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Interesting Attempt
22 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have a sort of on-the-fence feel about this film. I know this is a result of its time, including clichés of the Polynesian people that you have to take with a grain of salt. The 1930s were not exactly a time period of embracing diversity and fighting against racism. It also includes certain tropes of adventure movies that are sexist, such as the main male character Taro kidnapping his bride Lilleo from another island because "that's what his tribe does". Followed by her falling in love with him through what is basically Stockholm Syndrome. That being said, this is one of the few early Hollywood movies I have ever seen which tried to show the abomination of enslaving a group of people. It doesn't do it well, but it gets a C for effort. The film shows everything through the eyes of Taro and the other Polynesians. You see their lives and hear their language (which was probably a Hollywood, bastardized version of a Polynesian language- I'm not entirely sure). They are simply people living out their daily lives, although their daily lives are made out a little like a travel brochure. You see the way the islanders are tricked by by the mining company and then worked to exhaustion. Despite the cheesy romance and rather slapped together ending, this has the underlying message of the cruelty of stealing another person's life for greed. Overall, it is still tame in comparison to history. Also, I understand this is credited as being, in part, based on Herman Melville's Typee, but I really didn't see many similarities except for a few of the customs of the islanders. All in all, it is a beautifully photographed movie and deserves some recognition for it's attempt to be different in its storytelling.
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The Zeta Project (2001–2003)
20 May 2007
Not the greatest in animated series, but certainly on of the better ones. For a spin off, Zeta presented strong characters and good action. The plot lines fell a little short in comparison to Batman and Batman Beyond, but it was still a great show. The character of Ro was an especially good touch because it was interesting to see how Zeta, who went from dealing with an unusual teen in Batman Beyond, got to see the world through Ro's eyes presenting a little less violent view. Zee had a great deal of heat, like most shows about robots with personalities, but there was something else that is hard to pinpoint. Something that made me remember this show six years later. I think that if it had been allowed to last passed one season it would have reached it's full potential. In other words - I miss this show.
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After the initial disappointment come many redeeming qualities
7 April 2006
Okay, first off, I nearly turned it off when the prologue began and I realized it truly was not a sequel to the beloved made-for-TV movie. The production value is low and the climax is rushed. It is missing the true tragedy and lore of the original Arthurian tales, yet at the same time holds onto the feeling of virtue and the loss of it that ended Camelot in the original legends. You can tell Richardson and Neil aren't as into the roles this time around (hey, a paycheck is a paycheck). There are some good one liners, good magic tricks, and one decent sword fight. John Reardon also stands out as being able to pull off his part with the same emotion as can be seen in the previous Merlin film. I would not call this movie a waste of time, I would call it mindless entertainment for the cheesy fantasy lover. Probably something most would prefer to catch on TV instead of spending money on.
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An absolute for all movie lovers!
2 October 2005
Okay, I'm the first to admit this movie has almost nothing to do with Wilde's original story, but I can't help loving it. Like most versions of the story, this one is adapted for the time it was made in, so this one revolves around war and bravery. When I was eight years old I forced my entire birthday party to watch this movie and every year after they all always wanted to watch it. It's been a long time since I 've had a birthday party like that, but some of those friends have even gone out and bought the movie since then. We all had a little crush on Robert Young in this. Margaret O'Brian is fabulous sneaking around the Ghost's room and doing her bob of a curtsy. And of course Charles Laughton spitting in at the portraits of his cowardly kinsmen. The comedic timing is wonderful and there are great one liners. Best line: "I believe they call it woogie boogie".
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The Canterville Ghost (1986 TV Movie)
The best Modern Adapation
2 October 2005
True this one is not very close to the original story, but this one had the most that modern viewers could relate to. It's funny and quick moving. Both Sir Gielgud and Milano are wonderful. As a child this was one of my all time favorite movies to watch every Halloween (true, that was a long list, but it was still fun). The scenes between the two main characters are the greatest. There are still the basic principles of the story are there - a friendship between a misunderstood spirit and an innocent girl who teach each that love is stronger than life or death. The saddest part is when the ghost hunter's equipment brings back Sir Simon's wife for only a moment, just long enough for her to see her and for her to call out to him. The best part of all is when Jenny takes her father to see Sir Simon. A great movie for any family or ghost lover.
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Today's Special (1981–1987)
I'm not crazy!!!!!!!!!
30 January 2005
I used to watched this show when I was so young that I could barely talk. But I remembered it. I always thought the mannequin and the woman store clerk should end up together, cause well, I was just a a weird kid. But anyway, for the past two decades every time I mention this show people look at me like I've been smoking something and I couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me so I couldn't prove anything. But here it is!!! I really loved this show. I liked how they always had so much imagination and all of the games they played became reality. Children's TV today doesn't have as much thought put into it. They focus more on the learning part of it as opposed to the story or way kids should be able to pretend things about a show like I did with this one. I miss television like this for children.
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3 November 2004
Before I give this review, I probably should just mention that I am a major Peter Pan/J.M. Barrie freak who knows far too much trivia on both subjects. I promise not to nit pick. Now on with the review: Finding Neverland is a film inspired by the events that lead to and followed the creation of the play/book Peter Pan. The part of the Scottish playwright James Barrie was handled masterfully by none other than Johnny Depp. Equally well done was the performance of Kate Winslet as Sylvia Davies, the woman whose four sons were the original "Lost Boys". Julie Christie creates a very human antagonist as Sylvia's overbearing mother. Dustin Hoffman also brings in a comical presentation as the producer of Barrie's plays, who thinks that Peter Pan is the most ridiculous thing ever…but produces it anyway. This movie, despite the sad events that take place, is not as depressing as it may seem. There's plenty of humor to balance out the more heavy topics. Barrie's conversations with the boys are very clever. Setting aside all of the historical inaccuracies which the descendents of the Davies family are currently up in arms about (for example, the killing off of Mr. Davies before the movie even begins and slightly changing the first meeting between Barrie and Sylvia Davies), this is a wonderful (not using the term loosely) tale of how imagination can be like medicine. The use of constant fantastical imagery (although a technique used before to tell the story of famous authors and artists) paints the perfect picture of the relationship Barrie created with the Davies family. It shows how the games they played became the tale of boy who would not grow up and gives insight on how the mind of an author works when they take from life. These scenes of fancy are done with obvious costumes and paper backdrops, making sure the audience understands that they are coming from the mind of a playwright. Although focusing a little too much on Peter Davies, whose emotional trauma turns annoying every now and again, everyone is portrayed with dignity. There is no bitterness at growing up given in the movie either, similar to the way growing up is discussed in the original Peter Pan story. When Barrie realizes that the eldest boy, George, has suddenly become a young man he's proud, not upset. The 'love story' is done in a subtle manner, exactly how it would have been if Barrie was in love with Mrs. Davies. The failing relationship he has with his wife in the film is also touched upon in a way that is very human, not a theatrical soap opera. Even the scandal that hangs over the tale today, involving the questioning of this married man who spent all of his time with a widow and four young boys, was mentioned in a way that did not make it the focus of the movie. Nor was the main plot about the birth of Peter and Wendy. Instead, the film makers chose to keep the attention on the lives of the characters and most specifically on the way Barrie shared his pretend haven, Neverland, with Sylvia and the boys. Some fun things you may enjoy while watching are Barrie's brief conversations with a friend named Arthur (who is in fact supposed to be Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), the short mutterings of Dustin Hoffman's character, and of course the constant toss between reality and the imaginary games Barrie, Sylvia, and the boys play. Setting aside all of my nit picks which I shall not mention since they would spoil the feeling of admiration the story leaves you with, I most certainly had to say this was a great film. I command you all to go see it.
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An Enchanting Curse
8 April 2004
I adored this book in junior high and I still go back to read it every once in a while. It is one of my favorites, which is what I told the survey man from Miramax films after I saw the sneak preview. The only words of advice I had for him were, "Stick to the book." This movie was no where near as wonderful or full of life as the book, but it is a pleasant, fun children's movie. The cast is great, but only a select few of those characters received a decent amount of screen time. I agree that it was too modern, an obvious play at the Shrek success, and a little too familiar with "Ever After" (scene of first kiss taking place in front of a fire at a party), but it was not the worst movie ever made. The costumes were rather cheap looking (there were sequins and pleather!!!) and some of the contemporary dances were a little much. I did like Anne Hathaway's version of Queen's "Somebody to Love". All in all, I recommend this film to those who have never read the book...then I suggest you go read the book.
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House of Wax (1953)
The Days of Whine and Wax
2 April 2004
Doesn't anyone else miss these old horror movies where people really knew how to scream. It was loud and dramatic and usually followed by a lot of whimpering. This film was one of the great B-horror movies because it has all the basic elements including the screamer woman. I can't remember where I picked up this love for Vincent Price movies, but I do remember renting this one for the first time (imagine the surprise on the video store clerk's face when this sweet little 9 year old girl brought an obscure horror movie to his counter). It's always been one of my favorites of Price's. Just the first walk through the museum's chamber of horrors is a great scene. There's a group of women who are growing weaker with every famous horrific scene on display until one of them finally faints and Vincent Price just causally reaches into his coat. He holds out a little bottle to the women and offers, "Smelling salts?" in a manner that suggests that it was not the first time someone had fainted in his museum. How is that not classic?
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Histeria! (1998–2000)
7 March 2004
As a history major, I'd just like to say that I loved this show. It was clever and silly at the same time. I've been able to use episodes I taped for school projects and my professors just loved it. Sure, it was not as much for the mainstream audience like some of the other Warner Bros. shows, but that's what I liked about it. Where else could you see a cartoon of Napoleon pointing to countries on a map and saying, "Got it. Got it. Want it. Need it!" I can see how some people would not get many of the jokes, but for the most part I felt this show painted a wonderful, fun view of history that should be used in classrooms. Kids can only take so much of text book facts and videos that had been made in the 70's.
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Pixel Perfect (2004 TV Movie)
Perfection is Overrated
16 January 2004
For a made for TV Disney Channel original (which, let's face it, are shelled out so quickly that the company seems obviously to be focusing more on quantity than quality) this really wasn't that bad. The plot wasn't the greatest, but the message was. The lesson that there is no such thing as perfect, especially in people, usually isn't realized by most until after high school. A rather heavy moral for kids sixteen and under, but one that really isn't looked at enough. However, the obviously dubbed singing was annoying and the on-going angst was over-done. Good entertainment for when you need a mindless night at home with just a pinch of inspirational thinking.
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Peter Pan (2003)
A Few Words from one With a Peter Pan Fetish
14 January 2004
When I was five I was going to run away from home and become a lost girl. I've read the book a dozen times (and I'm only 20 so that's technically a lot). I even have the other Peter Pan stories by James Barrie (Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens). So, what's the point I'm getting at (besides that I obviously ramble)? If I loved this movie any Peter Pan fan will! It has all the hidden messages of the book brought out into the open, is visually stunning, and finally has a boy playing Peter! The cast was perfect. The children were all believable as the carefree orphans and runaways. It had enough comedy to keep it from being depressing, but not so much that it decreased the total idea. The use of Mrs. Darling's hidden kiss as a plot point was unexpected. There are only two things I believe would have the original author a little grumpy. I will not tell those two things for fear of spoiling the movie. I encourage any fantasy fan to see this once, then read the book, then see this movie again.
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Helen of Troy (2003– )
Not bad, not wonderful, just different
2 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This wasn't too awful. It was a different take on the Trojan War, taking the theory that Helen left willingly and running with it. They warn you in the beginning that they are going to rewrite the legend. Anytime a narrator says, "This is what really happened..." it means they rewrote it. There are only two things I was upset with in this movie. SPOILERS: First where Agamemnon rapes Helen. I know it was some kind of symbol for the fact that she finally surrendered, but why did Odysseus try to stop her husband from saving her? It seemed rather out of character and uncalled for. That brings me to the other complaint - Achilles. They completely rewrote his character taking a Greek hero who grieved the death of a friend and looses him mind, changing him into a just plain ordinary psycho. That wasn't right no matter how you look at it. Other than those two things, I enjoyed this movie. The casting was wonderful and anything with John Rhys Davies in it is worth at least sitting through.
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ReBoot: My Two Bobs (2001 TV Movie)
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!
6 March 2003
I waited so long for this movie and Daemon Rising! An excellent installment to the Reboot series. It had the action and angst season three had brought to the show, while bringing back the light humor from the first two seasons. Here's the only problem -- it left the largest cliff hanger imaginable!!! It wasn't fair to make fans wait for four years, then have a cliff hanger even worse then the one at the end of season 2 (when Bob was shot into the web). Otherwise, the animation continues to change and the actors provide the perfect voices for all of the characters. It was what fans had been hoping for.
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23 February 2003
This is the best one of the King's Quest games. My friend and I will spend all day playing it, watching it unfold like a movie. The characters are different. There is such a wide variety of people and creatures you could never be bored. The puzzles are great. Going to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain is one of the best adventures. Everything is so well thought out and creative (and I mean creative as in, yes, the idea has been done before, but the way it is done is terrific). Plus, it's funny to try and image Robby Benson saying "Zounds".
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Back to Sherwood (1999– )
Not that bad, actually.
28 January 2003
Although cheaply filmed, this was an okay show. Quite frankly, I liked it. The overall concept was presented well, the plots were usually funny, and the characters (or at least Robyn and a couple of the merry descendents) were likeable. I loved how Robyn was in a band back in her own time and how you witnessed both her normal life as well as her new adventures. It was far-fetched, but an interesting idea. However, just as it was getting truly good and intriguing, they canceled it. Isn't that always the way?
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Met my approval
28 January 2003
I am a Robin Hood fanatic. So, it had to meet my standards. True, it was cheezy and most of the plots were takes on my favorite movies, still I watched. Let's face it folks! Sometimes we just need good mindless entertainment....with Christopher Lee. I've always remembered seeing Christopher Lee on that show which was awesome. The acting was surprisingly good and it kept my attention. I would love to see it on the air again just for the re-runs. I just wish they had given it an ending.
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The Adventures of Sinbad (1996–1998)
One of my favorites
28 January 2003
This is one of those shows that you love, but the only people you tell are your best friends. It was funny, adventurous, exciting, and had terrific cast. It was sad when Maeve left the show, because everything went downhill from there. One thing I loved was the way the special effects resembled the old Sinbad movies. This was a highly underated TV program. If it ever comes on in syndication, I suggest everyone watch at least one episode (preferably from season one).
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The Legend of Tarzan (2001–2003)
Lives up to the Burroughs stories!!!
26 January 2003
This show is terrific! It's funny and full of new characters who are barrowed from the original Tarzan stories. It shows that there is life/adventure after marriage for a Disney couple. Okay, so the animation isn't the greatest, but the voices wonderful. The replacements for Tarzan, Jane, Terk, and Tantor do a job worthy of the big screen film. I recommend this cartoon for anyone who loves a good adventure and anyone who has read the Edgar Rice Burroughs's books.
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The Song Spinner (1995 TV Movie)
Goody Ghosty!
19 December 2002
The story plays out much like an old folktale with lovely music and a sweet story that's good for the whole family. It teaches about learning to follow one's own path, without hurting the people you love. "Song Spinner" makes for a wonderful holiday movie presenting an interesting question: What would the world be like without music?
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A Forgotten Great.
8 December 2002
Okay, even I'll admit that this is not one of the most spectacular animated films even made, but that doesn't take away from how much I love it. The characters are lovable and interesting, even Clara's family keeps our attention. This movie is a wonderful holiday film for all ages, filled with humor, adventure, and a little romance. It was about time the Nutcracker had a back story and a name. And for once he wasn't ten years older than Clara with a beard and cape (a cape that's always there when he's a nutcracker yet rarely there when he comes to life). I enjoyed how Uncle Drosselmeier's story was presented in a more comical style of animation. And it ends the way all children (especially little girls) always wanted it to end.
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7 December 2002
Normally I'm all for Imax movies and I was very exited to see this one. The good parts were the visuals. The sets and costumes were great and very whimsical, but the movie itself was horrible. A great let down, especially from the Imax company.
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Jack and the Beanstalk (1999 Video)
I don't get it.
26 November 2002
Maybe it's just because I was falling alseep when I caught this badly animated children's movie or maybe it was just that pointless. I had trouble remembering as the story wore on what the characters were trying to achieve (if anything). I can't think of much else that can be said for this film but that.
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Anastasia (1997)
23 November 2002
One of my favorite movies of all time! Anastasia may be historically incorrect, but it's a just plain fun movie with beautiful animation and music. The cast was perfect, the dialogue was hilarious, and the story was an interesting twist of an old idea. When I was thirteen and I saw the trailer for the first time I knew that I'd really enjoy Anastasia (so I did what any 13 year old would do and saw it four times). What can I say? I LOVE THIS MOVIE!
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Great for history and entertainment.
13 November 2002
"Liberty's Kids" is one of the best historical family shows I've seen since "Histeria!". It has comedy, adventure, great characters, and a way to introduce the American Revolution without making it a dull textbook lesson. Okay, I have to admit that the games inbetween are a little silly, but all in all this a terrific program.
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