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Spangles (1926)
Now Available On DVD
21 April 2009
Happy to report this movie is out on DVD. Definitely not restored, but overall in pretty good condition. It has one of the strangest musical accompaniments I've heard, but is certainly worth seeing. It appears to have the original title cards. Many interesting scenes involving the circus - particular one "rebel" elephant. Numerous location shots with a sizable number of extras. The plot: three men want to possess Spangles - a bareback horse rider - but only one succeeds. I've heard of the star, Marian Nixon, but had never seen one of her movies. Note, the movie runs 77 minutes, which is longer than the 58 minutes shown on IMDb.
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Play Girl (1932)
Very early Loretta Young film about the impact gambling has on a young couple...
27 April 2001
Very early Loretta Young film: she's not even top billed. Winnie Lightner is - an interesting younger character actress. But it really is Loretta's movie. The plot involves Loretta's character falling in love with a gambler - and the complications which arise. Norman Foster plays the gambler: ironically, he married Miss Young's sister (Sally Blane) in 1937 - after being divorced from Claudette Colbert. Most memorable scenes in this movie are set in a department store circa 1932.

Movie is also notable as (apparently) the first movie of a very young James Ellison. Neither the title "Play Girl" or the alternate title "Love on a Budget" really describe this film. Entertaining melodrama from the early days of sound.
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