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23 August 2004
I am completely enchanted with this movie. I love a lot of Meg Ryan's movies, but I've never been particularly fond of Hugh Jackman. However, Jackman's performance in this movie quickly made me a fan! Ryan and Jackman are perfect together, creating a couple that simply lights up the screen. Though some might claim that Kate & Leopold glosses over plot to smash two characters together, I do not feel this is true at all. The relationship builds realistically, and it is clear that these are two characters who truly do love each other by the end. They're both lost, until they find each other. The movie's sets are also wonderful to watch, and the cultural differences that are presented are interesting and thought-provoking. In Leopold, Jackman creates what I and several of my friends have deemed the most romantic man alive, and in Kate, Ryan manages to craft an intriguing, intelligent woman. Kate & Leopold is a must see!
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Anna Karenina (1935)
23 August 2004
I absolutely love the novel Anna Karenina, but I am extremely displeased to find out that none of the movies really focus at all on the Levin/Kitty plot. There have been numerous arguments between scholars over whether or not Tolstoy had two protagonists--Anna, and Levin. To simply gloss over such a large part of Tolstoy's novel doesn't do justice to his work. And as I don't particularly like Anna or Vronsky, I definitely won't be investing my time in watching a movie entirely about them. It's a shame that people who see the many movies made about Anna Karenina won't be getting a better view of what the novel really is like.
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