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Levy Tran: Desi


  • Matty Webber : [after showing Mac, Riley, Bozer, and Desi a video of two parents asking for the public to help find their children]  It's a nightmare. Your kids take a gap year after graduating college to travel the world and one day, they just disappear.

    Riley Davis : Do we know where they went missing?

    Oversight : No. Ben Hagen and Isabel Marx last called their parents from Bogota, Colombia six days ago. The next day, they missed their flight off the continent. No one's heard from them since.

    Angus MacGyver : What did the State Department say?

    Matty Webber : That they won't launch an official search.

    Wilt Bozer : Won't? Why?

    Matty Webber : Because right before Ben and Isabel disappeared, they told their friends they were participating in something called a No-Go Challenge.

    Oversight : It's a scavenger hunt, known mainly in the backpacking community, where you go to dangerous places so you can do even more dangerous things when you get there.

    Riley Davis : [pictures of backpackers participating in the No-Go Challenge pop up on the screen]  Whoa.

    Desi : I've heard about this. There are No-Go Challenges on almost every continent. I mean, Ben and Isabel must have been doing the South American leg.

    Oversight : Correct. The State Department advises Americans not to travel to most places on the No-Go list. Since these kids ignored those warnings, they won't intervene.

    Angus MacGyver : Sending rescuers after Ben and Isabel sets a precedent and encourages others to take the same risks.

    Riley Davis : Which is why the parents appealed to the public. They're out of options.

    Oversight : That's where we come in. I called the State Department, convinced them to let us handle it unofficially. Now, this isn't the type of job Phoenix normally does, but...

    Angus MacGyver : You're sending is to find them.

    Matty Webber : And bring them home safely.

    Desi : How do we know that they're actually in trouble?

    Matty Webber : The truth is, we don't really know what happened to Ben or Isabel. They could've gotten injured, or run into some unsavory characters, or it could be something else entirely.

    Oversight : The No-Go Challenge is our only lead. And since you all can pass as backpackers, we're sending you to follow in their footsteps.

    Riley Davis : We're gonna do the Challenge ourselves.

    Oversight : Not to pile on the pressure, but the clock is ticking. The longer Ben and Isabel are missing, the less likely it is we'll ever find them.

    Matty Webber : Remember, this is an unsanctioned op, so...

    Desi : No backup, no local support, and if things go bad, we're on our own.

    Matty Webber : That's right. Any questions?

    Angus MacGyver : Yeah. How soon can we leave?

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