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Mr. Jones (2019)
Who said we care more about the truth now than 90 years ago? No, we do not.
1 December 2019
The only downside of this movie is it is too close to the reality and hence is so short on fiction. The acting, storytelling, soundtracks fit so well together. It's a gem of educational cinema that lights a part of dark history of humanity. Sure many will insist that all that horrible stuff the movie is about is firmly in the past, but I am afraid we are born to repeat history and this tragic story in particular. At least there are those who can tell the truth whatever consequences. Do only sick minds come up with gruesome atrocities? Watch it and you will have your own answer. It will be a must watch for my kids, when they are ready for it. I'd taken no food to watch the movie and I didn't regret it.
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