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Enxaneta (2011)
Discover an unknown culture through a 300 year old amazing tradition: Human Towers (Castells)
21 November 2011
Discover an unknown culture through a 300 year old amazing traditions: Human Towers (Castells) ENXANETA is one of the most amazing documentary films I've ever seen . But very important: It should be seen in 3D. Never 3D has been so useful to describe a reality.

The "enxaneta" is the name of the children that climb to the top of this amazing human towers called "Castells" that are done in Catalonia (minority nation with its own language and culture mainly in Spain and with part of its territory in France). Along the country there are many "teams" (colles) doing this human towers, and the bests meet every two years in Tarragona's competition, were the film starts. Than through the thinking and words of an "enxaneta" we discover a full new world, and culture, how relationships are build in the "colles" and how the new immigration gets integrated in the society though the Castells. But "Enxaneta" is also an amazing documentary film with some of the most amazing and beautiful images that I've ever seen, and makes you feel both angst and euphoric much more than many conventional fiction films.

I have no doubt that if this film moves around the documentary film festivals will be a great success and one of the biggest surprises of the year.
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