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  • Divine On Fire is full length movie that begins filming in 2019. This political thriller takes you from the war torn battlefields of Eastern Europe, to the dark London Clubbing scene. In a world where the truth is a lie, and only liars tell the truth. Our heroine Zibella is a lone vigilante that deserts her ranks and travels across Europe to confront Firebrand (Dani Divine) to bring an end to the civil war in her country. A conflict that was created by the incendiary philosophies of Firebrand. A Salty Revolution and Insurgent Films production.


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  • Zibella is a militia fighter in a rebellion against the leadership of her country President Surkov of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Gotha. The countrys President is obsessed with the conspiracy theories put out by "Firebrand", a British Conspiracy Theorist, and has had all the journalists in his country murdered accusing them of "fake news", which started an armed uprising in a war about what is "truth", between the Conspiracy Theorist Army and Armed International Journalists Brigade, and Zibella becomes the interpreter for her international unit. During fighting Zibella accidentally kills a young English girl. The dead girl is Jana, who turns out to be Firebrands little sister, sent there by Firebrand as a publicity stunt. So Zibella, filled with remorse and vengeance and haunted by the ghost of Jana, decides against orders, to travel to London to assassinate Firebrand and bring the war to an end. At first Zibella fits into London life, getting a job in the Salty Revolutions store where Jana once worked, and gets herself a new girlfriend, but this new life makes getting to Firebrand seem more out of sight than ever. But as the visions of Jana turn more into a grotesque creature, with more intense flashbacks to the war, Zibella knows that they only way to stop the visions is to carry out her mission and execute Firebrand, but with Zibella's ex girlfriend The Captain, sent by their commanding officer to bring her back and the ICC after her for war crimes, trying to get to Fire Brand becomes increasingly complicated.

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