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23 Sep. 2013
Thanksgiving Dinner
In this dress rehearsal sketch, an odd woman (Kate McKinnon) shows up uninvited at her co-worker's (Nasim Pedrad) family Thanksgiving dinner and things get off track when the woman's frantic husband (Jeremy Renner) shows up.
11 May 2014
Mornin' Miami
The anchors of Mornin' Miami (Charlize Theron, Bobby Moynihan, Kate McKinnon) put on their best happy faces to shoot promos, but stew in silence during the breaks.
18 May 2014
Testicules Cologne
In this glitzy commercial for Testicules, a "cologne for down there," women (Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Nasim Pedrad), men (Taran Killam) and even a dog fawn over a man (Andy Samberg) who exudes confidence.
12 Oct. 2014
Coal Miners
Levar (Bill Hader), the gossipy coal miner, spread rumors amongst and about his fellow coal miners (Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Beck Bennett), including that one of his coworkers (Bennett) is gay.
19 Nov. 2014
Pentagon Presentation
Hired to design a super soldier, a scientist (Woody Harrelson) working for the Pentagon actually designs a dancing robot (Cecily Strong) to be his companion.
19 Nov. 2014
Rebecca (Aidy Bryant) marks her 10,000th Tweet with President Obama (Jay Pharoah), Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Kate McKinnon), Edward Norton and God (Woody Harrelson).
25 Nov. 2014
Def TED Talks
A promo for a new series of Ted Talks produced by the makers of "Def Comedy Jam."
7 Dec. 2014
Morning News
The hosts (Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong) of a St. Louis morning show find it hard to be their normal cheery selves in light of the Ferguson riots especially when their guest (James Franco) continually says embarrassing things.
14 Dec. 2014
Santa Traps
Author/inventor Michael Braslow (Martin Freeman) has just the product for anyone looking to feast on Santa meat, Santa Traps. His wife (Cecily Strong), however, thinks he is crazy.
22 Dec. 2014
Christmas Romance
A man (Pete Davidson) declares his love for Amy Adams and other things when he shows up at her house with cue cards.
20 Jan. 2015
Comedy Club
Comedian Bruce Chandling (Kyle Mooney) tries to sell Kevin Hart on a new idea: stand-up on TV.
2 Mar. 2015
New Playroom
In a scene from the sequel Fifty Shades Darker, Christian Grey (Kyle Mooney) shows Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) the new playroom he's having built.
10 May 2015
Inner White Girl
When Leslie Jones has a hard time dealing with white people, she consults her Inner White Girl (Reese Witherspoon).
19 May 2015
Rooftop Party
Stereo (Jay Pharoah) won't stop asking his friends (Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan, Louis C.K., Sasheer Zamata, Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones) for things they can't give him, like a confident smile and a sense of closure.
23 Jun. 2015
Sporting Goods Commercial
The owner of a sporting goods store (Michael Keaton) enlists his wife, Janine (Aidy Bryant), to star in all of the store's commercials.
30 Jun. 2015
Jason Statham Ad
Actor Jason Statham (Chris Pratt) is more than just an action star. He's the spokesperson for the snack line Jason Statham's Jason Steakums.
14 Jul. 2015
Dance of the Daisies
Four friends (Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson) immediately regret dressing up as flowerpots and putting on a show the second it begins.
21 Jul. 2015
Grandpa (J.K. Simmons) makes quite an impression on his granddaughter's fiancé (Kenan Thompson) when he can't stop discussing grandma's backside or using racial slurs.
28 Jul. 2015
Meet Alan (Bill Hader), the future of casual entertainment in a box.
22 Dec. 2015
Christmas at Nana's
Two siblings (Kyle Mooney, Amy Poehler) are forced to resolve their differences before they can spend time with Grandma.
28 Dec. 2015
Bieber Concert
Kyle Mooney interviews fans waiting to see Justin Bieber perform on the TODAY show.
20 Nov. 2016
Thanksgiving Foods
Wisten Kriig (Kristen Wiig), Marcus (Kenan Thompson) and Darnell (Bobby Moynihan) can't wait to discover what their unique Thanksgiving table has in store for them this year.
21 Nov. 2016
Goddesses of Creation
Hindra's (Kristen Wiig) creations make the cut more often than her counterparts' (Vanessa Bayer, Kate McKinnon).
11 May 2017
New Bachelorette
The new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay (Sasheer Zamata), meets her suitors (Chris Pine, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Alex Moffat, Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson).
10 Oct. 2017
The Last Fry
Two friends (Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett) get distracted by a beautiful woman (Gal Gadot) and miss what's happening around them.
17 Oct. 2017
Climate Change
Actor Blake Vilanti (Beck Bennett) teams up with Dr. Robert Khan (Kumail Nanjiani) to save the earth.
18 Dec. 2017
New Year's Kiss
One man (Beck Bennett) searches for his friends (Kyle Mooney) on New Year's Eve.
21 Dec. 2017
Hallmark Channel Christmas Promo
From the company that writes one-sentence greeting cards comes 21 full-length movies.
25 Jan. 2018
Gus Chiggins, Old Prospector
Old Prospector (Will Ferrell) prepares to deploy to Afghanistan with his troop (Seth Meyers, Darrell Hammond, Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, Tracy Morgan).
5 Feb. 2018
My Little Step Children
Most girls like dolls, but not every girl wants to be a mommy.
18 Mar. 2018
St. Patrick's Day
Liam Neeson (Bill Hader) and Steven (Beck Bennett) celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
14 Apr. 2018
Wedding Toast
The best man (Luke Null) surprises the groom (John Mulaney) with a revelation about his bride (Cecily Strong) and Jack White.
15 Apr. 2018
Fish Dreams
After retiring from acting, The Shape of Water's Fish Man (Kyle Mooney) watches his friend (John Mulaney) succeed in his place.
4 May 2018
Casual Friday on the Death Star
In this 2001 Cut for Time sketch from Season 26, the crew of the Death Star (Charlie Sheen, Chris Kattan, Will Ferrell) adopts casual Friday.
6 May 2018
Cleveland Cavs Promo
The Cleveland Cavaliers not named LeBron James (Donald Glover, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day, Luke Null, Chris Redd, Heidi Gardner) share what they bring to the team.
15 May 2018
Spirituality Rap
Stav D (Beck Bennett) and MC Strategy (Kyle Mooney) perform "Song for the Angels" (Amy Schumer) featuring Kacey Musgraves.
19 May 2018
Friendship Song
Women (Tina Fey, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Nicki Minaj) come to each other's aid.
1 Dec. 2018
Aunt Pinky (Claire Foy) tries to help her nephew Danny (Beck Bennett) build a downhill derby car that will beat his bully Kenny (Kyle Mooney) in the big race.
15 Dec. 2018
Glitter Litter Automatic Litter
Glitter Litter Automatic Litter Factory turns cat droppings into jewelry.
2 Mar. 2019
Dianne Feinstein Message
Senator Dianne Feinstein (Cecily Strong) responds to footage of her arguing with school children about climate change with a special campaign message.
9 Mar. 2019
New Cast Member
A new cast member (Kyle Mooney) struggles to ingratiate himself with the cast.
18 May 2019
Retirement Party
Guys from the IT department (Paul Rudd, Beck Bennett) have a musical surprise for their co-worker's (Kenan Thompson) retirement party.

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