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Best animated show in a long while
18 October 2015
I love this show. This is the best animated show IMO. It sends positive messages and good vibes. I encourage everyone to watch it at least once and you can thank me later. Everything from how the characters look to the stories and the songs are spot on, it all comes together so perfectly. It basically improves upon every aspect of the 80s series, and you should love it even if you didn't like the movies. Every episode is like a roller coaster ride. Even though every character has some intentional, signature character flaws, by some magic it's incredibly easy to empathize with and love all of the characters. Nickelodeon US has enough sense to air it on their main channel, where it deserves to be, but it should have a later timeslot than 4PM. It's a show that adults and kids alike can enjoy. It grew on me very quickly. I give Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks 10 stars.
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