rem to go with him and escape this land. Then Rem starts talking to him about things which I'm not going to spoil because seriously, this is the most touching and the best episode I ever watched in the history of anime. There is only one flaws as if you watch this without sound on, it may seem boring as it is mainly focused on the dialogue.
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An entertaining anime, No way you could waste your money on this!!!
19 February 2017
This anime obviously has some flaws which may seem bad but if you can get pass the flaws, it is very entertaining! Though the main character is not particularly likable i found that the character Rem seemed likable due to her having a personality rather than a robot programmed to have a personality. The thing i like is that the main protagonist Subaru has the power to go back in time every time he dies. This may seem boring as there might not be much thrill but IT DOES HAVE THRILLS!!! Every time a main character dies, usually Subaru dies as well to go back but the way they present the death is very thrilling. Another thing i like is how they focus on how traumatic an event is so that every time Subaru comes back, he has gained knowledge on how to defeat enemies or has mental trauma on what has happened. One of my personal favorite episode episode 18 is (without spoiling too much) one of my favorite anime episodes of all time and it is really touching though it is basically only dialogue but i totally loved it.

Overall, I would rate this anime 9/10 as the flaws kept it away from the 10/10
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