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Exhibit A that this event should not take place in the future anymore
Horst_In_Translation12 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The title "BET Hip-Hop Awards" here is of course pretty telling as here we have (mostly) Black American hip-hop artists honoring their best from their branch, oh well they did for the year 2018. More directors on this one than I expected honestly, especially because the ceremony I watched was barely over 80 minute slong and not three hours as it says here on imdb. So even if we take commercials into account, this one probably never made it past the 120-minute mark. But that was a good thing honestly because it was not an interesting show at all. The usual problem I mentioned in other BET (Hip-Hop) awards show reviews that I think it highly questionable such an awards show even exist because race and ethnicity play a big role here in terms of who gets nominated. I know there were mentions and inclusions of white artists too, but yeah I think in this case it is really the exception confirming the rule as we say here in Germany.

Now as for the show itself, probably if you are into the music genre from this particular country then you maybe had at least a mildly good time watching. If not, then you probably found it as boring as I did. And hardly know anybody here and it already starts with the host who was completely forgettable and his big outfit early on certainly cannot change anything about that. I cannot really come up with a lot of good. Luckily they did not stretch the show with another 10 music performances, but even this relatively low amount still felt too many. The worst moment technically was probably when the camera caught DJ Khaled already before his name as announced as winner. Embarrassing stuff really, the directors should be ashamed, but yeah honestly I would not have been surprised if Khaled already knew he was winning beforehand and that is why he was there. Funnily, the very first winner (another artist I never heard) of wasn't though. Not much later some female said something along the lines of that we i.e. the show is just getting started and honestly it sounded more like a threat to me. Perhaps the best moments of the night wasLil ayne getting the icon award. Probably not undeserving and his speech was convincing too. But even there is something negative because the two guys who introduced him were pretty cringeworthy. So you see no matter which perspective I am taking here, there is just no way I can call this show anything else but a failure. Oh yeah in terms of political correctness the usual pro-female message was rushed in as well and actually theref was euqality that night. The girls were just as bad as the guys. And the expected anti-Trump bashing was not missing either. Kinda funny in a negative way, almost sad way, how they at the end told people to go vote. It sure takes a special lack of everything really to make this actually important statement feel vain and pointless. They managed here. Enough said. Highly not recommended.
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