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Ride (2016– )
A show about horses can never be bad.
10 February 2017
It's a fun show. I am 17 and my nephew is 6 and we both enjoyed watching the first 10 episodes together. I would recommend it to middle school age girls because the life lessons Kit goes through would be most relatable to them in the majority. I think this show lacks diversity in its actors and that's annoying to say the least. The show is about a girl (Kit Bridges) and her father move to England for him to take a job at an equestrian boarding school as the new stable master and boys riding coach. Kit makes friends by standing up for her and her classmates individuality. Her main battle in the show is trying to overcome her fear of riding to save a horse that she connected with but the head master wants to send to be auctioned off. Kit learns from a lot of mistakes and gains friends through her perseverance.
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