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Film Review: Furie (2019) by Le Van Kiet

Men and women with “a particular set of skills” really need to learn to beef up the security around their family and loved ones! After several such kidnappings that, in afterthought, turn out to be a bad deal for the antagonists, including that of Ma Dong-seok’s wife in “Unstoppable” last year, this time it is Vietnamese superstar Veronica Ngo who has her daughter snatched from her in director Le Van Kiet’s “Furie”. The film made history by becoming the first Vietnamese film to receive a wide release in United States.

“Furie” is screening at New York Asian Film Festival

Hai Phuong is a mysterious resident of a quiet fishing village in the Vietnamese countryside. A martial arts expert, who has moved to the village not too long ago with her clever school-going daughter Mai. Money is hard to come by as Hai works as a debt collector for
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Film Review: Furie (2018) by Le Van Kiet

One of the newest action stars on the scene, Vietnamese-born actress Veronica Ngo broke out for American audiences with a stellar turn in the epic “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” even though she had already been a star in her native country for almost a decade before then. Her first film back after turning in that fine turn, ‘Furie’ is now available on Digital, DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack June 25th from WellGo USA.

Working as a low-level debt collector, Hai Phuong tries to balance the ethical qualms of her work with being a proud role model for her daughter Mai (Mai Cat Vi). Following an incident at a public market, Hai notices that Mai has been kidnapped by a group of strangers and takes off after them, eventually losing them but manages to discover they were heading towards Saigon which brings her to the city. Setting out to recapture her,
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Watch at home: Aftermath, Dumbo, and Juliet Naked

Nathaniel R giving you the heads up on what's available to you now to screen at home.

New on DVD/Blu-Ray/Rental

• Aftermath Keira Knightley falls for the ever possibly evil and problematic Alexander Skarsgård (it happens to all of us) in this WWII infidelity drama

• Dumbo -not one of Tim Burton's finest but at least the production design is top notch, giving us plenty to look at. Thank you Rick Heinrichs, you're ever dependable.

• The Russian Five - Our documentary guru Glenn highly recommends this sports doc about Russian hockey players

Also out today: Jesse Eisenberg in The Hummingbird Project, the Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif movie The Tamarind Seed. and a Vietnamese action film called Furie. itunes deals and new to streaming after the jump...
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Full Trailer for Vietnamese Action Film 'Furie' Starring Veronica Ngo

"I might be at the wrong place, but you took the wrong kid." Well Go USA has released an official trailer for Vietnamese gangster action film Furie, originally titled Hai Phuong in Vietnam, which is also the name of the lead character. The film is about a woman named Hai Phuong, an ex-gangster who is lying low in the countryside after becoming a mother, but she can't escape her violent past when her daughter is kidnapped. She jumps back in to action and will go to any lengths to bring her daughter home. Sound good? Furie stars Veronica Ngo, who has become an international star after playing Paige Tico in the opening scene of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The cast also includes Hoa Tran, Thanh Nhien Phan, and Mai Cat Vi. This trailer starts slow, but it gets seriously badass by the end. Must watch for anyone looking out for new action films.
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