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Internatet (2005– )
Best norwegian reality ever!
5 October 2005
I think internatet is one of the coolest norwegian TV-productions ever! this show kicks "big brother"'s ass! It's so funny to see twenty SPOILED youths being sent back to the year of 1955, trying out the life on a 1955 Norwegian school for four weeks! Some of them totally freaked out when they found out there was no make up allowed, and it was quite a mess when the boys weren't allowed to play poker. This really gives us a reminder of how extremely spoiled we really are! I would recommend this show to everybody, who have got TvNorge! Last I would like to say that I think Magnus, Shila and Christina are the coolest! I hope you made it through the entire four weeks! :)
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Step by Step (1991–1998)
One of the best TV-series in the whole world!
6 April 2005
I think "Step by Step" is one of the best TV-series I've ever seen. One of the things that make it so good is that the happening is so normal. It's a perfectly normal family, with perfectly normal family-problems. Just like "F*R*I*E*N*D*S", "step by step" has this wonderful gallery of different personalities. Friendship against different personalities makes one of the best kinds of humor the world have ever seen. "Step by Step" is very helpful, it tells us about problems and dilemmas everyone can get, and it tells us about it with this GREAT sense of humor! The actors are fantastic and the happening is fabulous! There might come other series about families like the Foster-Lambert family, but even if it's funnier, cooler or smarter, it would not be the same, and it'd only one reason why it can't be the same as "step by step": IT'S NOT "STEP BY STEP"!! It's a shame this fantastic show was canceled, but in some countries (my native land Norway, till example) you can still see the episodes on TV every day.

If you haven't seen "step by step" you have missed a lot of fun!!
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