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Lili & Marleen (1994–2010)
The story of an Antwerp pub
11 July 2001
Lili & Marleen follows the story of a group of friends from the last days of World War 2 until the expo in Belgium (1958). All episodes are located in an Antwerp pub, called "De Vuurtoren" (Probably located in the region of "Het Eilandje"). The pub is owned by "Moeder Lisa", who lives there with her brother Rik, a "salesman" who wants to get profit out of everything (Germans, Allies, ...) and his daughter Nieke (Who loves to have a luxurious life but ends up having the baby of a German soldier). Moeder Lisa also has a son, Pierre. Other inhabitants of the pub are Marleen (a girl from Limburg who came to the big city to escape the violence of the war and gain some money), Stavros (A Greek on the run from the Germans) and Jef and Ida (the two "cabaratiers" of the pub). Other important guests are Rikkie (the son of Nieke and the German soldier) and Nonkel Frans (the rich boyfriend of Nieke). The story follows the problems (love, pregnancy, money, ...) of the characters but with an humorous tone.
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What really happened in these regions
11 July 2001
"Terug naar Oosterdonk" tells the story of the destruction of a small village (Oosterdonk) in the Antwerp Polders because the city needed the space to have a bigger port and industrial area. This event really took place in the 70's. But the village of OOSTERDONK didn't exist. There were actually 3 villages (Oorderen, Lillo and Wilmersdonk). Two of them had vanished complete and Lillo now has 10 inhabitants but is a very nice place to go for a walk because it's located in a little green oasis at the boards of the Schelde. (it is possible that there also was a 4th village (Oosterdonk), but I'm not 100% sure of that) And history repeats itself because the Port of Antwerp wants to grow again and the chances are big that another town (Doel) has to vanish.

Nevertheless "Terug naar Oosterdonk" is very good television with a lot of emotions and even humor. With a lot of good actors.
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