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Super Bowl XLVIII (2014 TV Special)
3 February 2014
boring from the beginning, you knew who was going to win and there was absolutely nothing to look forward to as a broncos fan and even as a sea hawks fan it was no where near a nail biter which to me, is what the Superbowl is about, the giants in Superbowl 42, came down to the last minute, the ravens last year came down to an almost comeback, and this honestly was just boring, I'm not even a broncos fan

just nothing to look at a huge score gap the game was over in the 1st half when it should been over in the end. so yeah to be honest that was the worst Superbowl imaginable, congratulations to the sea hawks though for being world champs, good job on a major defeat, I'm just look forward to next season.
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