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Bite Me (2010– )
One of the best series online!
12 January 2011
This series reaches out to more people who like zombie movies or video games. I am not a big zombie movie fan, but after watching this series it made me want to watch some with friends. I have seen a lot of really good online series on youtube and other websites, and this is brilliantly done! You can see the future of cinematography starting to catch on with online series videos now. This series is hilarious, great action, cool characters and zombies! I recommend this series for anyone younger than 30 or so who could understand some of the common jokes said in this series. But it is really well made and awesome! Be sure to check it out on youtube and can't wait for the next episode in January!
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Community (2009–2015)
Witty and Great!
22 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The fall of 2009 was a great year for comedies. Two reached out to me with both having Blast from the Past actors (Chevy Chase and Ed O'Neil) which are Community and Modern Family. Viewers have found two new shows to laugh at once again with fresh new witty humor and great acting.

Community has hilarious ideas with having a Asian Spanish Teacher which is well played by Ken Jeong. Abed the movie loving/quoting difficult social skills middle eastern and finally one of the moments I have been waiting for of Donald Glover (or anyone from DerrickComedy) finally having a spot on TV. This show is great and have not seen one disappointing episode. The extra clips in the end are great way to end each episode to.
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