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The truth in fiction
5 May 2014
At first,ye,ye Julie Walters is a working class woman,awkward husband who doesn't want her to go to tutorials with Tutor Michael Caine.Then she becomes too knowledgeable nd know it all,distancing her from the prof.Yep sums up the film.Yet I watched it in silence,and it hurt.Her flatmate Trish saying'when there is no poetry and music it's just me,and that's not enough'.It was a bit close for comfort,yes it's a funny film,but the quandary Rita ends up in is too true.But as she says'at least I have the choice'.Lifes what you make it I suppose. I think if there is any film too watch that you can genuinely learn from,this is the one. Eleanor
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Jamaica Inn (2014– )
Over Atmosphering
24 April 2014
The only version of Jamaica Inn I had watched before this was the one with Jane Seymour,which I'm quite fond of.I have noticed that because of recessions,we seem to be having spates of darkly lit grim dramas,and intense acting.There's nothing wrong with that of course,but It starts to feel like all other dramas rolled into one,because really it felt to modern,too abrasive for the time it was meant to be set in,and the excitement and tension was lost (I did feel they gave away the culprit to early).Plus the audio,Sean Harris was the worst,which is a shame,as he is a very good actor,possibly giving the best performance in the entire series,despite his mumbling growls.Jessica Brown Findlay gave a believable performance as Mary Yellan,credit to her that we didn't even remember Lady Sybil as she romanced a thief.Overall a series I watched,but would not watch again,best to watch the Seymour version,or The Thirteenth Tale,the bbc didn't even widely advertise it,and it was remarkably better than this series.
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La maschera (1988)
Italian marshmallow
23 April 2014
OK,this film is like a marshmallow,sugary,intense,then it's gone.Beautiful people,Bonham Carter and Maloney(yes he is handsome,I weirdly never forgot his intense owlish face as Prosper Profond),cavort around in 18th century Italy,in stunning masks,and theatrical costumes.At first I watched it,it took me to Italy for a brief period ,then it finished and I was back in West York(yay).However I watched it again,and something lingered in my mind,perhaps there is a message in this quiet little film,perhaps it is Iris who has the ugly soul,with the beautiful face.I do think it should be watched a few times to get that across,and it is obligatory to eat an Italian dish whilst watching this,it sort of completes the essence of another time and place.
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New Worlds (2014)
Old fashioned swashbuckling
23 April 2014
OK,it's not completely gripping,and some of the story lines were clipped a bit thin of time,but hey,I get sick of historical series being turned into no more than characters getting frisky,whilst this series reminded me of the good old fashioned swashbuckling series of old,whilst very aptly showing the moral dilemmas of the age,though for me Beth was a bit of an improbable character,she sort of looks on mildly whilst she's abducted,and watches someone close to her be abducted too with a look that is to say the least bovine.if you are looking for a series that gives you good old entertainment(even includes a scalping,then this is ideal).
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Ginger & Rosa (2012)
Swing high and low
17 April 2014
Sally Potter picked a swinging jazz score to jar with the films emotions,confusion,loss,insecurity,and thereby lies the agenda the film,life carries on with its trivialities and banality despite the threat to mass humanity.Well for some people it carries on,the Rosa of the title experiencing the teen freedom of the 60's,whilst her friend Ginger bites her nails in anxiety of impending missiles,and family breakdown.It's here that I come to Elle Fannings performance.Against the background of a good but not brilliant film,and adults acting badly(only some of them),she has a fairly good Brit accent,but more than that,she acts in such pain and anxiety,that she made me cry(I am British,I disagree with crying,so that says something).The failings of all those adults around her,and her increasing hysteria at the impending missile threat is heart breaking.The end scene especially,she holds her own,watch this film purely for that superb acting.
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