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Lotto (2003)
Play the LOTTO if you dare
24 August 2005
By way if introduction, I'm a dedicated movie and TV fan, but up until now, I've never written a fan letter to a celebrity, nor have I ever written a movie review. I'm a frequent visitor to the IMDb web site, primarily looking for advance information on upcoming movies and TV guest appearances of my favorite actresses. At the top of my favorites list is the beautiful and talented actress… Josie Davis! I've been a loyal fan since her "Charles in Charge" days. I was checking out her IMDb page recently and for the first time noticed a link to her official web site. On that site was information on how to purchase a DVD of her short LOTTO and an autographed photo. Since I was already considering purchasing some movie posters, and memorabilia for the room where I store my video collection, I ordered both the LOTTO DVD and my very first autographed celebrity photo.

Let's talk about the photo first. I was expecting an 8" x 10" glossy with a generic "best wishes….Josie Davis" comment. Instead I hit the jackpot. Received a wonderful 8" x 10" black and white glossy of Josie, personalized with my first name, a "cute" comment and of course her autograph. But wait….there's more. I also got a short handwritten note from Josie plus another handwritten comment on the inside flap of the mailing envelope telling me the status of the DVD which was mailed separately. I was extremely pleased that Josie took the extra time to write the notes and personally autograph my photo.

Now for the review of LOTTO. Do you play the Lottery? If so, have you ever fantasized about winning over 90 million dollars? Have you ever asked a friend who was headed down to the 7-11 to pick up a lotto ticket on your behalf and then wonder what would happen if that ticket actually "won" prior to your friend giving you the ticket? Would your friend just give you the ticket and say "congratulations" or would they demand a cut of the winnings? Or worse, would they be willing to commit murder to keep all the money? Well, in a plot right out of a Rod Sterling Twilight Zone episode, three friends (Josie Davis, Mitch Malem and Brandon Pizzola) stumble upon the winning 90 million dollar lotto numbers (via a newspaper horoscope) shortly before the winning numbers are actually announced. Within minutes the now former friends are at each other throats over who should buy the ticket and how to split up the winnings. This is a great comedy short with superb acting and camera work, but the best part was the totally unexpected and original ending. I almost fell off the sofa when I watched it…it was that good. Anyway, I highly recommend purchase of the LOTTO DVD as well as Josie's autographed photo. So yes Josie…..I am smiling and many thanks for the DVD and photo.
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