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Hard Luck (2006 Video)
One with everything and extra everything
6 November 2006
This is a weird movie. It starts of as a gangster movie with drugs, naked girls and suits that you get arrested for just by wearing them.

The movie is split up into two different movies, the first a gangster/love/action/pulp-fiction-story and the second part a horror/psycho/thriller type of story. It sounds good on paper, and the director and editor are both doing their best to keep the two stories together. To bad it's not working, the stories are to different and it really feels like if someone took two movies and created a mix-tape from them.

The action is average and Wesley Snipes is doing his thing, but not more then you could expect from a B-type actor. Some of the other cast members are doing a real good job and this only makes Snipes look more like a poster name then a real actor in this case.

The biggest problem I had with this movie is that the psycho/killer part appealed more to me then the main gangesterstory. Every time the story shifted to the Thriller part I woke up from the "almost-sleeping-state" the gangster part put me in.

To sum it all up: OK movie the fact that it's very different from Wesley Snipes' other work, and that the writing is above average makes it interesting to watch.
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The Magician (I) (2005)
Not your average in-and-out-without-a-trace-type of hit-man
13 October 2006
The Magician is a fake documentary about Ray Shoesmith who makes a living killing people. He is working as a hit-man for the different drug related organizations.

The whole idea first sounds bizarre, and it is. Ray is not your slick "in and out without a trace" type of hit-man. This man feels like the real deal, he kills people in a violent and realistic way often by simply shooting them at pointblank and then hiding the body in the woods.

Nothing about Ray's life is amazing or exciting, he eats burgers, he is not cool, he doesn't drop amazing punchlines before he hits someone or plants a bullet in their face. It reminds me a bit of a danish film called Pusher. It's the same kind of "vibe".

The keyword for this movie would be realistic. The whole thing feels VERY real, and the actors are doing an amazing job.

If we break it down not everyone will love this movie, it's very different, very different.
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The Last Sect (2006)
Slow,dead slow semi-erotic vampire movie
4 October 2006
This movie is one of the slowest movies I have ever seen. The plot ( that ain't that good ) unfolds in a very slow tempo. Also the director decided to include countless semi-erotic dream sequences that slows down the plot even more. This is a vampire movie, and the best part of The Last Sect is that the vampire "feeling" is there at least the sensual part of it. Vampires are sexy,blood drinking and apparently lesbian dangers that trick young men into being eaten. It feels a bit like if the manuscript was 4 pages long and written for a 30min TV-episode, but then along the way someone decided to make a full length movie out of it. If this was a 30 min Buffy the vampire slayer episode I might have enjoyed it, but now, it's just sad.

Bad, bad, bad
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