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Drive-In (1976)
Drive-In needs to be OUT (on disc!)
27 December 2006
I think I first saw this made-for-TV movie by accident. Luckily I had a VCR and recorded it so I could watch something else on another channel. I can't even remember now what the other title was but glad now I recorded Drive-In as it is one of my all-time favorites for re-watching ever so often. As one old enough to remember drive-in theaters, this movie brought back many, many memories. I loved the weird characters and the even weirder flick supposedly playing on the screen that night. The disaster spoof could have been a great vehicle for Leslie Nielsen or Lloyd Bridges! This is just another one that definitely needs to be on DVD, though I doubt it ever will. In the meantime, I'll enjoy it the best I can on VHS even though I have to flip through countless commercial messages and station breaks.
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Delivery Boys (1985)
Delivery Boys delivers!
21 December 2006
Disregarding what the other poster (thus far) says of this movie, I actually enjoyed it. So much that I have been searching for a DVD. I recorded it off TV shortly after it was released and even though the quality was not the best on VHS, I converted it to disc on my DVD recorder for my own use. I recently purchased a VHS copy from Amazon and plan on making another copy, again for my own use, on disc. Hopefully the quality will improve. Very few of the actors/actresses have ever gone on to bigger roles, but that doesn't mean a lack of talent. The dancers are good, the situations are funny and I give it a 8+ for entertainment.
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Another vote for a DVD release!
11 December 2006
This title is just another of the many gay oriented flicks that needs to be released on disc. (Dinah East and Boys In The Band are two others.) I use to live in Birmingham where Flannie Flagg is from so when this movie first played there, we went to see it, not really knowing what to expect. I was thoroughly entertained, although every time I see Carlton Carpenter, I think of he and Debbie Reynolds doing "Aba Daba Honeymoon" in the 1950 Two Weeks With Love starring Jane Powell. Anyway, getting back to this movie, Rue, of course, went on to be known best for her Golden Girls role and Gary Sandy in WKRP in Cincinnati. Since it has been so many years since Some Of My Best Friends Are, was released, it's hard to remember that much about the movie so hopefully some film distributor can acquire the rights for a DVD release.
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Too Many Years gone by
4 May 2006
Had I been around when this movie was made, I might (noticed I said might!) have enjoyed it. Now, the only redeeming thing is seeing how many of the great musical stars looked way back then. I've seen Lucille Ball in other earlier B-part movies and followed her career from "I Love Lucy" to taking the lead role in the musical film version of "Mame" (which needs to be released on DVD!). Knowing she is not known as a singer, I was very disappointed in seeing (and hearing) her lip sync "You're Nearer." The real reason I have this movie is because it was part of a 3-DVD "Lucy & Desi" Collection, recently released. I purchased this primarily because of "The Long, Long Trailer" as well as another of their made-together movies "Forever Darling". Well worth the purchase price of less than $20 for the set.
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Getting Wasted wasted me money!
12 October 2005
This 1980 title was part of the movies included in the "Toga Party" set put out by Brentwood. Having had viewed most of the others in the collection, I decided to watch this one because of Brian Kerwin (Torch Song Trilogy) and Cooper Huckabee (Funhouse). First person recognized is Ronnie Claire Edwards (The Walton's Corabeth Godsey) who plays Brad's (Kerwin) mother. Others in the cast is Stefan Furst and David Caruso but where the hell is he? He plays someone called Danny but I never could figure out which one he was. Anyway, it was an interesting flick with the exception of many blank spaces that looks like reel changes, so I decided to order the movie by itself, thinking there might be additional scenes that were deleted, and hopefully a better quality print. Guess what? Yes, the DVD I found was also released by Brentwood and is exactly the same - running time, blank spaces and C-grade quality. Had I known this copy was also from Brentwood, I would have saved money by not ordering. And for in-store sales promotion, they even put a more recent picture of David Caruso on the cover - hoping face and name recognition will entice people to buy.
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Senior Trip (1981 TV Movie)
Only gets better with each occasional viewing
1 October 2005
I taped this CBS made-for-TV I guess back in 1981, not really knowing what it was about. I was so involved in trying to delete the commercial breaks, it was not until later I realized how good it was and not until about the fifth viewing that I realized Jason Alexander (later of Seinfield) was one of the Seniors. Like the song auditioned for Mickey Rooney, "One More Time", this movie gets better each time I view it. Since I goofed and let a few ads and station breaks slip in, I recently started a search for Senior Trip on DVD. No luck...and evidently it is not even available anymore on video. Scenes of New York include the now-gone World Trade Towers and great aerial shots of the city skyline and scope of Central Park. UPDATE: I found this title being shown this afternoon (Nov.28,2006) on Encore but unfortunately it had already started so I did not have a chance to record it on disc. Hopefully I can find the next showing and be ready.
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Move over "Wet Hot American Summer"
5 September 2005
I didn't think I would find another movie that ranks worse..even "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is better! I purchased Brentwood's Toga Party 10-movie 5-disc set last year but only viewed "Incoming Freshmen" yesterday. I purchased the set mainly because of Dennis Quaid in "Seniors". Doing research finds most of the cast of "Incoming Freshmen" never "acting" in another movie plus Leslie Blacock (Vivian Marie Roberson) died in a road accident in 1978 - a year before the movie was released. If this was theatrically released to play as a drive-in double feature, I certainly hope the other title was good enough to keep customers from driving off!
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The Ritz (1976)
Putting out The Ritz!
19 July 2005
I can not understand why this classic comedy made back in 1976 has not been released on DVD, unless homophobic interests are holding it back. An all-star cast including Ritz Moreno, Jerry Stiller (dad of actor Ben), F. Murray Abraham and a young Treat Williams, bring Terrence McNally's play to the screen with laughs for all - gay or straight. Ms. Moreno won a Tony award for her stage performance as "Googie Gomez", an aspiring Broadway star entertaining in a Gay bathhouse. "Googie" is so bad...she's fantastic! Others in the cast are Jack Wesson, Kaye Ballard and pre-Cheers star - John Ratzenberger.

IT'S OUT! Finally, Warner Brothers released it on DVD today (1/8/08) and while waiting this long is too long, I guess I would say it was worth the wait. Great widescreen transfer. I wish there had been more extras like cast commentary. Only extras are theatrical trailer and both English and French subtitles. Wonder why not Spanish?
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Rustin (2001)
Not just another football movie
26 February 2005
I rented this movie thinking it was about high school football plus the fact it was mostly (if not all) filmed in Alabama. I was pleasantly surprised - so much in fact, I will probably wind up buying my own copy on DVD. I don't know who Rick Johnson is (or was) and I presume that Ashley is his real-life daughter playing the part of "Lee". I didn't even recognize "Meatloaf" as the Coach until I saw the closing credits and the kid from TVs "Home Improvement", Zachery Ty Bryan, played a spoiled, rich football "star" player. Having lived in Birmingham, I kept looking for locales and familiar faces. Two radio personalities (Rick & Bubba) had small parts as bartenders and Michael Papajohn (makes me think of the pizza chain) played a redneck character named Trent that loved to drink and party with the students, most of whom didn't look old enough to drink. Still, the script is good even though probably unseen by many since it was independently produced.
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Another on my most-wanted DVD list
6 December 2003
I have many other "Phantom" movies but this is one of my favorites, even though the location and story has been changed. I thought Herbert Lom did a great job and the aria Christine sings is hauntingly beautiful. I would love to have a CD of the music. Does anyone know if it is available?
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Li'l Abner (1959)
Li'l Abner provides big Broadway fun to the screen
6 December 2003
Having seen the Broadway musical on the New York stage in 1958 as well as several touring companies and local productions, I fell in love with the music, characters, costumes and choreography. I have the 1959 film version on VHS and DVD. While I was disappointed that some of the songs from the stage version had been deleted like "Love In A Home" and "Progress Is The Root Of All Evil" with one added that was written especially for the movie, it's still one of my favorite musicals. Peter Palmer is fantastic as "Li'l Abner"! Edie Adams is replaced from the Broadway production by Leslie Parrish as "Daisy Mae" Unfortunately Charlotte Rae was not cast as "Mammy Yoakam".
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Waiting for the DVD longer than the war itself!
19 August 2003
I recorded this off TV many years ago - not knowing exactly what it was or how good it turned out to be. Several younger friends enjoyed watching it about once a week and I now view it occasionally on my well-worn VHS tape. I had heard it was going to be released on DVD back in early 2003 and kept waiting and waiting. Finally another date of June was announced so I called and placed an order from a company in California. I have not received my shipment yet so I called and they said it had been backordered and could give me no info as to future release date. Damn it, I'm tired of waiting!
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Stay Hungry (1976)
Truly needs to be on DVD - It is now!
2 March 2003
I am fortunate enough to have a VHS copy and was also fortunate enough to have been an extra when it was filmed in and around Birmingham, AL. (I worked several days and nights in the Country Club scene). This film needs to be on DVD so more people can see and enjoy the early talents of Sally Field, Jeff Bridges, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. UPDATE: "Stay Hungry" has finally been released on DVD! I purchased one copy for 9.96 and later on, another for 5.50 (I like having multiple copies since I was in it.) Other than buildings appearing where they are not actually located plus a photo kiosk that never was on Birmingham streets, I still enjoy looking at the locales. Of course, if you've never lived or been to Birmingham, you probably won't be that interested.
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Dinah East (1970)
Looking for Dinah!
7 September 2002
I saw this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it, however few today seem to know anything about it. Ever since I have had a VCR, I have looked for it on video and now I would like to have it on DVD. I am sure there would be a market for it if someone would release it!
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