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Fantastic subject that is butchered by a self-serving, novice director!
8 March 2015
Was this film about Halston? Or was it about the director's love FOR Halston? Whatever the case, it's terrible no matter how you view it. What a missed opportunity to convey a great story about the life and career of an American fashion icon.

Director Whitney Smith is deplorable in this documentary by driving around in a 70's Pontiac Firebird trying to be chic in 70's clothes and wigs.

He seems to have no idea how to conduct interviews and doesn't appear to be prepared to meet with the pretty impressive line-up of fashion elite and celebrities that are featured in this documentary.

And he does this looking and acting like a total clown/novice.

It's cringe worthy and embarrassing. The story of Halston is an amazing one with some great archival footage and story telling from the people that knew Halston. Sadly, the director focuses too much time on himself and not enough time on the subject matter.
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