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Alice in Wonderland (I) (2010)
I will refer to Tim Burton and shout " Off with his head " !!
10 May 2010
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp .. A big step back! Let us agree in principle that it is the film depends entirely on the visual effects .. But is this reason that the film would be weak?! .. With the knowledge that the director is Tim Burton and heroes are the stars do not differ with them all! .. Of course not justified .. The film does not have deep enough to make it on the edge of your seat and you are waiting for the recent conflict between good and evil, came the events of the film is recurrent and potentially very most of the time, lending you a sense of malaise and fatigue, and then the end will come not compensate for the time lost and you expected in the narrow end of the movie! In terms of performance representations, I believe that the role of Johnny Depp did not fit him and I felt very representative of the secondary in the film, despite the large role of the area, but I did not feel the presence of Johnny mounts the same as in other films! Anne Hathaway, also its not feel it so much! Mia Wasikowska , frankly I did not like this girl a lot in its role as Alice! Helena Bonham Carter .. Is the only one in my opinion, commendable, performed the role of the Red Queen was wonderful and fun in all times and succeeded in Helena to underestimate the many periods of boring movie and I always wait for the appearance on the screen, her performance was truly fun! We come to the visual effects and that it could be the only intercessor of the weakness of the film, but unfortunately, even visual effects did not come the required quality .. yes, effects were good but not impressive .. For example, when you see avatar marvel at the visual effects beyond the border, but in our film this good effects , but did not work on the impressed , adding to the weaknesses of the movie! In the end, if enabled those who love movies legends and myths certainly suit you this movie, but if you're a lover Johnny Depp and avid for one of his creations, you will not find in this movie, if you're a fan Burton, and one hungry for creativity you will find creativity in this film, but You'll find yourself tell you That Tim Burton has more than this to offer! .. If you love a good story and scenario arbitrator and coherent relations will not find in our film this .. If you're a fan of the movie stars and waiting to be enchanted with their performances representative in the traditional shock of them would go in this film, if you are a fan of visual effects, the film will suit you, but will not satisfy you a way that required! Therefore, I think that after the film Sweeney Todd the wonderful Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, I should say at the beginning of my comment that Alice in Wonderland was a big step back for each of the Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! .. And how much I regret saying this!
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Kick-Ass (2010)
Kick-Ass is not Ass !
9 May 2010
Well, I know that who will read the comments written about this film well Feel the confusion because of the Strong difference between opinions about this movie .. I'll tell you why different views, simply because some viewers will feel that the film is not logical at all and will look to it from this perspective only ,Theorists of non-logical, those viewers certainly will see that the film is very bad as it has no meaning .. But let us look at the film from a holistic perspective .. What the viewer wants to watch the movie, knowing that the film kind is comedy action movie, I think he needs the scenes of film of this quality is a fun, wit and a sense of excitement, and this is what this movie can offer you without any decrease .. Kick-Ass is Very interesting movie in all moments, a new method in terms of presentation, the very genius of sequential events so does not make you feel any fatigue or any disregard for your mind .. In my opinion this movie will top the list of comedy action films in the long term and will not easily rivaled another movie .. So My last to you is .. If you want fun in every movie moments saw this film without hesitation, and make sure that the evaluation of this high does not come from a vacuum ..
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Knife Edge (2009)
It is closer to drama than to the horror, as it didn't present anything new !
8 May 2010
I see a movie more than normal and less than average, in principle it is more drama than a horror movie .. For horror, it contains the usual vocabulary of horror, but which have become boring .. Doll terrifying, frightening dense forest of trees by tree terrifying sight, visions of a mysterious bathtub filled with blood by the woman lying was stabbed, and the famous scene of Jack Nicholson in The Shining film that breaks through the wooden door through which researchers paranoid about his wife frequently during the entirety of this movie with different characters .. This means that the film in terms of horror did not present anything new, but for the drama was the story of drama, in my opinion are very porous and non-court details, performance closure with that to some extent is good, I liked the performance champion Natalie Press in the scene discovered deceive her husband after the trial, was performance in this scene is very cool .. Eventually you will find that the movie is not good at all, and it is less than average and did not provide comfort or excitement at the level of fear or the level of drama .. And even now I do not understand why all the comments to my comment the previous seven commends this movie and recommend watching it, I see a film less than the average closer to the weak .. If you will not see it you can never lose ..
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The Spirit (2008)
Wished i could give it a giant zero !!
7 May 2010
This film is almost more exciting movies monotony and boredom of all the films I've seen my life .. Not a good thing this movie, the characters shallow and non-coherent .. Scenario is very sterile .. Performance closure with almost farcical to the point of unbelievable, and annoys me a lot That there stars like Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson in such a bad movie .. And I can tell you with a clear conscience that this film which is called the Spirit .. Is a film without any spirit .. My advice to you , do not see this movie, it is boring to the point can hardly be believed ! .. I was seeing and I almost shed a tear until it is finished .. This film assured me that movies comics can not be good at all .. And finally , I wish I can give this film an assessment equal to zero .. Because this is what it deserves without increasing .. Giant zero for this movie!
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Dark Country (2009)
You Need The Writer To Explain You This Story !!!!
8 October 2009
First, It's Really Thriller Movie. The Most Interesting Thing In That Movie Is The Atmosphere , Very Good Photography Succeed To Make Creepy Cold Atmosphere During All of Movie Events. We Must Say That The Photography Was New, Different and Very Good.

Second, For Me .. The Best Kind of Movies Is The mystery. If You Like me, You Will Find Good Thriller Mystery During Events of The Movie. and That Mystery Will Satisfy you in a good way. but, When You Will Up To The End , Every Thing Will Change. I Think That The Writer loses The control at The end. so, You'll Find The end not Logic. and You Can't Estimate The Start Point or Finish Point for The Story. According That , You'll Feel That the Movie Hasn't Any Aim or Specific Subject. You'll Ask That Question " What Was The Writer Thinking About When He Wrote This Story ". and You'll feel That You aren't Comfortable With This Missing and Not Completed End.

Finally, That Movie is Good. You'll Find Good Thriller and Exciting Mystery. I Promise you that you'll Enjoy With The Very Good Photography and The Really Interesting,Cold,Dark and Creepy Atmosphere. Take My Final Word .. This Movie Is Surely Well done and Watchable. But, The End Will Disturb You.

I Gave It 6\10 .......... Thanks For Your Attention.
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Great Acting In Very Enjoyable Movie
8 August 2009
Little Miss sunshine is a really enjoyable Movie. it is one of the most successful movie in showing the different relations between the members of one family. the writer want to show us the meaning of success and failure for every one. when you try, you are winner even if you couldn't achieve your Goal, but you Tried. and we saw that with the little girl and her brother for example. her brother did his max effort to be a pilot but the conditions stopped him. you can't call him loser because he tried and did his great efforts to achieve his goal. This Movie show us a lot of beautiful meanings and relations. the family members are really great actors. the writer is brilliant. the director is genius. the movie worth 10 stars and worth your watching.
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Fight Club (1999)
Was I Sleep ?! .. Have I Slept ?!!
22 February 2009
It's one of the best movies I have ever seen .. I really wonder : How Edward Norton & Brad Pitt were not nominated for Oscars about their rules in that Great Movie ?! .. and how the genius director "David Fincher" wasn't nominated as the best director about this wonderful movie ?! Edward Norton played the best rule for him in that Great movie .. He is a sick man , who suffers from insomnia and that makes him out of the balance .. so , He sees strange persons , things & slept in a place to wake up in another place so, he says "Was I Sleep ?! .. Have I Slept ?! " .. a doctor advised him to visit conferences of people who suffer from cancer to see how they pain , To feel that he is better than many people .. he went and find himself cry with cancer victims and he able to sleep ! and events follows to find a big surprise during the movie ! .. Brad Pitt too , played one of the best rules for him .. He played a man who is a clever , rude and dangerous and he want to make a monster from the sick man "Edward Norton" .. Really both of them played their rules as magicians ! I think that great movie didn't get his right in Osacr 2000 .. because, there were many great movies with it in that year as "The Matrix" , "The Sixth Sense" and "American Beauty" .. but , in the fact .. i see that Edawrd , Brad & David Finsher should nominataed for Oscars about that great wonderful movie . About the music .. I'll say wow ! .. The sound track is a magical , Espesially Ost about "Finding The Bomb" . I give that great movie 10 out of 10 .. and I see It worth more than 10 ! Really, It's one of the best movies that you will see .. It places number "21" of the top 250 movies now .. but ' I see it must be between the first "15" .. You must see this amazing movie . Finally , I'll say on the way of "Edward Norton" in that great movie : "Was I Sleep ?! .. Have I slept ?!! " .. And I'll answer : Yes, I think that i was sleeping ! .. because, I didn't watch an ordinary movie ! .. but , I watched a dream !!
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I don't know, what they want from this film ?
2 August 2008
Days of darkness, in the first 10 minutes of film .. I felt that .. I will see a great exiting film .. but, after that I discovered that I was wrong .. absolutely wrong you can see the film .. but after it finished you will find yourself disappointed and you will ask yourself : that is the end ?!! .. and you will feel that you waste 85 minutes without any satisfying .. the film about disease which became everywhere and make people as animals .. people eat each other .. blood in everywhere .. but, there were a few people who are in a good health .. they live in a place where protect them from monsters by some wires only !! the film is not logic and the end was very bad .. so I think when you will watch it .. you will feel that you are uncomfortable ..
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WALL·E (2008)
the most beautiful animation film
31 July 2008
wow for this film, after i said wall-e i felt that i saw an extraordinary film .. it is fantastic film in every thing.. specially the characters in film : wall-e,eve,m-o and the captain .. the film about the future .. when the earth well be full of rubbish and there are no people on the earth .. all people in a space ship when there are everything to live .. but on the earth there was wall-e : the robot which cut off the rubbish on the earth .. once day the space ship send robot called "eve" to discover if there was any human being on the earth .. eve met wall-e and love story begins between two robots !! when the space ship back to take eve .. wall-e went with her and exciting adventure happened .. in the end they could save the earth from the rubbish and the defected air .. the film is very fantastic and interesting .. i thought it will win many awards with no doubt .. i give it 10 out of 10 and i thought there will be many years to make a film as wall-e
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