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Don't bother paying for it
3 July 2015
I don't know why this got a cinema release, the quality of editing and production standards are barely up to what you can watch on TV. The documentary contains quite interesting interviews and some new footage but the final half of it resembles an instruction video about F1 safety technology that ads nothing to the story of Lauda. The editing and chapter breaks make it hard to follow the timeline of events. The film also delves into too much of the history of F1 racing. In all the director spends far too little time telling the story of Lauda and frequently goes of on tangents that have little to do with Lauda's story. The film is also regularly inter-sped with an unnecessary narrated voice-over and loud music. The director should watch Senna for a masterclass in documentary making as his film pales in comparison. watch it on TV and don't waste your money on this.
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