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The Four Diamonds (1995 TV Movie)
The story behind The Four Diamonds
8 February 2005
Christopher Millard created this beautifully written story in an effort to describe the four qualities that he believed a person would need to defeat cancer: Courage, Wisdom, Honesty, and Strength...the Four Diamonds. Unfortunately, Christopher lost his battle with cancer a few years after writing the story, but his spirit and captivating message lives on. This story led to Chris' parents, Charles & Irma Millard, to name the organization that would raise money for families who children have to deal with the disease, the "Four Diamonds Fund" which is located at the Penn State Children's Hospital. The story and the fund have become the basis for the world's largest student run philanthropy...the Penn State Dance Marathon. In it's 30 year history, THON (as it is affectionately called by the Penn State community) has raised over $30 million in an effort to "Conquer Pediatric Cancer". Over 10,000 students coming together and do what they can monetarily, spiritually, and physically to find a cure for cancer giving these "Four Diamonds" a face.

If such a story can inspire such an amazing event, it would be hard to believe it could not inspire a great movie.
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