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Blue (I) (2009)
Worth a one time watch fun movie Hot lara dutta
18 October 2009
Dear Friends Blue is a full time pass movie so leave your critical mind at home and just flow with the fun thrill and comedy involved in the movie. The start of the movie is pretty thrilling with some nicely directed races. The general canvas of the movie is very grand and pleasing to the eye. Kylie Minogue really sizzles and this was the best song (chiggy wiggy)i liked out of the sheer naughtiness and a very catchy tune. The acting by all the actors is merely average and they are not entirely to blame for it as the story only did not allow them to put forth something special. But a special mention of Lara Dutta she just sizzles the screen with her bikinis and carries herself with a lot of sensuality. She is I think one of the most seductive Heroines of the Hindi cinema right now. Also i want to urge all the visitors of IMDb to right comments and at least vote so that our views can help each other. All in all if you have 2 hours i would suggest you go and watch this movie its worth one time watch at least. Regards
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Firaaq (2008)
A Superb Movie
25 March 2009
Dear friends Hats off to Nandita Dass, I just can't imagine that it is her first movie as a director. The reality of the script and the way the movie has been directed is so amazing that you think that rather than sitting in the cinema hall you are just somewhere there in the movie watching it in real. As far as the acting is concerned what a cast N.Shah the legend of the Hindi film industry, Deepti Naval , Paresh Raval other legends along with the rest of the cast who just light up the screen with the magic of there presence and acting The story is so gripping that inspite of a break to take a call the moment i came back it immediately gripped me with a quality of realism which is very rare in films of any genre language country believe me the magic of the Director Cast and Crew has to be seen to be believed. The direction is so effortless and smooth it does not hit you but just engulfs you in its depth. Hats off to N. Dass the Director not that she is a bad actor. Must watch for lovers of parallel and serious cinema.
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