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Y&R's Lauralee Bell Previews Her Nightmarish New Movie (Exclusive)

Life in Genoa City has been difficult these days for Christine on The Young & The Restless — she was prosecuting a high-profile murder trial — but it’s a complete nightmare for her portrayer, Lauralee Bell! The actress stars in the Lifetime thriller Nightmare Tenant! “I play a lawyer on Y&R and have always thought, ‘Hmm, a doctor might be fun,’” Bell told Soaps In Depth. “So now I’m playing Dr. Carol Allen in the latest Lifetime movie, which was so fun!” From attorney to doctor but still at the center of drama! (Photo Credit: A&E Networks/Lifetime Movies) Bell, who is also an executive producer for the movie, describes her character as a single mom whose daughter is going off to college but concerned about leaving her mother alone in the big house. “She suggests I get a tenant, but I sort of poo-poo that idea. But the next day at work,
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Lauralee Bell Has a New TV Movie, a PSA Message, and Thoughts on Y&R!!

It was about a year ago that Lauralee Bell was making the rounds to promote her Lifetime film, Mistress Hunter.

This time around, Bell is promoting the Lifetime Movie Network film, Nightmare Tenant. "They have me on a schedule," the seasoned star joked about her relationship with the networks and the movies' producer.

That's right, she's not only working with the Lifetime family again but with the same person who produced Mistress Hunter, this time earning an executive producing credit, as well.

Bell takes the entertainment business very seriously, wanting to make the "most realistic and natural movie possible."

"I'm so happy to work with this group again that if I could do one or two a year, I would, and if I could still do Y&R at the same time, that would make me super happy," Bell said.

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