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Intelligent, subtle and *funny*
15 April 2006
This movie made laugh as I hadn't in years. It is funny, intelligent and subtle. The movie is full of references to "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" and other films. The dialogs are sparking and, above all, Marco Nanini's performances (six characters, if I counted well) are fantastic.

Some of the best moments are when Cleide (one of Marco Nanini's characters) teaches piano lessons to a young girl. The girl despises her, and she is an awful singer, so "auntie Cleide puts some perfume to calm down" (buzz, of course!).

It is a must see, if you want intelligent fun.
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The work of a genius
12 June 2005
This work can hardly be seen as a documentary. During its almost eighty minutes is depicts a very personal view of the twenty century, but this is only an excuse for deep reflections about war, individuality, mankind, progress, labor, in short, life. The work is a patchwork of black-and-white footage, edited and superimposed in such a way that many times one is seeing three, four or more seemingly disparate images... but nothing is random in "Nós Que Aqui Estamos por Vós Esperamos". In some sense it reminds me of Koyaanisqatsy, but if I had to choose one I would immediately prefer "Nós..."; it is closer to human beings and to human feelings. The musical score, by Wim Mertens, is perfect. Unforgettable and wonderful experience to be repeated over and over again. A must have.
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