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Beautifully animated, has potential
gethys-602582 September 2019
When these were first rolling out I was skeptical. After watching a couple I love the animation style of these. The problem is that they don't really have a target audience. The narration is okay but gets tiresome after a while, without understanding the whole pictures, they seem disjointed. What would be greater is if more time was taken and they animated sections of the movies so they had full stories instead of brief clips. I understand the idea of creating introduction to main characters, but why? Tell the stories in this animation and you would have gold. I've enjoyed all of them so far but they feel more like short teasers for something bigger coming and have about the same appear for re-watch as a trailer (that is you may watch it a couple times and then move on. Potential, but need something bigger/longer.
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(S)he who controls the past...
piggyeternal28 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
So basically these are little animated snippets of scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy... Considering how much people WORSHIP Star Wars it's intriguing to see that this has a relatively low score and literally zero reviews at the time of this writing. Could it be that the shill media is incorrect in trying to say that everybody except a "small but loud minority of sexist trolls" are happy with the way Disney/Lucasfilm has handled Star Wars?

To comment on the animation itself, I don't really care for this style and it's clear that children are the target here. But since the Disney version of Star Wars did not really seem to capture the minds of children on a massive scale (toys of the new characters don't sell) and most fans of the original trilogy are adults now, one has to wonder who was this animated version for? Well if I'm the first person to review a Star Wars property that's been around for several months now then I guess it wasn't really meant for anyone!

Well if it was hard to prove to a friend or family member that The Last Jedi was basically emasculation and misandry in movie form, you may want to show them this animated short. Many people who saw TLJ in such a manner could at least say "Well at least we still have the original trilogy" where a female character could be strong and independent without having to cut down the men around her to be that way... WELL GUESS WHAT?! Yes folks, Lucasfilm has fixed that mistake and fixed it with a vengeance! If they hadn't destroyed Luke enough in The Last (Time I See a Star Wars Film) Jedi they certainly did here. WATCH Leia look disgusted when Luke comes to save her from torture and death! WATCH Leia slap Luke across the face instead of kissing him when they are trying to escape! WATCH Luke look like an ineffectual coward in almost every scene! WATCH Leia lead the troops into battle on Hoth like she's King Leonidas when this didn't actually happen in Empire Strikes Back!

I don't really know what to add, but it's a bit creepy to me that this is how Disney/Lucasfilm wants to present the concept of the hero's journey to children. Luckily it would seem no one is too interested and my review will probably just gather cobwebs in what SHOULD have been a section filled with thousands of positive reviews. R.I.P. Star Wars
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