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Deeper: Boxed (2019)
Season 2, Episode 67
Haley Reed and Kayden Kross deliver a passionate, steaming hot porn scene that might just revolutionize porn as we know it!
18 January 2020
I must say I was positively surprised watching this porn scene for the first time. As a big fan of DP scenes, I can't explain this scene in any other word than groundbreaking. When it comes to DP scenes I enjoy both hard and rough DP scenes and soft and gentle DP scenes. And as long as I find the woman who's being DPed attractive, it doesn't matter if she's young or old or if she's a newcommer or an professional. Seeing a hot girl get banged by 2 guys or more at the same time is simply just something that turns me on like nothing else. But with a DP collection of over 3000 mmf threesomes and gangbangs, one thing that has been missing, is scenes that are really passionate and intimate. Usually there's some good soft scenes but most of them go the soft and romantic route, and don't get me wrong that's hot too. But the passionate and intimate scenes were 2 guys really share a girl fully have been missing, until now. In Deeper's series episode "Boxed" directed by Kayden Kross. Haley Reed and the boys deliver a stunning performance that might just revolutionize the porn industry in the long run.

Now I must admit that the technical side of things could've been a lot better. The bright light in the background did bother me a bit at first, but with such hot action kicking off it wasn't something that I paid any attention to after the 3 got it going. Deeper, like Lansky's other studios Tushy, Vixen and Blacked deliver episodes that tells a short story that shortly leads to sex. Here the story is one of the guys comming to a boxing gym to spar. He notices Haley Reed, who functions as a ring girl fixing the boxers up in case they get hurt. The place is about to close up so he hurries into the ring to spar. But it's not long before he takes a stiff shot to the head and gets a small cut. Haley comes over to take a look at his cut. She fixes him up while they chat a bit. Meanwhile Haley's boyfriend who closes the place, noticed that the guy Haley's attending has been checking her out. He looks quite angrily at them and has a talk with the guy. He asks the guy if he finds Haley attractive, but the guy is just looking to avoid a fight. The boyfriend calls Haley over and then just grabs Haley's head and forces her to kiss the guy. Haley kisses the guy straight away in a really passionate way. Then she just turns to her boyfriend and gives him a passionate kiss as well. Well things just got real hot right off the bat.
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Miss Carolina Sweets takes 2 cocks in her pussy at the same time for the first time!
21 January 2019
This is pretty much a perfect porn scene for what it's trying to pull off. Carolina Sweets is having her double vaginal debut and it's absolutely fantastic to watch. The scene starts out with a short interview and miss Sweets looks incredebly hot right away. She's got a big smile on her face and looks super excited. And why wouldn't she be excited, because she's about to get two big cocks stuffed in her pussy at the same time for the first time.

The interview hits all the important points. It's short and sweet and doesn't overstay it's welcome. Carolina announces that she's about to try double vaginal for the first time and says that it's always been a big fantasy of hers to try it. She also reveals that she's been with more than one guy at the time before in her personal life. The interviewer brings up the fact that not a lot of guys might be up for it and Carolina agrees and mentions that guys might not be ok with the whole "touching dicks" thing. We also get a bit of a tease from Carolina while the interview continues. The whole setting is relaxed and lighthearted and Carolina seems eager to get started.

So it doesn't take long before they bring in the first cock. The guy they bring in for Carolina has a long and how should I say not as thick of a cock, that looked perfect for double vaginal. Could see right away that this guy can slip in easier and go really deep with that cock during a double vaginal.Carolina doesn't waste any time and starts sucking his dick straight away. Carolina doesn't have the best oral skills since she lacks that deep throat ability, but she's an enthusiastic "cocksucker".

After a bit they bring in the second cock for Carolina. This time it's a black cock, but it's about the same size as the first guy. The first guy gives way for the black cock so Carolina can suck that instead. And as Carolina starts sucking the black cock the other guy moves on and starts "fucking" Carolina's sweet pussy. We get to see some nice spitroasting action with Carolina being rammed from behind while she's sucking.

After a while the camera man asks Carolina if it's enough cock for her, but Carolina says she needs more! So they bring in the next cock. The third cock looked to be slightly thicker, but not by much. The guys switch places once again with Carolina starting to suck the new guy and the black guy switching to "fuck" Carolina in the pussy. The black guy bangs Carolina a bit harder before he pulls out and the previous guy takes his place again. But since this is a double vaginal scene it's not long before we get to the actual good stuff.

Carolina climbs on top of the cock she was sucking and immediately we see the first guy position himself from behind and goes to stick in his cock in the pussy as well. I absolutely love to see the second guy entering the pussy as there's usually a bit of a struggle. And yeah there's a struggle here too. He tries sticking in his cock but it's slippery and it slides off to the sides a few times. But then he gets the right angle and immediatey when he starts slipping in we can hear from Carolina's voice that the second cock is going in. It so beatiful to hear Carolina moan as the second cock slips in and stretches out her tiny little pussy.

Carolina seems really uncomfortable having two cocks in her pussy at first so the guy sticking it in from behind pulls it out again to let her catch her breath. But he continues to stick it in again pretty much right away. This time he has a much easier time getting in. Carolina seems uncomfortable again and tries to adjust the second cock with her hand so he has to pull out for a second time.

Then when he stick his cock back in for a third time it seems like they find the right position and get a good rhythm going. But the bottom guy pulls out too much and slipps out shortly after. You can clearly see that Carolina's pussy adjusts to the two cocks as they can slip in again without any problems.

The scene switches to Carolina in the reverse cowgirl with the black guy entering her pussy as the second cock. We get an incredible shot of Carolina's juicy tight looking pussy just as he enters her pussy. Carolina sucks the third guys cock as the other two guys rub their dicks together inside her tight wet little pussy trying to make some more room in there. The view of Carolina's body and tits is blocked by this horrible outfit that she still has around her waist, but luckily it doesn't distract from the hot action too much. We get another nice shot of the two cocks entering Carolina's pussy at the same time. And once the guy Carolina is sucking pulls out of her mouth, you can actually hear how the two cocks rub together in her pussy. As a straight guy I must say it looks incredebly hot and I can just imagine how good it must feel to be able to stretch out a pussy like that.

Must say that they bring in the fourth guy in a creative way. As the black guy pulls out and Carolina remains in the reverse cowgirl position continuing to suck the guy she was sucking, she notices one of the camera men and asks is that dick hard. So the fourth guy joining in is one of the camera men asking if he can join in. Carolina doesn't mind and he hands his camera to the guy that Carolina is sucking and goes straight for the double vaginal himself.

The camera man seems like he's only semi hard when he tries to slip in but he has no problem getting in as Carolina's pussy is getting used to all the dicks by now. And I must say it seems like he gets fully hard with the first few thrusts he takes inside Carolina's cock filled pussy. Soon after the scene cuts to Carolina riding with two cocks in her pussy. It's a bit of a shame that they didn't show her getting the cocks in there at first as this is a bit of a tricky position to pull off. But this is absolutely the hottest shot in the scene. And the sound of the cocks getting pushed together by Carolina's hot little tight pussy is amazing. If you as a guy don't get hard watching this, you'll know that double penetration porn isn't for you. The guys are both really going at it trying to out do eachother sticking their cocks in Carolina's pussy and Carolina is trying to ride as hard as she can while getting her pussy double stuffed with two big cocks. And we all get an amazing view of Carolina's body while she gets stuffed. So glad to see that she's shaving her pussy too as nowadays it seems like the hairy pussy is making a new comeback.

Carolina is also busy trying to suck the two other cocks at the same time that she's riding with two cocks in her pussy. This is a surprising long double vaginal shot as it goes on for about 6 minutes out of a 35 minute scene. Crolina rides for the full 6 minutes with only one position change inbetween. And the guy don't slip out much even if it's a demanding position.

After this we get Carolina laying on the side, sucking two of the guys while the other two guys enter her pussy from behind. This is the worst of the angles as the guys end up blocking out Carolina's hot body a bit. But it's ok since it's not such a long bit and we get shots of Carolina sucking cocks inbetween.

We also see the guys pick up Carolina for a brief standing double vaginal. The second guy has a hard time getting in. But he really pushes his dick against the other guys dick and it slips in as Carolina screams. They put down Carolina again to lay on the side and stick their dicks inside her for one last double vaginal ride.

Then we get a bit of the black guy fucking Carolina and it's not long before he cums inside her pussy. We get a nice shot of her pussy with a bit of cum dripping out but it looks like he shot most of his load deep inside Carolina's pussy. Well it doesn't take long before one of the other guys go for the sloppy seconds. And with every thrust he takes that cum from the erlier guy starts dripping out more and more around his cock. And soon he cums too leaving Carolina's pussy a nice little mess.

Carolina finishes off the other two guys by sucking them until they blow their loads on her face. One of Carolina's fake eyelashes even comes off at the end and sticks to her face. Just a wonderful shot of Carolina as she lays there on her back smiling and covered in cum as the whole thing is over. If you're a double vaginal junkie like me, this is an absolute must watch for sure!
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Tushy: Being Riley Final Chapter (2015)
Season Unknown, Episode Unknown
Riley Reid's first DP kick starts a more "female friendly" form of double penetration
7 February 2018
The act of double penetration has always been seen as a very raw, dirty and many times agressive sex act in porn were two guys put their dicks inside a girls pussy and ass simultaniously and go to work on her holes. Many times it's all about how hard and rough the guys can "fuck" her and the experience is seen as degrading for the girl involved. This can many times be quite accurate and really fun to watch too. But sometimes you might want to watch something a little more soft and that's were Tushy comes in and offers an alternative.

Tushy is a studio that focuses on shooting "soft" anal sex with some of the most beatiful pornstars around and making it look as glamorous as possible while still offering a hot scene. As a side offering we get a DP scene every now and then too. This one starring Riley Reid is the first one Tushy put out and it also happens to be Riley Reid's first DP as well. At the time this was shot there was a huge demand for Riley as she was one of the hottest pornstars at the moment and she still hadn't shot a DP or even an anal scene. So Tushy won the bidding war and was able to shoot Riley's first anal and DP. Now whether or not this is actually Riley's first DP is another question as it's very easy for her to hook up with some of her coworkers and do it in private, as the temptation of trying a DP can be hard for many girls to resist and save for the porn debut. But in the end it doesn't really matter as this is a crazy good scene anyway.

The scene starts off with Riley talking to Aidra Fox and telling Aidra about her first DP experience. So we then see Riley crawling in bed with her boyfriend and telling him that her biggest fantasy is to have sex with 2 guys at once. Her boyfriend gets excited about the idea and suggests bringing in a friend for a threesome. From there the story jumps to Riley walking in on the 2 guys in a sexy black lingerie outfit and we get right to the hot action.

Riley starts out with kissing the both guys while they feel her up a bit. Right from the get go I can see that this will be a very different kind of DP scene compared to most of the others I've watched, and I've watched a lot. This has a way more sensual and intimate feel to it for sure. And Riley has a big smile on her face too as she knows she's in for a ride. Loved when Riley laughs and says: "I can't bealive this is happening", while the guys feel her up.

Well it doesn't take long for Riley to get on her knees and start sucking the guys cocks. Riley goes back and forth between the cocks and every now and then we can see her crack a smile. Riley is a enthusiastic "cocksucker" for sure even if she lacks the outright deep throat skill. After a while the action enters the bed were the guys start spit roasting Riley. Seeing Riley get "fucked" in the pussy while she sucks the other guys cock was great. The camera work here is excellent as it focuses on Riley and showing off her best parts. There's a few close ups here and there but not too much.

After a while we get a really naughty part were Riley takes a break from sucking the cock and gives a handjob instead while she stares into the guys eyes. The guy has a firm grip of Riley's hair and as he stares back into her eyes he moves in for the kiss and he and Riley share a few smooching kisses right then and there. Kissing in DP scenes are very rare and are mostly done really briefly if it's done. Here Riley was sucking another guys dick just a few minutes before he locks lips with her. The scene then continues with more hot spit roast action in the doggy style. After that Riley shows off her cowgirl skills by riding one of the guys while she sucks the other.

Soon the guy Riley is sucking takes a short break and as that happens Riley seems to get an orgasm as her whole body starts shivering while she rides the cock. After that Riley bows down to give the guy another little kiss before they lock in a intense eye contact as Riley is still riding his cock.

And this is were we get to the actual fun part as the second guy approaches Riley from behind with the intent to stick his cock in her ass. First he gives her ass a feel with his fingers and then he gently sticks his cock in. I love the way this is shot as the guy takes his time and we can clearly see Riley's face the whole time. Riley's facial expressions is all over the place and it's a real joy to watch. Riley reaches back and helps out a bit with her hand. Seeing this actually makes me believe that this could actually be the very first time Riley gets filled up with 2 cocks. The DP is very slow and gentle at first and Riley keeps reaching back with her hand as it looks like she tries to set the pace in a way.

Watching Riley get DPed is really magical. Love the way they let Riley really feel it out and how she's got her eyes closed and just goes through the emotions. This isn't about performing for the camera, this is about enjoying sex.

We do see the guys pick up the pace a bit after a while, but it's still not close to that super rough "fucking" we see in many other DP scenes. You can hear that Riley mumbles a few Words here and there but it's hard to pick up what she's saying. But it's not hard to see that she's enjoying herself a lot as the two cocks slide in and out of her pussy and ass. After a few minutes of some hot cowgirl DP we see Riley jump off the cocks and go in for a taste. As Riley is a naughty girl she naturally tastes the cock that was "fucking" her ass first.

After a bit of cock sucking it's time to change position and go for the reverse cowgirl. It starts off with Riley enjoying just a bit of anal at first and from the looks of it Riley gets an orgasm from it too. But soon the other guy joins in and we get to enjoy Riley get DPed once again. We get some really nice shots of Riley as she gets DPed in the reverse cowgirl position. Loved to see the shots of Riley's legs as you could see Riley's toes "having a mind of their own" while Riley got DPed. Every time Riley's enjoyment intensified, her toes spread out.

You could clearly see that the enjoyment from the DP was too much for the guy in the pussy as he had to pull out a few times and take a break. But it was nice to see Riley squirt twice from the anal sex alone after the guy had pulled out of her pussy. Towards the end we see a bit more spit roasting were the guys take turns on Riley. And the scene ends with the guys cumming on Riley's face.

All in all this was a very good scene and a great way for Tushy to kick off their DP production.
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DP Me (2014 Video)
Hard X and Mason kicks off new DP series in style!
4 February 2018
Everybody who loves DPs has probably seen a few scenes from Hard X and their DP Movie series DP Me by now. It's the best mix of glamour and hard DP sex that you can find. The Girls look incredible and the DPs are hard and intense.

Hard X did a good job snapping up the best female director Mason and putting her in charge for this series. Everybody who's familiar with Mason's previous work knows that she' s a fantastic choice for anything that includes double penetration.

This first Movie has a incredible female cast with Kagney Lynn Karter, Adriana Chechik, Dahlia Sky and Zoey Monroe. At the time Dahlia Sky was new to the DP scene but she's made several memorable scenes after this that shows she can hang with the professional DP Girls too. But all the other Girls had clearly made a huge impact in DP and gangbang scenes before this. Especially Adriana Chechik and Zoey Monroe has shown their love for double penetration in multiple scenes before this one. Zoey Monroe has even said in multiple interviews before that one of the main reasons she started doing porn was to get to try double penetration.

I must say I really enjoyed all 4 scenes. The only minor complaint I had with this Movie was the fact that I kind of expected even "more DP". Don't get me wrong there's a lot of DP action in this Movie, but I kind of expected a Movie called DP Me to really focus on the double penetration. For example 3 of the scenes don't have any DP action until after the 15 minute mark and the Adriana scene reaches 18 minutes until she gets filled up in both holes. This Movie follows the more traditional form of MMF threesomes were they build up to the DP. But since all Girls are super hot and Mason knows how to direct this really doesn't hurt the Movie at all. And the following outputs in this Movie series started to focus more on the DPs anyways as they probably realized that that's what the men and women watching this want.

My favorite of the 4 scenes was the one with Kagney Lynn Karter and I can see that others agreed with me there since she got the cover. Kagney looked amazing in her skimpy bikini and her body was banging. We get a short interview and a tease with Kagney before the action begins. The scene then cuts to Kagney with the 2 guys. They pull out their cocks and go to work on Kagney. It starts with Kagney getting spit roasted by the guys and we get a intense feel right away. The DP starts with Kagney on the couch in reverse cowgirl with the other guy entering her pussy. Reverse cowgirl DP is a favorite of mine as you can clearly see the girls body so well in that position. But Kagney looks good when they switch to normal cowgirl DP as well. The camera work was amazing as well with the camera moving and showing the action from several different angles. My favorite part from the DP was when Kagney was in the cowgirl position and the guy "fucking" her ass took a firm grip around Kagney's neck and pulled it towards him so Kagney's head bent backwards a bit. That looked so hot while Kagney was getting pounded by two cocks at the same time. The scene ends with your typical facials but one of the guys needs some extra stimulation and "fucks" Kagney in the ass before he too cums on her face.

Adriana Chechik is awesome as usual too. Usually I'm not a fan of girls wearing extra outfits as I think nothing is better than when the girl is completely naked. But Adriana's outfit didn't come in the way and mess up the scene since she removed it before the scene actually started. Same as before we get a short interview with Adriana and a tease before the action begins. Adriana starts out with giving some hot blowjobs before getting spit roasted by the guys. The action is really intense right away and you can see we're in for a good scene. The first DP action is with Adriana on the couch with the guys giving Adriana what could best be described as a misionary position DP, which is quite rare in porn. When the guys get Adriana in the cowgirl position they pretty much straight away take the opportunity to stick both dicks in her pussy and stretch it out a bit. Adriana has got a pussy that stretches easily but still looks really tight. It's amazing to see those two cocks slip in and out of Adriana's pussy fighting for the same space. But the guys mostly go with normal DP the rest of the way as I'm guessing it would get pretty hard to hold back your load with that kind of double vaginal. After a while we see the guys flip Adriana over for a reverse cowgirl DP but instead of going for the DP, they go for the double anal. I personally think double vaginal is way hotter but I can enjoy a good double anal as well, especially since Adriana has no problem taking that either. This scene has a lot of twists and turns so to say as Adriana is very active and likes to switch it up. Plus we see the guys pulling out more here and there to last longer as well. But we get some more double vaginal and double anal as well on top of the normal DP. The second double vaginal in reverse cowgirl was really hot and passionate as Adriana was able to cum during it. The scene ends with some standard looking cumshots and from the looks of it I suspect that the guys may have blown their loads eariler as well since there wasn't that much cum.

The Dahlia Sky scenes is the shortest and only has a tease before it begins. Must say that few girls have legs like Dahlia Sky. My god those things are spectacular. Especially her calves. My cock gets hard just looking at those. The scene starts with just one guy entering and we get some kissing before he goes down on Dahlia. But it doesn't take long before he pulls out his cock and Dahlia is on her knees sucking on it. And right then and there the second guy walks in with his cock out. After some cock sucking we get some hot spit roast action with Dahlia. But it doesn't take long before the guys are DPing Dahlia on the couch. Again we get a hot shot when the guy "fucking" Dahlia in the ass grabs her arms and neck and pull Dahlia backwards. Dahlia's body looks spectacular while she gets DPed like that. The scene does a nice transformation from cowgirl DP to a standing DP as well, when the guy in her ass pulls Dahlia back and lifts her up while he still has his cock in her ass. The other guy then joins in and sticks his dick in her pussy. The standing DP is really short and I would've loved to see more of it. This was probably the scene with the least DP as well as there seemed to be a longer part of anal "fucking" inbetween before returning to more DP. The scene ends with the guys blowing their loads on Dahlia's face and after that one of the guys still takes the chance to "fuck" Dahlia as his cock is still hard. All in all this was probably my least favorite of the scenes, but if this is your "bad" scene you know you're watching a really great porn movie!

With Zoey Monroe it's back to the interview and a tease format before the hot action starts. You can clearly see the excitement in Zoeys eyes and the smile on her face lets you know that she really likes it. This is a girl that enjoys DPs for sure. The action kicks off with Zoey getting on her knees and sucking the 2 cocks. We move on to some hot spit roast action just like in the other scenes before we get to the DP. The DP is violent and intense at first with Zoey clearly "fucking" back. Seems like she's built up some excitement and has to let out some steam. It's beatiful to see a girl enjoy DP as Zoey enjoys DPs. There's a great part were Zoey gets DPed in the reverse cowgirl and has this long eye contact moment with the guy "fucking" her pussy. Here we also see a lot of mixing up as the action switches between DP and anal sex and different positions. Zoey gets DPed in this spoon missionary combination that isn't that common either. And Zoey ends up doing double anal as well. The guys go easy on Zoey first but it quickly turns into something rougher. We see Zoey do double anal in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Unfortunately there's no double vaginal i this one. The scene ends with the guys blowing their loads on Zoey. But after that both guys still take turns "fucking" Zoey one more time.

All in all this is a really great movie for anybody who enjoys hot and hard DP action.
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Brace yourself for some really rough stuff!
10 October 2015
This was my first encounter with Kink and their gangbang stuff. Before I saw this I hadn't seen anything nearly as rough before, despite watching a ton of DP and gangbang scenes Before. If your not familiar with Kink gangbangs you should know that it's extremely rough. These scenes are usually played out as simulated gangbang rapes were the guys force themselves on the girl while she tries to struggle back. If you don't like the extremely rough stuff you should stay away from Kink.

I had been a huge fan of Eva Angelina for years before seeing this scene. I was so excited to see her do a gangbang scene with plenty of DP. Unfortunately this was shot after Eva's prime when she started losing weight and getting too much tattoos, but at least it was Before she shaved her whole head bald. She did have the side of her head cut really short, but she still looked "fuckable" in this scene. It kind of suited her because she was supposed to look like a dirty whore for the scene.

Because these scenes are really rough it's nice to see the interview before and after the scene with Eva. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get hard for stuff like this. That way you can see that Eva is safe the whole time and that she's not getting hurt during the scene.

Every gangbang scene for Kink has a story to it. In this one Eva plays a prostitute that gets caught by an undercover cop. He brings in his cop friends and the six of them just have their way with Eva.

They put handcuffs on Eva to start off the scene, so she isn't able to fight back. Then they just rip off her clothes and try to force their big dicks in Eva's mouth. But Eva isn't opening up her mouth so they just bend her over and force themselves in her ass instead. And that gets Eva to open up her mouth so they can stuff her mouth full of cock too. After a while the guys put Eva on her knees so they can take turns to stuff her mouth. Eva is forces to deep throat the cocks one by one with her hands still handcuffed behind her back, as the guys take turns to force their rods down Eva's throat.

There's a really scary part after this were one of the guys grabs Eva by her throat and lifts her up in the air two times for a second or two. Ater this the guys "fuck" her in different positions all while one of them also sticks his dick in her mouth. They also choke and slap her around a little as well. One of the guys also fists Eva's pussy while the other guys hold her down. It's pretty crazy to see the whole hand just disappear inside Eva's pussy. Not a huge fan of fisting myself, but I can enjoy it every now and then.

The guys take off Eva the handcuffs and that's when the DP show begins. The guys basically DP Eva rough in different positions for about 25 minutes straight. I absolutely love to watch a girl get DP:ed for as long as possible and it's mostly in gangbangs you get scenes with way over 20 minutes straight of double stuffing. There's not just regular DP during this scene. Eva also takes 2 cocks in her pussy and 2 cocks in her ass as well. That's nice because it gives the scene some variety. And naturally a 3rd guy usually tries to stick his dick in Eva's mouth in order to make her airtight. It's so hot seeing Eva get double stuffed. Especially when 2 guys "fuck" her pussy at the same time. It's nice seeing 2 big cocks stretch out that hole as they slide in and out of her pussy. Eva's pussy seems to stretch really well and she doesn't seem to have any problem taking 2 big dicks in her pussy at the same time. But one of the guys did have trouble getting in because his dick was too limp, so he had to settle for regular DP instead. This just shows that your cock needs to be really hard for double pussy and especially for double anal. Otherwise you won't get access.

There's a good intensity during the whole DP and every guy gets to take a turn. That's a good thing with these gangbangs, because there's more guys they can take turns keeping up the intensity. When one guy is too Close to blowing his load, another guy can take his place. Eva seems to struggle a little with the double anal at times but overall she takes 2 cocks in her ass really well too. I like double anal, don't get me wrong, but I would've preferred more double pussy as that's just way hotter. And because Eva's pussy stretches so good the guys can "fuck" her much harder during the double pussy than during the double anal. Luckily the guys finish her off with some fantastic double vaginal, and some regular DP in between as well, before the cumshots. It's nice to hear Eva moan as the 2 cocks slide in and out fighting for the limited space in her wet pussy. I can just imagine how good that must feel for Eva and the 2 lucky guys inside her pussy. All in all this is one hell of a DP treatment.

The guys finish her off with a nice cum shower. Eva gets a really nice looking cover as all 6 guys unload on her face. It's so hot seeing Eva all covered in cum after such a rough treatment. If you like really rough gangbangs with plenty of DP you should check this out. Otherwise stay far away from this one!
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Slut Puppies 9 (2014 Video)
Carter Cruise in one of the best gangbangs of all time!
24 February 2015
The gangbang scene with Carter Cruise in "Slut Puppies 9" is one of the best of all time. Since this is such a great scene and IMDb doesn't allow more than 1000 words, I'm only going to review the scene by miss Cruise.

Everybody who's read my reviews know that I'm a big fan of double penetration and gangbangs. Over the years I've seen plenty of gangbangs and more DP scenes than I can count. This scene with Carter Cruise has all the ingredients that make a great gangbang. You have a hot looking young blonde, 6 guys with big dicks, great intensity, plenty of double penetration and a cum covered hottie at the end.

The scene starts out with Carter Cruise trying to do a webcam show, but she can't concentrate because the gardeners outside are making too much noise. She goes outside to tell them to shut up, but instead she changes her mind and decides to do a webcam show with the gardeners. Miss Cruise and the guys go back inside and that's when the party gets started. The guys pull out their dicks and Carter gets down on her knees and go to work. Carter sucks the dicks with great enthusiasm and she's even able to deep throat the biggest dicks.

After a while one of the guys lays down on the floor and Carter positions herself in the reverse cowgirl and starts riding the guy while she sucks the other guys cocks. This is were you can see that this scene has potential. There's a energy and intensity to Carter's performance that you don't see often. The guys move Carter to a bed and take turns "fucking" her and it's not long before one guy slips his dick in her ass and another sticks his dick in her pussy for some hot DP action. The guys take turns with the DP while Carter continue to use her mouth and hands to pleasure the other guys despite the fact that she's laying on her back. After this the guys take turns pounding Carter's ass hard while she continues to pleasure more dicks with her mouth.

The guys keep up the intensity and change it up a lot. Soon the DP action continues with miss Cruise in the cowgirl position. It's really hot seeing those big dicks slide in and out of Carter's pussy and ass simultaneously. There's a great part here when the guy who's "fucking" Carter in the ass starts to really pound away full force and Carter still tries to suck a cock with her mouth. After this we see the guys DP Carter in the doggy position. Carter sucks a third guys dick while the two guys take her from behind in the ass and pussy. When the new set of guys get a turn, the guy trying to enter the pussy can't get in and it screws up the tempo of the guy "fucking" her ass so he slips out. He then sticks it in the pussy instead. The other guy tries to enter too but his dick isn't hard enough so another guy has to step in and bam, there we have double pussy in the doggy position. This is a very rare position in porn. Despite the fact that I've seen countless of DP scenes, I've only seen two guys take a girl from behind in the pussy a few times before.

We get to see some more double pussy when Carter gets double stuffed in her pussy in the cowgirl position. Seeing two cocks enter Carter's pussy at the same time is amazing. There's something special with double pussy penetration and it's become a favorite of mine over the years. It's just a little hotter than regular DP or double anal. And judging from Carter's facial expressions, when she has 2 dick in her pussy, she likes it too. You see a combination between her moaning in pleasure and having a huge smile on her face during the double pussy. This is just absolutely amazing to witness.

After this we see the guys pick up Carter and DP her while they stand. And yet again the expression on Carter's face in priceless as the 2 dicks fill her holes. From here the scene continues with more DP and double pussy in the cowgirl position. And soon we're back to the standing DP again. Carter is really in the moment here and you can see that she's really enjoying herself between all the moaning and laughter. The intensity and changing of positions, combined with Carter's performance make for a fantastic scene.

After all the DP fun Carter gets back on her knees for some more dick sucking. The guys lay Carter down on a sofa and one of them starts pounding her pussy hard until he blows his load. He pulls out and delivers his cum on Carter's face while another guy starts "fucking" her pussy. Soon the other guy pulls out too and blows his load on Carter's face too. A third guy pounds Carter's pussy for a bit before he too pulls out to deliver his cum. Right after this a fourth and fifth guy blow their loads on Carter's face too. Now Carter's got a really sexy cum covered face. It's really hot to see the last guy pound her hard when her face is completely covered in cum. The scene ends with the last guy blowing his load on Carter's pretty face. Miss Cruise still give all the guys a quick suck before she tries to scoop up all the cum off her face with her hands and swallow it.

I recommend this to all fans of DPs and gangbangs. This scene really has everything that makes DPs and gangbangs great. And the performance from Carter Cruise is absolutely spectacular! I really hope this girl will continue to make scenes like this for a long time to come.
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Gangbang Me (2014 Video)
AJ and Adriana get gangbanged... HARD!!
23 October 2014
I was really excited to check out this movie, because it stars 2 lovely ladies who get gangbanged, hard. I wasn't that familiar with A.J. Applegate before, but I had seen her in some hot DP action. I was more familiar with Adriana Chechik. If you've read my other reviews you'll know that I loved her very first gangbang in "This Is My First...".

Both these gangbangs are very similar. We have 2 petite hot chicks, one blonde and one brunette, with natural bodies who take on 5 well equipped guys at the same time. Both AJ and Adriana get nailed hard. The difference between the 2 is that AJ is taken to her limit and is clearly overwhelmed at times, while Adriana takes it even harder without any problems what so ever. So you kind of get to witness 2 very different gangbangs even if they have many similarities.

A.J. Applegate is up first. This is AJ's first gangbang. The big deal here is that AJ wants to experience 2 cocks in the same hole. Well she does both double pussy and double anal for the first time here. The scene starts off with an interview where AJ says she's wanted to be gangbanged for a long time. She mentions that she used to fantasize that the guys in her class would gangbang her, back when she was in school. I bet those guys in her class will go crazy when they watch this and realize what they missed out on.

The scene with AJ starts off with her dancing and showing off her body. It then cuts to her being surrounded by the 5 guys and the scene takes off right away. The guys rip off AJ's clothes and the sucking and "fucking" begins. It isn't long before the double penetration begins. AJ is riding one guy in the cowgirl position when another guy sticks his dick in her pussy too from behind. After a few turns they turn her around and DP her pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. AJ's pussy looks extremely tight during the double pussy. It looks like AJ couldn't quite relax during the double pussy and her pussy gets even tighter as a result. After the double pussy the guys go for AJ's ass and soon we get to see a regular DP. AJ is much more relaxed and the guys can pound her much harder during the regular DP. The guys pass AJ around and there's a lot of different positions. There's one where the guys take turn "fucking" AJ in the ass as hard as they can and here you can clearly see that AJ is at her limits. At the end the guys also give AJ a double anal. At first AJ is quite overwhelmed, in a good way, but after a while she relaxes and the guys can pound her pretty hard. The scene ends with the guys covering AJ's pretty face with cum and after that they make her squirt one more time to end it all. It's nice to see AJ with a big smile on her face at the end so you see that she enjoyed it even if it seemed too hard for her at times.

The second scene with Adriana begins with an interview too. The interview is short and you can see how excited Adriana is. It then cuts to the scene and it's full force from there. Adriana gets on her knees and starts to suck the guys cocks. The guys force their big rods down Adriana's throat and she has no problems taking the whole thing in her mouth even if the biggest guy is 10 inches (25 cm). Soon the "fucking" begins and it's not long before the double stuffing takes place after that. The AJ scene had a lot of DP too, but this is a extremely "DP heavy" scene. It starts off with Adriana riding a guy in the cowgirl position when another guy sticks his dick in her pussy too. It's really hot to see Adriana in double pussy action. Her pussy stretches out to fit both dicks so easy and the guys can pound her full force straight away. The guys take turns and go back and forth between double pussy and regular DP. After a lot of DP the guys turn Adriana around to the reverse cowgirl and give her a double anal. The "big thing" with this scene comes next when the guys stick 3 cocks in Adriana's ass at the same time. Unfortunately the camera angels here are very bad. We also see Adriana get a triple anal in the cowgirl position too, but the angles aren't much better. Adriana takes a short brake from the triple action to suck some cocks. After that we get to see some regular triple penetration both with 2 cocks in the ass and 1 in the pussy and with 2 cocks in the pussy and 1 in the ass. And this time it's much hotter with better camera angels. We also get lots of DP in between. If you love rough double (and triple) pounding you'll love this scene even with the bad angles during the triple anal. We basically get 26 minutes straight of some of the hardest DP sex and triple penetration around, and Adriana takes it all and looks like she could take a lot more. At the end the guys shoot their cum on Adriana's face and in her mouth. The smile on Adriana's face at the end is even more incredible than the smile on AJ's.

If you're into DP, double pussy, double anal and triple penetration this movie is a must see. Triple penetration is still very rare in porn even if it's starting to show up more and more. But I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing a lot more triple penetration after this, especially if Adriana does more scenes like this.
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Bring'um Young 13 (2003 Video)
Brianna Blaze made me love double pussy penetration!
14 September 2014
I've recently checked out this movie, but I saw the first scene of this movie way back when I was just getting into watching porn with double penetration. The scene with Briana Blaze was on a VHS compilation with a bunch of other scenes. This scene was among some of the first double penetration scenes that I ever saw and it was the absolute first double pussy penetration scene that I ever saw.

In this review I'll focus mostly on the first scene with Brianna Blaze, because it's such a special scene for me and because IMDb has the 1000 word limit. This scene is a absolute 10 out of 10, but I'll give the movie a 9 out of 10 as a whole. As a teen girl movie this is a great one. It's made up of 6 different scenes and all of the Girls are at least somewhat attractive. 3 of the girls get 2 guys to work with and the other 3 only get 1 guy. There's double penetration in all 3 of the scenes with 2 guys and both Brianna Blaze and Nautica Binx get double pussy penetrated. I'm disappointed that Fallon Summers and Amber Raine had to settle for just 1 cock each, would've been amazing to see those girls get DP:ed.

Anyway, enough about the movie, lets get back to the lovely Brianna Blaze. This girl was the best looking girl in the movie and it's a shame that she never became a bigger star. What first caught my eye was her beautiful face and her horny facial expression. Then I got a look at her incredible body. The scene starts off with Brianna teasing us with some dirty talk as she's rubbing her tits. Then she pulls out her drivers license to show us that she's 18 years old. Brianna had already made me really horny and I couldn't wait to see her get "fucked". At first I was really disappointed when 2 guys showed up to "fuck" Brianna. This was back when I'd just saw my first DP scenes and I had really mixed feelings about watching scenes were multiple guys "fucked" the same girl. But Brianna was just too hot so I had to continue to watch.

Brianna started blowing the 2 guys and it was so hot. I loved the way Brianna was looking in the camera while she was sucking those cocks. It looked like she really enjoys sucking cocks and that's something that's pretty rare in most teen girl porn movies. After a while the guys lay her down on the bed. One of the guys take off her panties and sticks his dick in her pussy. We then get to see Brianna get stuffed in the pussy while she sucks the other guys dick. Next Brianna gets in the reverse cowgirl position. Here we get a good shot of her amazing body as she rides the guy. From here the guys switch to doggie style with one guy taking her from behind while she sucks the other guy. Here Brianna even shows her nasty side as she licks the guys ass too without being told first. This is something that's rare for most girls to do even in porn and even if it's not my thing, I have to admit that it was really hot. Next up is the cowgirl position. Brianna gets a real hard pounding from the guy under her while she continues to suck the other guy.

And this is were the scene really shocks me. Suddenly Brianna just says she wants two cocks in her pussy. As soon as the guy she's sucking hears this he goes behind her to stick his dick inside her pussy too. At first it seemed like the guy would've a little trouble getting in, but as soon as he entered it just slipped in and he could start "fucking" her too. I'd never seen two guys stick their penises inside a girl's pussy at the same time before. Looking at the dicks rub up against each other my first thought was that this is really gay. But seeing the cocks go in and out of Brianna's pussy while hearing her moan and talk dirty to the guys made my cock incredibly hard. I felt really ashamed, but I just couldn't help it that my dick got hard while watching this. I actually got one of my hardest erections ever, while watching Brianna take two cocks in her pussy simultaneously. Brianna made me see it from the girls point of view. Seeing those cocks stretch out her pussy to the max and watching her body language, facial expressions, hearing her moans and dirty talk really hit the spot for me. I could see how much she enjoyed herself when she had two cocks rubbing up against each other in her teen pussy and that made me so horny. This was the starting point for were I just had to start accepting that this kind of thing aroused me. Nowadays I've seen plenty of double pussy scenes and it's actually become one of my biggest fantasies along with regular DP that I would like to fulfill.

After the double pussy we move on to anal. After a while Brianna wants the guys to "fuck" her in the pussy and ass at the same time. According to her this is the first time she takes a normal DP. Kind of strange that the regular DP comes after the double pussy, but it's still really hot to see the two cocks slide in and out of Brianna's pussy and ass. The DP ends when Brianna tells the guys that she wants their cum. The first guy pops his load in Brianna's mouth and she swallows it all down. The second guy pops his load on Brianna's face and the scene ends with Brianna saying: "Thank you and I hope to see you again!"
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Keri Sable's pornographic masterpiece!
12 July 2014
This is a fantastic Movie, a true 10 out 10 for all gangbang lovers. Because of the 1000 Word limit I will only focus on the scene with Keri Sable. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to say what I have to say. Why only Keri Sable you might ask? Well because Keri Sable is one of the greatest and most underrated pornstar of all time and because this is her pornographic masterpiece! In this Movie Keri takes on 5 guys at the same time in a gangbang with plenty of double penetration. This is Keri Sable doing the nastiest scene of her career and it shows us what kind of potential this girl would've had. We're talking about a girl that had the potential to be a beauty queen version of Audrey Hollander or Sandra Romain. But unfortunately Keri moved on to doing softer stuff after this one and after a while she left the business.

The scene with Keri begins with Erik Everhard walking up to a door and knocking. A sexy looking Keri opens the door. She's mad because Erik didn't have her in the first Cum Filled Asshole Overload movie. Erik didn't think that she'd wanted to do it, plus he says that he thinks Keri is too prissy and kind of a princess. Keri tells him that that's "bullshit" and invites him in. Keri then basically says to Erik that she'll show him that she can do it.

First Keri kicks things off with giving one guy a blowjob. After that she walks into the kitchen and pulls off her "latex panties" and says she's going to do some ass preparation. What that means is Steve Holmes walking in and starting to "fuck" Keri in her ass. After a while Keri tastes her own ass by sucking Steve's cock. After that Steve sticks it back in. This repeats itself a couple of times before Keri heads upstairs. The camera follows her around and her ass looks absolutely spectacular from behind. Upstairs there's 2 more guys waiting for Keri with their dicks hard. Keri starts sucking one of them while the other guy "fucks" her from behind. Keri says that there's a party downstairs and she brings the 2 guys with her down.

When Keri gets downstairs she gets on her knees and soon she's surrounded by 5 guys with their dicks hard. She then takes turns giving every guy oral pleasure. Keri even licks one of the guys asshole after a while. That's something that most girls half as beautiful as Keri usually don't do on film. After this the guys start "fucking" Keri and that's when the scene really picks up. The guys go straight for the double penetration and what follows is a massive 25 minute long part with just double penetration. I've only seen a handful of scenes where the girl gets DP:ed for longer than here. I would say I'm kind of a DP expert when it comes to porn, because I've seen thousands of DP scenes and most times the DP part doesn't come even close to 25 minutes.

In many other DP scenes with Keri the guys have had some trouble keeping up the intensity because of how Beautiful Keri is. You could see that the guys DP:ing her are usually really close to coming and need to take it slow. Here the guys are able to keep up the intensity better because they have to take turns. But you could still see that it was a issue for some of the guys. In one part this shows really well. One of the guys decides to really stick it hard to Keri but as soon as Keri starts to moan really hard from the rough DP the guy has to slow down his pace so he won't blow his load. Steve Holmes and especially John Strong deserve a special thanks here. They were the only guys under Keri during the DP and thus unable to pull out if the pleasure becomes too much.

First Keri gets DP:ed in the reverse cowgirl, then in the cowgirl and after that it's back to the reverse cowgirl position again. Keri is naturally "airtight" for some of this time as well, as a third guy usually sticks his dick in her mouth. Keri was able to take the pounding really well and she looked spectacular in the reverse cowgirl with cocks sliding in and out. At the end the guys also DP Keri by picking her up and DP her while standing. This might be my favorite position. It's great to see sexy Little Keri bouncing up and down on 2 big dicks while the guys hold her up. Most girls are too heavy for a long DP in this position too, but Keri is so slim that the guys DP her for several minutes in this position. Despite the fact that Keri is slim she still has great curves. It's the combination of Keri being slim and curvy that makes her DP:s so visually stunning. The guys dicks look really big when they slide in and out of Keri's pussy and ass and the DP looks way more brutal than it actually is. The black boots that Keri wears during this scene also adds to the nastiness. The boots make Keri look more slutty. But when you look at her beautiful face Keri looks like a a innocent beauty queen. It's a nice contrast between a slut and a good girl that Keri brings to this scene. It's watching scenes like this that makes me want to try DP for real.

The scene ends with all 5 guys taking turns and "fucking" Keri in the ass until they blow their load. After all 5 guys have blown their loads, Keri pushes out the cum in a small bowl and swallows it all down. After swallowing Keri says: "Now that's how an anal creampie gangbang should be done!"
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This Is My First... (2013 Video)
Really classy and elegant gangbangs!
2 April 2014
I don't know if you can call gangbang porn classy and elegant, but this is as close to classy and elegant that a gangbang can get. This is pretty much the Playboy of gangbang porn. If I would show a girl who isn't familiar with porn and gangbangs a gangbang movie, I would show her this movie. That's how good this movie is. But for all of you who are into hardcore porn, don't worry. Just because this looks classy and elegant doesn't mean it's not full of rough sex and double penetration.

This movie shows 2 brunette girls who get gangbanged for the first time. We have 21 year old "hottie" Adriana Chechik and 38 year old Milf India Summer. Both are naturally beautiful women, so for everyone who likes more normal looking girls, this is the movie for you. Both gangbangs begins with a tease, where the girl is dressed in some sexy lingerie. Both Adriana and India introduce themselves and talk a little about themselves during the tease. Both gangbangs are really great, but I would give a slight edge to Adriana. She's younger and full of energy and enthusiasm. Her scene just feels more powerful. But India isn't far behind. Because she's older, she realizes that she won't be able to have sex with multiple guys for much longer. Therefore you see more gratitude from her than from Adriana, that she's able to have sex with multiple guys at the same time.

The first scene is with Adriana. This is not only Adriana's first gangbang, it's also her first double penetration, double vaginal penetration and double anal penetration. But you'd never know it because this girl's a real professional. The scene starts with just one guy entering. He pulls off Adriana's panties and starts licking her pussy. That was a nice surprise, because you rarely see any pussy licking in gangbangs. Well it's not long before Adriana wants to suck some cock. And Adriana really knows how to suck. She has a really good technique and she can take the cock deep down her throat. Another guy soon joins and Adriana get to work on 2 cocks. Well it's not long before one of the guys wants to "fuck" Adriana. Adriana continues with some "fucking" and sucking while a third and fourth guy enters. The scene really picks up momentum when the DP begins. The DP is pretty much full force and no mercy, but Adriana can take it. You'd never know it's her first time. The guys even try double anal on Adriana briefly and she screams out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Double pussy seems to suit Adriana better. However the first time the guys try it they have Adriana in the reverse cowgirl position and she starts screaming like crazy when the second guy enters the pussy too. When they do it to her in the cowgirl position she can take it much easier. The double pussy was my favorite in this scene. You could really see how the guys stretch out that pussy with their big rods and it looks to be really tight in there. The guys really don't go easy on Adriana during the double pussy. The guy who's in the better "fucking" position, pretty much hammers away full force after he's gained entry so to speak. The scene ends with some more sucking and "fucking" before the cumshots. Adriana looks really sexy in the end when she's covered in cum, her hair is all messed up and she has a big smile on her face.

The second scene with India Summer follows pretty much the same pattern. It too starts with just one guy entering. First he fingers India a little before she starts sucking his cock. The guy wastes little time before he starts "fucking" her. Soon another guy enters and the scene continues with some more sucking and "fucking". After a while the third and fourth guy join in too. The scene really picks up when India tells the boys to fill both her holes. The DP in this scene isn't as hard and intense as in the scene with Adriana, but it still has moments where the guys really stick it to India. This scene also has less DP time compared to the first scene, but it still has it's fair share of DP. The highlight in this scene is absolutely the double pussy. This was also India's first time doing double pussy. India dared the guy to stick it in her pussy while the other guy was in there too. The second cock slides in there without trouble and as soon as that happens India gets a big smile on her face. During the double pussy India yelled out: That's "fucking" insane, I have 2 "fucking" dicks in my pussy! The scene ended with some more regular "fucking" and sucking before the guys blew their loads on India.

One thing I really liked about this movie was the fact that it had interviews with the girl after the scene was over. Both Adriana and India reviewed their scene and let us know how they felt. The interview was enhanced by bits and pieces of the actual scene in between. It was nice to hear from Adriana that she enjoyed it and that nothing hurt, because her scene was really rough. She also mentioned that the double anal was a little overwhelming, but that she got an orgasm from it. India on the other hand clearly enjoyed the double pussy a lot. She said it was one of those in the moment thing that just happened. She thought it was cool of the guys to be down with entering the same hole at the same time. She said many times guys might not be OK with that in regular DP scenes. And looking at the scene you could see that India was clearly pleasantly surprised when both guys entered her pussy.
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Gangbanged 2 (2011 Video)
"Jayden's gangbang is the most emotional porn scene I've ever seen!"
30 November 2013
Gangbanged was originally a film focusing on Lisa Ann doing her very first gangbang. Well, it quickly became a porn series and I'm really glad it did. This time it's Jayden James doing her very first gangbang. In the first movie we had Bobbi Starr as the other girl with experience from gangbangs. Here it's Dana DeArmond. This was better than the original and it's all thanks to Jayden.

I will not review the scene with Dana as much, because there's a word limit for reviews and I want to focus on Jayden more. Dana was really exited for the gangbang. There was a great energy during the whole gangbang and the guys "fucked" Dana hard in this one. There was plenty of double penetration and every guy got a turn. There was also some really rough double anal. The guys also performed some double pussy on Dana. I would compare this gangbang to the one with Bobbi Starr in the first one. The one with Bobbi might have been even rougher. But on the plus side Dana didn't have a hairy beaver like Bobbi. If you're a Dana and gangbang fan, you'll love this scene. I know I did.

But the real treat was the scene with Jayden James. I've watched a lot of DP:s and gangbangs in my life. And when I say a lot I mean like way over 1000. It's hard to put one scene as the best ever, but this scene is absolutely in my top 10, it's that good.

This was Jayden's first time doing a gangbang and double penetration, so she was really nervous and excited during the interview. I enjoyed the interview with Jayden as she spoke about maturing sexually and wanting to try stuff that she didn't think she would ever do when she was younger.

After the interview Jayden gives a tease in a tiny bikini. You get a great look at Jayden's incredible body. What a crazy figure she has and those fake tits fit her perfectly. And her face is beautiful too, which makes her the perfect brunette.

Jayden takes on 7 guys in this gangbang, 5 white guys and 2 "niggers". You just know that it's going to be a great scene when we have Erik Everhard, John Strong and James Deen among the cast. Things start off with the guys pulling out their dicks so Jayden can suck them. Erik starts licking Jayden's pussy while she's sucking. Soon Jayden is in the doggy position with one guy "fucking" her while she sucks another guy. After a while Jayden gets in the cowgirl position with Erik in her pussy. And now we get to the DP. The first guy that sticks it in Jayden's ass has trouble getting it in when Jayden tenses up. Then John Strong comes along and forces it in and Jayden starts to scream in pain. Some of the other guys take turn DP:ing Jayden too but she's really tense and uncomfortable during the DP. The guys see this and they're really careful with Jayden and "fuck" her real slow. After a while they give up on the DP and move on to regular vaginal sex and Jayden sucking cock. I was disappointed at this as it seemed like Jayden couldn't handle the DP and that we might not see any more of it. But the scene was still intense after that and the guys brought out a belt that they could choke Jayden with. This seemed to make Jayden more in the mood. And while the scene continued you could see that Jayden was getting more and more into the gangbang.

After a while it's time to try the DP again. The guys don't "fuck" her so hard and Jayden is way more relaxed this time around so now there's no problem. This time we see Jayden DPed in the reverse cowgirl. After a while the guys turn Jayden over to the cowgirl and now it's time for the double pussy. This is really where Jayden enters heaven. You can see that Jayden is just out of it and totally enjoys the moment. After a while it's back to the reverse cowgirl again with more double vaginal for Jayden. Jayden gets a great orgasm here when the guys DP her pussy. Before the cumshots Jayden enjoys a little bit more of regular DP too.

After the DP Jayden gets on her knees for the cumshots. The guys unload on Jayden's pretty face and Jayden finishes the scene with masturbating as the guys unload. Jayden gets a really powerful orgasm at the end while masturbating. Then she lays down with a expression of total satisfaction on her face that I haven't seen in many porn scenes before. The short interview with Jayden at the end was really nice too. I loved the moment where she commented on the double pussy by saying: "I swear it's still tight".

The scene with Jayden was great on so many levels. Jayden is so beautiful and she was so excited and nervous to do the scene. It's great to see how much she enjoyed it in the end. It was a real roller coaster ride from start to finish. I've never been this emotionally invested in a gangbang before. It was so great to see Jayden enjoy herself more and more during the scene and to see her be able to take not only the DP but also the double vaginal without a problem. The expression on Jayden's face during the later half of the scene was just priceless. You don't see a porn star so out of it and just enjoying herself and not worrying about how she looks. All porn should be made with passion like this. Watching this scene makes me want to gangbang a girl so bad and give her pleasure like this. You can't really ask for more out of your porn.
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Good movie, but Veronica doesn't really get taken to her limits...
9 November 2013
This is a 90 minute movie with just one scene. That scene is with Veronica Avluv getting "gangbanged" by 5 guys. I really love gangbangs. Gangbangs with double penetration is the absolute best. There's nothing like seeing a hot girl getting stuffed full of big cocks and totally loving every minute of it.

This is a really good movie, but it could still have been a little better. When a scene is 90 minutes long it needs to be really good to get a 10 from me. Veronica does good in this movie. But the reason why I don't give it a 10 is because I've seen Veronica do better, so I had even higher expectations from this one.

It's hard to think that Veronica is actually 40 years old here. I'm not saying she looks like she's in her 20s, but she looks really great for her age. The movie starts off with a interview with Veronica. Veronica seems like a really nice person and you can tell that she really likes men. You can tell that she has a passion for DP and gangbangs too, which is nice to see. After the interview Veronica teases us with her hot outfit and some striptease.

After that we see Veronica masturbate a little and pretty soon it's gangbang time. When the first guy enters there's almost 70 minutes left of the movie, so it's a really long gangbang compared to many other scenes. Usually the long gangbangs clock in at around 50 minutes, so this is about 20 minutes longer and it shows. While Veronica has the energy for it, the 5 guys really don't take her to her limits like I hoped that they would have. Maybe more guys would've helped? I've seen this girl get triple penetrated in other gangbangs and "fucked" until she looks totally out of it. I never saw that in this movie and that's why I'm giving it just a 9 out of 10.

The gangbang starts with Veronica blowing just one guy, but soon more guys enter and Veronica is on her knees in the middle of a blow bang. Veronica really works the cocks, using her mouth and both her hands. After the blow bang we get some action with one guy "fucking" Veronica while she's sucking another guy off. This goes on in pretty much every position, from doggy to missionary and to cowgirl. After that the guys turn their focus on Veronica's ass. So then we get some action with one guy "fucking" her in the ass while she sucks another guy off.

With a little under 40 minutes left of the movie we get to see the first DP. Veronica gets in the cowgirl position while the other guy comes from behind and sticks it up her ass. A third guy positions himself so that Veronica can suck his dick. The guys take turns and they work her good during the DP. After a while Veronica gets in the reverse cowgirl position and then we see her take two cocks in her "asshole". That doesn't go on for long and soon we're back to regular DP. But all in all this DP part doesn't even last 10 minutes before the tempo is down again and we get just regular "fucking". This goes on for about 15 minutes where Veronica "fucks" the guys in different positions while once in a while sucking a cock too. This is really the weakest part of the movie for me. At least we get a couple of more minutes with some DP before the end with the guys making Veronica "air tight" again.

At the end Veronica gets on her knees and the guys gather around her for a blow bang. It looks like Veronica will finish the guys off and have all 5 guys cover her in cum. But unfortunately Veronica has the guys "fuck" her one by one to finish them off. So each guy gets to stick it to Veronica before he delivers a load into her mouth. This way we don't see the cum pile up and totally cover her face, which I would've preferred. Seeing a girl get totally covered in cum is so rare even in gangbangs. There should really be more focus on that in gangbangs in general.

But all in all this is still a really good movie and if you're a fan of Veronica Avluv you'll want to check this out. But if you've seen her gangbangs where she gets triple penetrated, don't expect this to be as good as those are. DP fans might also be a little disappointed, because we only get a little over 10 minutes of DP and that's not that much for a scene that's almost 70 minutes long. But the DP we get is really great!
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Nikki Jayne tries anal, double penetration and double vaginal for the first time!
27 October 2013
I really liked this format for a porno. Here we get introduced to the lovely and sexy blonde Nikki Jayne. This is actually her very first movie and all of the focus is on Nikki. She does everything for the first time here. Well she said she's had lesbian sex before, but we get to see her have anal sex for the first time and try both double penetration and double vaginal for the first time.

In this movie we get to see Nikki Jayne enter the world of porn. She's a rookie at the beginning but she could go head to head with the hottest sluts in porn by the end and hold her own. This format works because Nikki is a exceptionally hot blonde whit lots of talent. Nikki has both a face and body made for porn and just her stare alone made me rock hard.

You could just tell that this was going to be a spectacular porn movie and a wild ride right from the opening credits. I liked every scene in this movie. In the first scene we see Nikki in a lesbian scene with Iona. The only complaint I have about this scene is that they could've gotten a hotter girl for Nikki. Iona had a nice body but her face wasn't that attractive. Still the scene focuses on Nikki and she totally carries the scene. In the second scene we see Nikki give her first blow job on camera. She gives us a little dirty talk before she gets down on her knees to suck cock. Nikki has good technique and she can take the cock pretty deep even if she hasn't got the best deep throat skills. Too bad she has to share the scene with Ruby Knox. Ruby wasn't needed in this scene and I would've preferred that Nikki was alone in this scene. But it's still a hot scene.

In the next scene Nikki gets to watch a DP scene. It's Rebecca Linares who gets DP:ed and Nikki just watches. Before the scene Nikki says she's always wanted to be with 2 guys but she always thought she would have one guy in her pussy and the other in her mouth, not one in her pussy and the other in her ass. This scene was shot back when Rebecca still had her natural tits. I don't know why she got fake tits because Rebecca had really nice looking tits before. This was a good scene and it was nice seeing the guys double stuff Rebacca. Both me and Nikki liked it a lot. The camera work could've been better as I think Rebecca's hot body didn't come forth as much. In the next scene we see Nikki have anal sex for the first time. She is joined by Bobbi Starr. I'm not the biggest fan of Bobbi's looks but I thought she looked great here. And Bobbi performed great as usual too. Both girls get "fucked" in the ass in this one and it was nice to see Nikki take it in the ass for the first time. After the scene Nikki said she's ready for the DP.

The two last scenes are great. In the first one Nikki gets DP:ed for the first time and in the second one she tries double vaginal for the first time. The first scene were Nikki gets DP:ed for the first time is the best scene in the movie. It's a real pleasure to watch Nikki in this scene. I love it when she's on her knees sucking the cocks, I love it when one of the guy is "fucking" her and she's sucking the other guy and I absolutely love it when the guys fill both her pussy and ass with cock and just pound away. I loved to see Nikki's facial expression as she had one cock in her pussy and the other cock in her ass. The scene seemed to end quite fast at first as the guy "fucking" her pussy pulled out and shot his load on her stomach and then the other guy shot his load a minute later. But Nikki just licked up the sperm and the scene continued. We get to see some more hot "fucking" and a little DP before the guys unload again. In the last scene it's time for double vaginal. This scene was great too, but a little bit too short. It starts off with Nikki sucking the two dicks but it quickly moves on to the DP. And before you know it the guy "fucking" her ass pulls out and just slips his dick into the pussy too. The expression on Nikki's face is great when she gets two cocks in her pussy for the first time. Nikki's pussy looked extremely tight during the double vaginal, but the cocks slid in and out without any problems. This scene really made me want to try double vaginal for real. The scene ended with one guy blowing his load in Nikki's mouth while the other blew his load on her pussy. In the last scenes you can clearly tell that Nikki is a natural when it comes to double penetration.

All in all this was a really great porn movie and an easy 10 out of 10 from me. The only thing that could've made this movie any better was if there had been an interview with Nikki after the DP scene where she described how it felt, because there was a little interview in between every other scene where she expressed her feelings. And of course if there had been a long gangbang at the end with 5 plus guys going at it with Nikki too. But you can't get everything right?

In this movie you see that Nikki would've had all the potential in the world to become a slutty version of Jenna Jameson. Too bad her porn career doesn't seem to have taken off...
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O Ring Blowout (2005 Video)
Double penetration and plenty of anal for Kat and Keri!
10 August 2013
I had high hopes for this porn movie when I checked out the cast list of girls. All 5 girls, Kat, Keri Sable, Tiffany Hopkins, Saana and Jasmine Byrne are really beautiful and great performers. Plus all the girls perform often and well in DP scenes as well. And with the guys in this movie being some of the best DP guys in the business, I thought this was going to be full of hot DP action.

Well, there was some DP action, but mostly this was a anal movie. Tiffany Hopkins and Saana only got one guy to work with, which was a disappointment. As a fellow Finn I would have enjoyed seeing Saana get double stuffed. I've seen her in a couple of DP scenes before and she did good in those. All the other girls got 2 guys to work with.

The biggest disappointment in this movie was the scene with Jasmine Byrne. I'm a fan of Jasmine and think that she's a great performer. Plus I've never seen her look more beautiful than she did in this scene. Her makeup was flawless in this scene and she had a touch of "blond" in her hair that fit her perfectly. So what's the problem you might wonder? The problem is Jasmine doesn't get DP:ed despite taking on 2 guys at once.

In the interview Jasmine told that she would only do anal, but I thought she was just kidding. This because I know Jasmine likes to do DPs and she's done plenty of them. Plus she mentioned she got into anal after her first DP. And then, when I saw she was taking on John Strong and Steve Holmes, 2 of the top 5 DP guys in the history of porn, I thought she was kidding for sure. But then when the scene went on and on with cock sucking, anal and ass to mouth, I started to worry. And before I knew it Steve and John were blowing their loads in Jasmine's mouth. If you're a fan of DPs like I am, this scene will really "piss" you off. I just know how good and hard John and Steve could've worked Jasmine's pussy and ass during a DP, but unfortunately we never get to see it here.

Well the positive with this movie was that the 2 girls that got DPed was Kat and Keri Sable. Both scenes were great, but just like in "Teen "Fuck" Holes" (which I have reviewed earlier) Keri had the better scene. The lucky guy here was Erik Everhard who had the pleasure to DP both Kat and Keri.

Kat informs us that she's 19 during the interview and that she likes DPs. She shows off her body a bit before the scene begins. Kat might not look quite as good as she usually does in this scene, because of her hair style, but she still puts on a good performance. John Strong and Erik Everhard work her really good too. There is plenty of anal and ass to mouth, but the highlight of the scene is the DP. Kat gets DP:ed in both the reverse cowgirl and cowgirl positions and the guys pick her up for a "standing DP" before they shoot their loads in her mouth. All in all this was a nice scene.

Well, they saved the best for last in this movie. Keri Sable once again takes home the award for best scene in the movie. You simply can't go wrong with Keri and 2 cocks. Keri looks hot as hell in this scene and it's crazy to think that she was only 18 years old when she shot this scene. One complaint I still have with this scene is Michael Stefano. He simply can't handle a girl as hot as Keri. Especially when he was DP:ing her, you could see he was having trouble. He had to pull out and take brakes and let Erik do the pounding. The only reason I see that they used him in this scene, would be that Keri had a thing for him and wanted him to be in the scene. John Strong or Steve Holmes would have been a way better choice for this scene. Still the scene was good and I loved seeing Keri get double stuffed. If you don't get wet or hard when Keri gets DP:ed, you're never going to enjoy double penetration. Just as Kat she gets double stuffed in the reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and standing DP position. After the DP is over there is still quite a lot of anal action before the cumshots. Keri takes both the loads in her mouth and she looks cute and beautiful as usual when she swallows the cum.

All in all this movie wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be. But that was mostly because I had such high expectations for it. I still give it a solid 9. If Jasmine had been DP:ed, I probably would have given this movie a 10...
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Gangbang Girl 35 (2003 Video)
Ariana Jollee takes on 21 guys simultaneously for her 21st birthday!
1 May 2013
Yes, this is the movie where Ariana Jollee takes on 21 guys in a huge gangbang for her 21st birthday. If you're even a little familiar with Ariana Jollee you might have heard of this gangbang before. This has been one of the gangbangs I've been wanting to see for a long time. Ariana is one of the dirtiest girls in porn and I had a feeling this was going to be something special. And something special it was! This movie has 2 scenes, both huge gangbangs. The first is the one with Ariana and 21 guys and the second is a scene with Audrey Hollander and Ashley Long taking on a bunch of guys at a zoo. Both scenes are really good. I liked the one with Ariana better, because I'm not a big fan of Audrey Hollander's looks, even if she is a really great performer. Luckily the scene with Audrey gives more screen time to the lovely and beautiful Ashley Long so it isn't ruined by Audrey's looks.

The scene with Ariana begins as a surprise party for her birthday with the guys climbing out of a cake. The guys get naked and Ariana starts sucking their cocks. What I liked about this gangbang was the fact that every guy seemed to be a actual porn star. All of them were quite well equipped and all of them could get their dicks hard. Many times when you see these huge gangbangs with 20 + guys, there is a lot of amateurs in there with their small cocks and half of whom can't even get it hard. But in this series they seem to bring the real deal to these girls and that is great! Ariana sucks the guys for probably 15 minutes before there is any "fucking". It isn't long after that before the double penetration begins. First we see Ariana get a double vaginal, but after that it is just regular DP with one in the pussy and another in the ass. There is quite a lot of DP in this scene and I like that. Every guy seems to get a turn and Ariana enjoys herself a lot. We see Ariana get double stuffed in both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. We even see Ariana squirt and she also licks plenty of the guys assholes. Before the cumshots the scene slows down a bit as the guys take turns to bang Ariana in the pile driver position. It would have been nice to see more DP before the cumshots, but this is still a great scene. The cumshots were really messy. Ariana had her mouth open but the guys delivered all over her face and it wasn't long before she was really drenched in sticky cum. During the end Ariana demanded that some of the guys would cum in her ass. She then pushed it out and swallowed it. Some guys also blew their loads in Ariana's pussy. At the end the rest of the guys blew their loads on Ariana's face. Ariana looked really happy as she wiped the cum out of her eyes. She smiled at the camera and said that most girls don't get to both keep and eat their cake. And then she wished herself a happy birthday while all the guys were cheering her on. I must say that Ariana really looked like a girl who's been gangbanged and who really enjoyed it. All in all this scene was over 1 hour long but it never got boring thanks to Ariana's energy and appetite for cocks! I bet every girl would like to celebrate their birthday like Ariana!

The second gangbang has Audrey Hollander and Ashley Long teaming up to take on a bunch of guys at a zoo. Audrey and Ashley are applying for a job at a zoo and they are taking a group of guys for a tour of the zoo. Well that naturally turns into a gangbang fast. They also have Lena Juliette with them, but for some reason she doesn't take part in the action, she only watches from the side. Audrey and Ashley start by blowing all the guys. When the "fucking" begins it's not long before both girls are double stuffed. After a while the girls start rimming all the guys. The guys get on a line and the girls take turns licking their assholes. Audrey is really in to this while this doesn't seem to be Ashley's thing at all. Ashley gets a little more in to it at the end though. After that there is some more double stuffing taking place. I must say that it's a real joy to see Ashley Long get double stuffed! The scene still has a little regular "fucking" and sucking before the cumshots take place. The girls play a lot with the cum in this scene and it doesn't get nearly as messy as the scene with Ariana, despite the fact that there might be just as many guys here. But all in all this was still a great scene.

On a technical level this movie wasn't quite the best, but it was still very good considering that this was a huge gangbang shoot. There were quite a lot of close ups in the first scene with Ariana Jollee. The second scene also had close ups, but not quite as many. The good thing was that the camera angle was changing a lot so there wasn't really any long close ups that could ruin it. But compared to some other massive gangbang scenes that I've seen this was done really good. Many times you don't get to see as much of the girl as you would want to see, if there is plenty of guys involved, but here the girls were always in the focus. If you're a fan of gangbangs with plenty of double penetration this will most likely be a movie you will enjoy. I know I enjoyed it!
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My first encounter with Brigitta Bulgari!
31 October 2012
This porno movie is better known as "Money Pleasure". I don't know why they use a different title here. Well let me get on with my review.

I liked this porno movie. Unfortunately the DVD that I have of the movie is some kind of dubbed version with no subtitles. The audio during the sex scenes is terrible and I couldn't understand anything of the plot. But the sex was hot and the girls were even hotter, especially Brigitta Bulgari.

I must say that the audio really bothered me. I would have given this movie a 9, maybe even a 10 if the sound was enjoyable. I must say that the sex scenes in this movie were really good. We get to see 5 scenes and all of them were really enjoyable. There were quite a lot of close ups, but luckily there weren't so many that it started to affect the scenes.

The women in this movie are really hot. This was the first movie I saw with the main star Brigitta Bulgari. I must say that my dick got rock hard as soon as I saw her. This girl is so "fucking" beautiful. The opening scene with Brigitta was just so hot. We see her dancing in a club and she's wearing this see-through skimpy outfit. After a while she follows after 2 guys into a bathroom at the club. In the bathroom the 2 guys have their way with Brigitta. Brigitta looks so sexy during this scene. I loved the part were the guys double stuff Brigitta in the reverse cowgirl position. Even if it was quite brief I really enjoyed seeing this supermodel hot blond with one cock in her ass and another cock in her pussy simultaneously. There was also some nice action with Brigitta sucking one guys cock while the other guy was "fucking" her. At the end Brigitta milked both guys for their cumshots. It was so hot seeing Brigitta work both dicks at the same time. She had such a sexy look on her face at the end while she was sucking the cocks. Too bad the cumshots weren't anything special.

In the second scene we see Valentina Velasquez take on a "nigger" with a big dick. I really liked this scene. Valentina got really sweaty during the scene and I liked that. Shows that the girl was really working hard and enjoying herself. This scene had a great energy and we get to see many different positions. Valentina is also a eager "cocksucker" and she gladly takes a taste every now and then. It doesn't matter if it comes out of her pussy or out of her ass. In the next scene wee see Katy Caro in a regular boy girl scene. This was probably the least exciting scene in the movie. But it was still a good scene and Katy was working that cock good, especially during the oral sex. In the following scene we see Tiffany Rousso have sex with a guy in a club in front of everybody. This also sets up the final scene in a nice way by having Brigitta watching the hot action with another couple, before they leave for a hot threesome. Tiffany has a spectacular body which shows during the reverse cowgirl scene. She doesn't have the best looking face, but luckily the lighting in the club helps. Plus there isn't too many close ups of her face either. All in all this was a hot scene.

The final scene was a threesome with Brigitta Bulgari and Elinor Gasset taking on one lucky bastard together. I really loved this scene. This scene is almost 30 minutes long so there is plenty to enjoy. We get good shots of both Brigitta and Elinor. The guy "fucks" both hot blonds and there is also some hot lesbian action between the females. There should have been more lesbian action between Brigitta and Elinor however. It was mostly Elinor pleasuring Brigitta. It would have been nice to see Brigitta go down and lick some pussy too. There could have been some pussy licking by Brigitta at the end but from the camera angles used it's hard to tell. At least we have the girls in the 69 position and we see the guy "fucking" Brigitta in the ass while Elinor is licking her pussy. But the camera never shows what Brigitta is doing. It just focuses on what Elinor is doing and I must say it's hot seeing her suck the cock as the guy pulls it out of Brigitta's ass. At the end both girls share the guys load like nice little girls.

If you like Brigitta Bulgari, you are probably going to like this movie. And if you never heard of Brigitta Bulgari, you should check her out as soon as possible, because she is "fucking" spectacular.
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Gangbanged (2011 Video)
Finally, Lisa Ann has been Gangbanged! :)
15 October 2012
I'm a fan of Lisa Ann and ever since I heard that she had done a gang bang, I've been wanting to watch it. Well, I finally got to check out "Gangbanged" and I absolutely loved it.

I must say that I was surprised that I liked the second scene with Bobbi Starr more than the first scene with Lisa Ann. Part of that was probably because I had seen some interviews with Lisa Ann about her gang bang before I actually saw the scene. In those interviews Lisa Ann mentioned that the guys were rough with her and really pushed her limits and that that was exactly what she wanted out of the experience. Well, that wasn't the case at all. The scene was spectacular, don't get me wrong, but I've seen plenty of gang bangs that have been a lot rougher for the girl. The scene with Bobbi was way rougher than the scene wit Lisa Ann. The scene with Lisa Ann was more of a scene were the woman is in control of the gang bang, while the scene with Bobbi was a scene were the guys were in control of the gang bang. The gang bang with Lisa Ann was more pussy oriented, while the gang bang with Bobbi focused more on anal sex. Both Lisa Ann and Bobbi had handpicked the guys that were gang banging them.

I can't believe how hot Lisa Ann still looks here, considering she was almost 40 years old when this was shot. I usually like my girls young, but I must admit I would totally want to "fuck" Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann still has a great body and I find her face so attractive. The scene starts out with Lisa Ann sucking the guys cocks. Considering she picked the guys herself there is no denying this girl likes huge cocks. There was a total of 7 guys "fucking" Lisa Ann in this scene, 4 white guys and 3 "niggers". The scene had plenty of action were one guy was "fucking" Lisa Ann in the pussy, while she was sucking another guy. Eventually the scene moved on to some anal action and after that we finally get to see some double penetration. The guys DP Lisa Ann both in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions in several different turns. I liked the DP action even if it wasn't the hardest kind like I was let to believe. It did pick up a little in tempo at the end. The scene had the white guys DP her first, before the "niggers" got their chance. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any double pussy or double anal in this scene. Well, luckily there is quite a lot of regular double penetration. I would say that we get to see Lisa Ann get double stuffed for close to 20 minutes, if you add it all up. The scene also had a really great ending to it with all 7 guys blowing their loads onto Lisa Ann's beautiful face. Lisa Ann has a big smile on her face and she gets a really nice cover of cum all over her face. The sticky cum runs down and gives her huge boobs a nice cover too.

The scene with Bobbi Starr was absolutely fantastic. I'm not that familiar with Bobbi Starr. I'm not really that attracted to her physically. She has a OK face and a normal looking body and that's about it. And her hairy pussy in this scene isn't going to get her any extra points. This bush was out of control. At least Lisa Ann has a well trimmed beaver so the hair doesn't really bother me. Damn, one would think that chicks under 30 would have learned to shave their beavers by now. But on the other hand this girl can really perform. She had crazy energy during the whole scene and the guys really stick it to her. There is a lot of hard anal, double penetration and hard double anal penetration. Bobbi's asshole really gets a hard pounding. Bobbi also shows us her spectacular oral skills by deep throating the guys several times and even taking 2 big dicks in her mouth at the same time a couple of times. I really enjoyed the double penetration. It was hard and there was plenty of it. I liked how Bobbi was bent up like a pretzel laying on her back the first time the guys DP:ed her. There was also a nice moment were the guys where choking Bobbi while they where DP:ing her hard. But the best part of the scene was probably the double anal. It was really hard and brutal and it really took Bobbi to the limits. I loved how Bobbi was up for double anal immediately and had a big smile on her face like it was nothing when the guys first stuffed their dicks in her ass. But then as soon as the guys started working her hard she began to sound like a firetruck. There was also a funny moment just after the guys had stuck their dicks in Bobbi's ass, when a third guy wanted Bobbi to suck his dick. Bobbi just shoves him to the side and said: " "Fuck" off! I have 2 dicks in my ass!". It was clear that she wanted to focus all of her attention on the double anal and didn't want to suck dick at that time. It was understandable as this was the first time Bobbi did a double anal. The double anal was hard on the guys too as one of the guys popped his load prematurely. The scene ended with all the guys covering Bobbi in cum at the end. Bobbi didn't get as good of a cover as Lisa Ann did.

All in all this is a great gang bang movie and I recommend it to all fans of gang bangs and double penetration.
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See Angel Dark in her first scene!
14 October 2012
I've only seen the scene with Angel Dark from this movie, but because Angel is one of my all time favorite porn stars, I just have to review this movie. The scene with Angel is a special one, because here we get to see how she was brought into porn by Pierre Woodman. We get to see an interview with miss Dark and after that we get to see her have sex for the very first time on camera.

I must admit that I'm not a big fan of the French, but I'm a huge fan of Pierre Woodman. This guy is just amazing. I love to see how he takes shy and quiet girls and bring the inner whore out of them. Before you know it the former prissy girls are doing anal, DP and gang bang scenes on a regular basis.

I liked the interview with Angel Dark before the sex scene. Angel already understood and spoke English well so the interview was possible to understand without subtitles. Unfortunately the audio wasn't the best. So sometimes it was hard to hear what Angel was saying. Pierre asked a lot of different questions in the interview. We find out that Angel has a boyfriend that she isn't so fond of, despite the fact that the sex is good. Angel also tells us that she has tried to have anal sex before, but that it really hurt and that it made her cry. We also find out some personal stuff about Angel and why she wants to try porn.

I really liked the part were Pierre had Angel look at some porn magazines. Angel got really interested when she saw one hot girl with a cock in her ass and a cock in her pussy. She asked Pierre if this is normal and he said to her that it is. She also said that it looked hot. Right then and there you could tell that this girl wanted to get DP:ed. As a big fan of Angel Dark it's nice to see her initial reaction to double penetration. I must thank Pierre for bringing this hot girl into porn and getting her to do DP:s. I've enjoyed Angel Dark's DP scenes a lot during the years and will continue to enjoy them for a long time to come. And I know there are plenty of other porn junkies out there who enjoy them as well.

After the interview we get to see Pierre Woodman have sex with Angel. He does have to convince her a while to try it with him. Angel really doesn't seem fond of the idea to have sex with a old, hairy, bald, fat, out of shape, sleazy guy. Pierre doesn't look like a ladies man, but he talks like a ladies man and somehow he convinces Angel that he has the technique to really make her enjoy the sex. At first Pierre starts out with just wanting to lick Angels pussy. Pierre has the advantage that Angel is already naked, because she had to show her body during the interview, so he doesn't have to convince her to first get naked. Well, it looks like Angel just couldn't help herself and she lets Pierre lick her pussy. Well it isn't long before this girl is sounding like a "fucking" fire truck. It is clear that she really enjoys herself during the oral sex. After a while Pierre pulls down his pants and Angel knows that it's time to suck some cock. I must say that Angel looks really disgusted by the thought of having to suck Pierre's dick. But it looks like she decides to give him some pleasure because he's just given her a real good time. She was probably also a bit curious about how good the sex would be, considering that she really enjoyed the oral sex. Well, it isn't long before Angel really gets into sucking cock. After a while Pierre is ready to stick it to Angel. We see Pierre "fuck" Angel from behind and in the missionary position. At the end we also see him have anal sex with Angel. First he prepares her with lubrication. Angel is really nervous of the anal sex and she is uncomfortable with Pierre sticking his fingers in her ass. But Pierre manages to calm her down. He stick a dildo up her ass before he starts working her with his dick. After a while he sticks it in and Angel seems to be in pain when he starts "fucking" her ass. I must admit that I've never seen Angel moan quite like this in any of her other scenes. Well, it couldn't have been that bad considering how many anal scenes this girl has done since. The scene ends with Pierre blowing his load into Angel's mouth and Angel swallowing his load.

It would have been nice to see the whole sex scene between Pierre and Angel. I was a little bothered by the fact that there is cuts here and there and you don't really know how much is missing. Pierre can last for quite a long time and I've seen him take 2 turns with some of the girls. And with a girl as hot as Angel why wouldn't he take multiple turns? There was also some bad angles during the sex scene, because of the fact that there was just one camera. So we don't really get to see Angel in all her glory in this scene. But if you're a big fan of Angel Dark like I am, you will probably like this scene a lot. For me it was nice to see how it all started out for miss Dark. Thank you Pierre for bringing this hot angel into the world of porn!
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Pussyman's Latin Fever (2005 Video)
Had some potential, but at the end of the day it was just another mediocre "fuck" flick...
30 September 2012
I've watched quite a lot of "Pussyman" movies over the years and I must say that the quality shifts a lot. Some movies might be hot, but I would say that most of them are really quite mediocre. This movie has a lot going for it, but in the end the result is kind of mediocre.

One of the things that I did like about this movie was the fact that "Pussyman" himself was nowhere to be seen. This guy usually takes up valuable running time in the movies that he directs. Another thing that I liked about this movie was the fact that it offered some variety to the scenes. We get both a threesome with 2 girls and 1 guy and a threesome with 1 girl and 2 guys. All the girls were quite attractive too, with Dasy obviously being the hottest of the girls. There would have been better choices around and I must say I would have loved to see my favorite Latin chick Jenaveve Jolie in this one. There were however the usual problems too, that many of the other "Pussyman" movies also suffer from. And that would be too much close ups and bad angles being used. The movie was also a bit on the short side with just 4 scenes and a running time of just over an hour.

I must say that I kind of somewhat enjoyed every scene in this movie. However I wouldn't consider none of the scenes anything really special. In the first scene we see Annie Cruz take on a guy on a pool table. The guy got to lick Annie's pussy and stick his dick in all her 3 holes. Out of all the scenes I enjoyed the second one the most. In this we see Daisy and Serena take on one lucky guy. The scene starts out with the girls going at it. It isn't long before the guy pulls out his big dick and joins in. I really liked that the girls started to speak Spanish during the scene. Because of the subtitles I was able to learn some Spanish as I was jacking it. Too bad the close ups and bad angles took away some of the joy. In the third scene we see Sophia Castello take on Lee Stone and his big dick. Sophia gave some good head, even if she wasn't able to take the whole thing in her mouth. And she really enjoyed it once Lee started to stick it to her with his big banana. In the last scene we see Chanel Chavez take on 2 guys at once. This scene could have been a good one. But Chanel had a terrible looking outfit on that ruined it for me. Plus the close ups and bad angles didn't help either. Well, at least the guys gave Chanel a double penetration. They didn't need to DP her long before she was yelling that she was coming.

All in all this was still just a pretty mediocre porn movie. If you're a big fan of some of the girls in this one, you might want to check it out. But this doesn't do much for a porn junkie like me.
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Doppio Piacere 2 (2006 Video)
Double penetration and Brigitta Bulgari!
26 September 2012
"Doppio Piacere" is Italian for "Double Pleasure". Yes, as you might have guessed from the title, this is a double penetration movie. I'm a huge fan of double penetration. I love to watch a girl take one cock up her ass and another cock up her pussy simultaneously. I love how double penetration really brings women pleasure. There is nothing better in porn than seeing a woman really enjoying herself. And there is nothing that give women joy like DP.

Because I really enjoy watching DP, I tend to give DP movies a higher score than other porn movies. If a porn movie has DP, some hot women and isn't totally ruined by bad angles and extreme close ups, I pretty much give it at least a 9 out of 10. This is just that kind of a film. This movie contains 5 scenes were every girl takes on 2 guys at once. We have some not so hot chicks and some really hot chicks in this movie and they all get double stuffed. The camera work is also solid in this one, although it would have been better with some different angles here and there.

All of the scenes, except one, have some kind of story or setup to them. I like a little back story to a scene, but here the setups didn't really bring that much to the overall scenes. The best scene was the first scene with the lovely Brigitta Bulgari. Brigitta is one of the most beautiful women in the history of porn. I absolutely love this girl and I love watching her get DP:ed. Brigitta looked stunning as usual. The scene started out with Brigitta stripping for the guys. The guys put her down on the sofa and undressed her leather boots. They also gave her pussy a lick, before they pulled out their dicks. Brigitta looks so sexy with a cock in her mouth. There is some nice "fucking" and sucking taking place before they get to the double pleasure. First the guys DP Brigitta in the reverse cowgirl position and then they DP her in the cowgirl position. Too bad we don't get to see much of Brigitta's smoking hot body during the DP. The scene ends with the guys unloading in Brigitta's ass. Compared to many other DP scenes with Brigitta Bulgari, this didn't quite measure up. But it's still a really good scene.

In the second scene we see Katy Caro take on two guys. I didn't like the lingerie outfit that Katy was wearing, but at least her tits were visible. Katy is a good looking girl with a nice body and a beautiful face. The scene started out with some "cocksucking" and moved on to some "fucking" and some more "cocksucking". The DP was nice as well. First the guys DP:ed Katy in the cowgirl position and then, like in the scene before, in the reverse cowgirl. I loved how the guy "fucking" her ass during the DP pulled out a couple of times and gave Katy a taste of her own asshole. In the following scene we see Electra Angels take on her two guys. Electra has a great body and she really enjoys herself in this scene. If Brigitta Bulgari wasn't so "fucking" beautiful this would have been the best scene in the movie. It was a absolute joy watching this girl get double stuffed. Electra did a good job in the rest of the scene too, especially when she was sucking cock.

The last two scenes weren't as good as the first three. That was just because Liza and Susanna (Orsay) are much less attractive compared to the other 3 girls. However, both girls enjoyed the DP a lot. All in all this is a good movie and if you enjoy all things DP like I do, you will probably enjoy this movie. However if you're looking for really hard DP scenes, then this movie isn't for you.
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Up Euro Ass 2 (2005 Video)
No DP for Kitty... :(
15 September 2012
This movie has some hot girls and some good action, but it also disappointed me in some departments and that is why I just can't give this movie a higher score than a 6 out of 10.

I liked the girls in this one. They are all attractive, especially Kitty Sixx who has a really sexy body. The scenes, on the other hand, could have used some more diversity. Out of the 5 scenes 4 are just plain old boy girl scenes. However, there was just one scene in this movie that I didn't enjoy. That was the scene with Liz Honey. First of all I thought Liz didn't look as good as she usually does. Don't get me wrong, she was still attractive. But she has looked a lot better in other scenes. What really bothered me with this scene was that it lacked any kind of passion. This was a really mechanical scene compared to the other scenes. Liz really gave a bad performance in this scene. Her "cocksucking" wasn't anything special and the scene didn't improve with the "fucking". This was just a good example of the bad sides of mass production. When the girls are doing scene after scene it's going to be hard for them to bring their A game every time. Sometimes we are going to get mediocre "shit" like this.

The next scene with Gilda Roberts was a lot better. Gilda seemed really into the sex and she really seemed to enjoy herself during the scene. Gilda is a very skinny girl, but she still has a really nice body. I really enjoyed watching her in action too. She seemed to really enjoy sucking the guys dick and she was really wild when she started to ride him. This girl had a really good technique when it comes to the cowgirl position and I would have loved to watch her ride some more. The scene slows down when the guy starts "fucking" her in the ass. Gilda has a really tight looking asshole and she obviously didn't have too much experience from anal sex, at least when this scene was shot. It's nice to see that the girl with the least experience and the tightest hole gets the guy with the biggest dick. Well, this guy is a real gentleman and he goes quite easy on her. I still really enjoyed the anal sex in this scene. It seemed like it was a quite intimate experience for Gilda. I loved the big smile she had on her face at the end when she was milking the guy for his cum. It was just proof that this girl had had a great time.

The scene that "pissed" me off the most was the scene with Kitty Sixx. This was actually the best scene in the movie, believe it or not. Kitty looked really hot in her tight blue dress. This girl has some great curves. Kitty has a great ass, some really nice natural tits and really sexy looking legs. She doesn't have the best looking face in the business, but she still has a attractive face. This girl was horny like hell too. I was really excited to see Kitty getting 2 guys to have fun with. Nice to see it was 2 guys who do DP scenes on a regular basis too. This scene started off really good with Kitty sucking some cock and continuing with Kitty getting her ass "fucked". What really "pissed" me off was the fact that there wasn't any double penetration in this scene. The guys "fucked" her in all kinds of different positions, except DP positions. They even had her in the cowgirl position, but they just took turns "fucking" her asshole. Would have been great with some double anal right there. This was still a nice scene and Kitty really enjoyed herself. But I really hate these scenes were a girl "fucks" 2 guys at once without being DP:ed.

The 2 remaining scenes were OK scenes. Valentina Velasquez might not be the best looking girl in porn, but she has a nice body and I really enjoy the look on her face. This girl just looks so horny every time I've seen her. She looks completely slutty in every scene I've seen her in. Well, she's in the right business then. Valentina gives a good performance and the scene was solid but nothing spectacular. The last scene with Lora Croft was a similar one, solid but nothing spectacular. All in all this was a quite normal mass production anal movie.
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Sixpack (2004 Video)
A sixpack of cocks for Lucy, Sandra and Melissa!
9 September 2012
I absolutely loved this one. If you're a fan of double penetration and gang bangs like I am, chances are you'll enjoy this one. When we are talking double penetration and porn stars, especially if it's European porn stars, You'll probably think of Lucy Lee, Sandra Romain or Melissa Lauren. Anyone of these 3 girls could be the face of double penetration. These 3 girls have been double stuffed like crazy during their careers and I've personally enjoyed several spectacular DP scenes with each girl on countless occasions. And here I got to enjoy another 3 great scenes.

I really don't have a favorite out of these 3 girls. They all have their ups and pretty much no downs. Lucy is really the beautiful and innocent one out of the 3. But looks deceive and that's why it's so hot to see her get double stuffed. Sandra is the nasty one, who just can't get enough of big dicks. Her nastiness and great energy during the scene is what makes her so great. Melissa on the other hand is a great combination of beauty and slut. In this movie all 3 girls take on 6 guys simultaneously in their scenes. Melissa has to share her guys with Noemi, but it didn't hurt the scene too much.

Lucy looked super cute and sexy in her scene. Lucy was just 19 years old when this scene was made and that makes it even hotter. She starts out by blowing Steve Holmes' big dick. He naturally wants to try out her pussy a little too. Soon Lucy starts craving more dicks and goes hunting for it. She finds 2 other guys and soon she's blowing all 3 guys. It's not long before the guys decide to DP young Lucy. And before you know it she has a big dick in all 3 holes. Well 3 guys just isn't enough for Lucy so she goes looking for more. Soon she's getting it on with 6 guys at once. More sucking and double stuffing takes place and we get to see Lucy DP:ed in both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions and briefly in the doggy position as well. The scene ends with the guys blowing their loads in and around Lucy's mouth. After the cumshots, the guys give Lucy a beer shower by spraying a sixpack all over her.

I probably liked the scene with Sandra the most. The action starts with Sandra blowing a guy. Soon 2 other guys join in and they start to try out Sandra's other holes as well. Before the action really starts taking off, one of the guys grabs Sandra by the hair and drags her into another room were 3 more guys wait for their turn. Sandra starts sucking all the dicks around and it isn't long before the guys fill her up with one big cock in every hole. From here to the end it's a really long and hard ride for Sandra with plenty of double penetration and double anal penetration and even some double pussy penetration as well. I must say that the DP was quite brutal. But that is nothing compared to the double anal. This is probably one of the hardest double anal scenes I've ever seen. These guys don't go easy on Sandra with their big penises. What makes it even more impressing is the amount of double anal in this scene. I would say there is even more double anal than regular DP. Sandra gets DP:ed in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Plus a standing DP that is super hot and were Sandra really gets to enjoy the ride. The cumshots were quite messy in this scene, despite the fact that most of them were wasted in Sandra's mouth.

The Scene with Melissa is the shortest out of these 3 scenes. I was a little disappointed that Melissa had to share the cocks with Noemi and the fact that the beginning is wasted on the guys following Noemi around. But once this scene got going it really got going. The guys just pull out their tools and the girls get down on their knees and start sucking. It isn't long before the guys start filling up the girls other holes as well. Noemi just gets double penetrated but Melissa gets it all 3 ways, regular DP, double anal and double pussy. First the girls get "fucked" on the porch, but after a while the action moves onto the lawn. There follows more cock sucking and double stuffing. The scene ends with the guys blowing their loads into Melissa's mouth and after that Melissa shares the cum with Noemi. Both girls get a beer shower by the guys at the end.

All in all I loved all these 3 scenes. I only have some minor complaints. The scene with Lucy could have been a lot harder. The guys went quite easy on her and I must say I've seen many better DP scenes with Lucy than this one. There was also some bad angles present during some of the DP as well, which is a shame with a beauty like Lucy. Still I must say the scene was extremely good compared to most scenes. There were also the minor complaints about the scene with Melissa that I mentioned earlier. But all the complaints fade away when you compare it to the hot action that these scenes bring with them. As a huge fan of gang bangs and double penetration I give this movie a 10 out of 10 without any doubt.
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Flesh Hunter 5 (2003 Video)
Taylor Rain made me love double penetration!
22 August 2012
I've only seen the scene with Taylor Rain from this movie and usually I don't review a movie if I've only seen one scene. But the scene with Taylor Rain in this movie is one of my all time favorites, so I just have to make an exception. This scene isn't just one of my all time favorites, it's also the scene that changed my taste for porn and made me a lot more open minded about sex.

Everybody who's read some of my reviews before knows that I'm a huge fan of double penetration. But it wasn't always like that. When I first started watching porn I came across mostly boy girl scenes, some lesbian scenes and some threesomes with 2 girls and 1 guy. As a straight man I was kind of creeped out about the thought of 2 or more guys having sex with a woman simultaneously. It seemed kind of gay to me. But Taylor Rain changed all of that in this scene. Before this scene I had only seen about a handful of scenes with 2 guys taking on a woman together. As luck has it, all of these scenes were of low quality and didn't excite me like normal porn scenes did.

Well, along came Taylor and she totally changed my mind. The scene starts off with Taylor walking on the street in super high heels and a skimpy outfit. The camera follows her from behind as she walks into a garage. The angle from behind of her long legs made her look way hot and like that I was hooked from the start. The scene is setup as Taylor coming to pick up her car, which should've been repaired. But the guys have been busy with a race car and haven't had time to repair it. Taylor needs her car right away and naturally has to put out so the guys will make her car a priority.

Taylor has to take on 4 guys with big dicks simultaneously in this scene. At first I wasn't all that excited about the fact that Taylor was going to have sex with more than one guy. But Taylor looked super sexy and you could tell that she was really enjoying herself. As a result Taylor made me super horny and my dick rock hard. I couldn't help the fact that I got turned on, even if I wasn't a fan of 2 or more guys sharing a woman together.

Taylor got all of her holes filled in this scene. She sucks cocks with great enthusiasm and both her pussy and ass get a hard pounding. The guys even stick a couple of wrenches in Taylor's ass as they "fuck" her pussy. After the guys had taken turns "fucking" Taylor's pussy or ass, they move on to the double penetration. This was the first time I got excited by watching DP. This was also my first time watching quality DP. First we see Taylor DP:ed in the cowgirl position. A third guy also sticks his dick in her mouth making her "air tight". After a while Taylor changes position to the reverse cowgirl for more double pounding. I must say that Taylor is made for double penetration. It really doesn't matter how big the guys are or how hard they try to stick it to her, she can take it. Her pussy, and especially her asshole, is like rubber. It stretches out, but it pops right back, after the guys pull out their cocks. The guys also pick up Taylor for a standing DP before the cumshots. I really love the standing DP position. It allows the girl to really come down on those big dicks and take them deep inside her pussy and ass. It's also one of the best ways of showing guys really manhandling a woman. It really made Taylor look tiny and petite when the guys held her up in mid air and stuffed her pussy and ass full of cock.

The ending with the cumshots was another great treat. Taylor get a great cover all over her face and she looks super sticky after it's all over. It was the first guy who made most of the mess, even if he missed a couple of shots. Unfortunately his cumshot was too powerful in the beginning and some of the shots flew straight over Taylor's head. The other 3 guys piled it up on her face. Taylor looked so cute and sexy with her face all covered in white sticky cum. The scene then ends with the guys throwing Taylor out on the street all covered in cum. There isn't much that can beat a scene like this. This was the scene that made me interested in watching double penetration and gang bang scenes. I've seen many DP and gang bang scenes after this one, but this still remains one of my favorites. Double penetration and really messy facials is like the Christmas eve of porn if you ask me.
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Irresistible Michelle (2006 Video)
Well this movie was definitely not "irresistible"!
15 August 2012
I don't really know what it is, but this movie just didn't do it for me. I've seen plenty of Pinko's (Italian porn company) movies before and they have delivered some hot stuff, but this wasn't anywhere near hot. The ingredients for a good movie were there, but it didn't come together like I had hoped. This movie didn't have any big stars in it, but the girls were still attractive enough to be able to deliver a good porn movie.

This movie is made up of 4 different scenes. From those, 3 are standard boy girl scenes and 1 scene is a foursome with 2 girls and 2 guys. Despite the fact that the movie is called "Irresistible Michelle", Michelle Ferrari is just in 1 scene. Michelle is in the opening scene with a brunette that I haven't seen before. The scene starts off with some nice lesbian action before the 2 guys join in. This was a somewhat OK scene, but the facts that there were condoms involved and that none of the girls gets double stuffed, really ruined the scene for me. The 3 boy girl scenes were long and boring scenes. The girls were nice looking, but that was about it. There was no passion in this movie. It's not often that you see porn as boring as this.

I still give this movie a 3 out of 10, because the girls are quite attractive and because we get to see decent camera work that doesn't try anything "creative" or "artistic". I must add that my opinion of this movie might have been affected by the previous movie on the same DVD. That was a really nasty movie with plenty of top notch pussy receiving hard anal pounding and plenty of double penetration and some messy facials. Compared to that "Irresistible Michelle" didn't have a chance and probably came off even more boring than it actually is.
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Gangland Cream Pie 5 (2005 Video)
Sharka, Niki and Kathy have fun with 3 big black dicks!
18 July 2012
I absolutely love this movie. This is a 10 out of 10 from me without a doubt. I've jerked off to these scenes many, many, many times and I haven't got tired of them yet. The cast for this movie is perfect. I'm a fan of all 3 girls in this movie. Sharka Blue is probably one of my absolute favorite porn stars out there. This girl looks so young and beautiful and she has such great energy during her scenes. I especially enjoy it when she gets DP:ed. I'm also a big fan of Niki Dark. I've enjoyed every scene I've seen with her and she's the kind of girl that you want to see more of. I haven't seen too many scenes with Kathy Anderson, but what I've seen has been good. She absolutely nails it in this movie and this is the best scene I've ever seen with her.

All the scenes in this movie are really long. The scene with Sharka is the shortest, just under 40 minutes. The scene with Kathy is just over 41 minutes and the scene with Niki is the longest at just over 42 minutes. All scenes have the girls taking on the same 3 "niggers". Talk about some lucky "fucking" "niggers". These 3 "niggers" get to enjoy double penetration with all 3 lovely ladies. And as the title of the movie suggests, all 3 scenes end with the 3 "niggers" shooting their loads into these lovely ladies.

As I said before, I love this movie and every scene in it. Everyone of the girls really enjoy themselves and the "niggers" stick it to them good. But if I had to rank the scenes, the scene with Sharka is the weakest out of the 3 scenes. I was a little surprised that I ended up liking this scene the least, because I like Sharka the most out of the girls. It wasn't a bad scene in any way, it was just that the other scenes were better. Sharka started the scene in a slutty looking lingerie outfit. Sharka also had the sluttiest looking make up of all 3 girls. The scene takes some time with showing how Sharka gets naked and starts to masturbate. After a while the 3 "niggers" join in and start sticking it to Sharka. The whole scene is really enjoyable and we see Sharka suck dick and get "fucked" in all kind of positions. The main reason why I didn't love this scene as much as the other 2, was probably because it had the least DP out of all 3 scenes. I absolutely love watching Sharka get double stuffed and the DP in this scene was really enjoyable too. But we only get 7-8 minutes of DP and that isn't much considering this scene is almost 40 minutes long. This was also the only scene were there wasn't a standing DP, were 2 guys lifts the girl up between them and DP her while they stand. I absolutely love to see the standing DP position and I know how good Sharka looks in it too. The scene with Sharka ends with all 3 guys taking turns blowing their loads in Sharka's pussy. Sharka just squeezes it out in between before the next guy enters. One other thing that could have made this scene seem a little weaker, is the fact that Sharka didn't seem like she had any problems taking on the guys at any time. It seemed like she could take plenty more. As a fact I know she can take plenty more, because I've seen her take some pretty brutal double pounding compared to this one by equally big dicks.

The scene with Kathy was the second best out of the 3. Kathy had a white tank top and some sexy jeans shorts on. She also gets naked and starts masturbating before the "niggers" join in. Kathy has a much tighter looking pussy and ass compared to Sharka, and she has a much harder time taking these 3 big dicks than Sharka had. Kathy does a real good job taking the 3 dicks. There is a couple of times were she is a little overwhelmed by the "niggers" and you can clearly tell there is a little pain involved too. But it's just the kind of small things that make a scene better. A girl should be pushed to her limits, when she decides to "fuck" 3 big dicks at once. It was really hot seeing Kathy get double stuffed by these big dicks. Kathy gets 2 loads in her ass and 1 load in her pussy at the end.

The scene with Nikki was the best out of the 3. Niki had a black tank top and some tight jeans on. The scene started with her saying it was her 21 birthday. That was probably a lie, because all the other girls lied about their age too. But if it wasn't this girl got to celebrate a really special birthday. Here we also see Niki get naked and masturbate a little before the "niggers" join in. I absolutely love the big smile on Niki's face as the 3 "niggers" walk in and join her. You can just tell that this girl enjoys what she's doing. In fact Niki has a big smile on her face during the entire scene, every time that she doesn't have a big dick in her mouth that is. The scene with Niki also has the most DP in it out of the 3 scenes. It's such a trill to watch Niki get double stuffed. The scene ends with Niki getting 2 loads in her pussy and 1 load in her ass.

All in all every scene in this movie is a absolute trill to watch. There could have been more DP, but the scenes were still great.
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