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Surprisingly impressed
tattgirl84189 October 2018
Bottom line: This is your standard slasher film done in a different way.

By nature syfy channel original movies are pretty crap, because they're done cheaply and seemingly written by 12 year olds, but this one pleasantly surprised me. Granted, I had low expectations, but whereas most syfy originals I either turn off halfway through or fall asleep to, this one I stayed till the very end. I even went so far as to recommend it to friends. Imagine that! There's a fine line between doing a funny horror movie and doing a cheesy horror movie, and this one tread that line very well. If you're looking for an actual scary movie, this isn't it. But if you're in the mood for something fun and different, this one is a must watch.
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Not the greatest but interesting
star_dust246830 November 2018
Definitely a B list style movie... It's not the greatest but it's interesting like the head line says... It's a good laugh for a horror style movie!
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Pretty good
luzianabeauty11 October 2018
I'm a huge horror fan and I love Syfy so I was excited to see this. It was quite entertaining. I am definitely going to be watching this one again. It is definitely worth watching!
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Mixed feelings about this one
artvasc18 December 2018
I'm not going to spoil this film with my review, or cover the information already explained on the movie's page. There is gore, but nothing to keep up with what typical gorehounds (myself included) would be satisfied with. The gore and kills are very akin to the 80's slasher flicks on their first installments, before they became franchises notorious for gratuitous dismemberment and disturbing brutality (which is why we all loved them). This film has good (intentionally bad/b) acting and a very quirky vibe to it. It's not a 'bad' movie, but maybe I went into it a little too smart. The concept of the narrative follows a 'recap' situation. Every time some dialogue happens, there's a recap where someone explains something from earlier in the narrative. The only problem with this is, if you pay attention, they're just re-using footage you've seen from before and playing through the entire scene again. About 30 minutes of this movie, maybe more, are re-played scenes. It makes an hour and a half feel like two and a half hours for me. I started skipping the scenes, knowing it would be the same exact dialogues and camera angles. There's one scene that I think plays over four times in this movie, alone. If they had chosen different angles and re-shot the footage with more elaboration or details that we didn't already know, I would have given this a higher rating, but still expected more brutality, given that it's a throwback to the exploitation buzz of the 80's horror. It isn't a waste of time, but given how many horror films I've seen, it wasn't refreshing in my opinion. I still would check out anything the director works on, going forward.
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The 80s called. The line was constantly busy, though.
Coventry24 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Don't know if you noticed it too, but homages and references towards vintage 80s slasher movies in nowadays horror movies aren't just simple gimmicks anymore. They have evolved into a complete sub-genre of their own! Around the time of Wes Craven's "Scream" and the subsequent 10-15 years, it was a tremendous hype to refer to the delightful cliches and titles of the eighties, but these days and with films like "The Final Girls", "Summer of 84" and notably the hugely successful TV-series "Stranger Things", entire films are made to look as if they were coming straight from the heyday-decade of horror. I certainly cannot blame these writers and directors! Devoted genre fanatics like myself are attracted to the eighties like flies are attracted to ..., well, you know. Everything was so much better and simpler 30 years ago. Plots were dumb but effective, like summer camp counselors being chased through the woods by a machete-wielding maniac, girls were prettier and lewd, gore was unhinged and manually manufactured and advanced technologies - like mobile phones or social media - didn't exist. Of course every aspiring horror director nowadays wants to make films as entertaining and nostalgic as the ones he/she grew up with!

"You Might be the Killer" is a fun and occasionally quite clever piece of throwback-horror full of the above mentioned 80s characteristics, but it nevertheless takes place in a present-day setting. The over-enthusiast head-counselor Sam invited all his fellow counselors to spend the weekend and prepare for the upcoming summer camp at the remote location. On the first evening, around the campfire, he narrates the local urban legend of a poor lumberjack who made an eerie mask and went on to kill his family and the entire village. His grave and the mask are supposedly buried somewhere on the camp grounds, so it's not too difficult to guess what happens next. The innovative aspect of "You Might be the Killer" is the narrative structure. When confronted with the first dead bodies piling up around him, Sam telephones his best friend and bona-fide horror nerd Chuck and, through retelling the bloody events that took place, they establish that Sam is probably the killer himself. Some ideas and gimmicks in the script are dire and overly cliched, like the body count indicator which has been done numerous times before, but others are quite inventive. With the non-stop phone conversation between Sam and Chuck, co-writer/director Brett Simmons at least (deliberately?) ignores one dreadful cliche already: there's always a phone-signal and the battery doesn't die. The gore is excellent, the killer's mask and preferred weapon are vintage slasher material and most of these unknown (to me, at least) actresses like Brittany S. Hall, Jenna Harve, Sarah Catherine Bellamy and Carol Jean Wells are drop dead gorgeous (pun intended)
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Student Bodies (1981) did it better
psychobabeone26 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This was a decent slasher movie with a lazy attempt at humor. The one-note gag of the body count got really old really fast with the non-linear storytelling, which caused the numbers to jump all over the place. The screen titles were the movie's only real joke. There were slight attempts at jokes in the dialogue here and there, but they just didn't pack any kind of punch. They could have had the mask hissing the occasional hilarious command at Sam, but mostly what I heard was "Kill, kill, kill..." If other things were said, the sound was too low and my speakers were turned all the way up.

There was no character development at all and I didn't care what happened to any of the characters, nor did I have any idea who they even were, other than Imani being Sam's ex, Steve having the nickname "The Kayak King" (a semi-lame joke that almost worked), and Jessie being the "pure" final girl. I read the Twitter conversation this was based on before viewing this movie and that was way more amusing. Overall, just an ok movie. Disappointing.
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Fun, goofy movie!
sugarnspices18 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This happen to come on right when I turned on my TV and decided to give it a whirl.

I liked the uniqueness of this movie. It reminded me a little of Scream and The Final Girls (which if you haven't seen, I highly recommend). It is nice to have a movie not take itself too seriously and have a little fun poking fun of itself and the horror genre in general.

Best: Loved him calling Alyson "Chuck" to help him figure out what was going on. It was an homage to Jamie Kennedy's character in Scream. Someone to call out the cliches of movies, and know where to go or who to trust while a crazed killer is on the loose.

I liked the way they filmed the movie with the counting of how many people had been off'd, so you knew where you were in the time jumps and it was something a little different a fun.

Improvements: There isn't a whole lot I would have changed. It is a campy horror flick making fun of a campy horror flick. You don't expect to walk away with your mind blow or being too picky for that matter...but with that said:

I wish they would have spent a little more time and backstory on why the mask was, and make it a bit more scarier looking. It looked like Jim Carey's "The Mask" when not on his face. I also wish they wouldn't have spent as much time with him struggling to keep it on or putting it back on. The fuzzy in and out of the camera and the whispers got a bit annoying after the 7th time. We get it, it draws him to it but he doesn't want to wear it.

Maybe a bit more character development? I literally didn't care about anyone, not even the main guy/killer, Sam. I did like Alyson's character for more of the spunk and reminder of, once again, Scream's Jamie Kennedy.

Overall I found it a fun, light movie that had a semi new look on the poking fun of cliche horror movies. I could see making it a Halloween tradition!
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Not the best but not the worst.
dar041723 July 2019
A nice spin on the horror franchise that has had it's run of the same slasher films. Very predicable but worth the B horror scene watch.
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Final Girls + The Mask + Friday 13th - Fun = YMTK
pomeu-6385014 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a quilt of cliches and rip offs. It almost exactly copies the much superior Final Girls by way of The Mask with every other slasher film thrown in. The jokes don't land and it's hard to care about any of the characters. Worst of all is the dialogue and the trite way the characters keep repeating themselves and explaining what we just saw on the screen. Go with the originals instead.
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Nice little gem. Really well done
mgrayum21 October 2018
Ill keep it quick.

You Might Be The Killer is a summer camp slasher with a unique take on the slasher genre.

  • strong visual style. The titles and film texture just look great. Its a nice little homage to slasher films back in the 80s and it looks like it. I also like the titles used. Director definitely has style.
  • it plays with the slasher genre rather than obeys it. Mix of horror and comedy. The connection between the two leads a plus.
  • well acted.

Overall its head and shoulders above the z-grade movies out there.
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Fun Killer Romp
kyleallencole911 November 2018
This movie was a blast. Parts of it were silly, but this one rocked from start to finish!! Great throwback to the 80s camp style slashers
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Amateur Hour for 90 minutes!
kepeb8 March 2019
I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon this title. The style looked like fun and there have been some great 'homage with a twist' slashers over the last few years.

There is a reason this one went by the wayside.. It isn't good. The brief synopsis I read was accurate. An unoriginal slasher story premise but with the promise of some nostalgic/retro retro vibes and perhaps a surprise or two.

Unfortunately there are no surprises, only empty promises. The tired paint by numbers approach to horror and the Buzzfeed 'Top Ten Great visual story telling tips' were all followed closely, but with zero imagination. The overused VHS preset filters got old very quickly and the characters were predictable in a less than flattering way.

It was great to see Alyson Hannigan playing such a familiar character and this alone is probably the only reason I couldn't score this lower.

The movie plays like a college movie media project if the students were inexplicably given a rather large budget and a short time to finish. You have to ask yourself, how do some of these amateurs get greenlit in the first place?
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thumbs up
tim-867-8910652 November 2018
A bloodfest- smart- fun! I like the SYFY CHANNEL and this movie is a little different from their standard fare. I recommend.
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Creative and highly enjoyable effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder24 October 2018
Attempting to get to safety, a man in the middle of a serial killer's rampage recounts the events that lead to the spree to a friend only to find that telling the story reveals more and more clues that he's the killer and must find out what's happening and who's responsible before it's too late.

While problematic, this one still offers up enough to like. One of the stronger aspects to this one is the unique and highly creative storyline that offers a different take on the movie-within-the-movie approach. Taking the idea of trying to recount what happened in order to convince a friend what's going on by doing the flashbacks to the rampage against the rest of the campers, there's a light tone to the proceedings which is enhanced by the various stalking scenes that play out here. Going with the notion that he's reliving the incidents due to the masks' influence, the film has plenty of stellar action scenes here with the encounters at the swimming pool, the scenes at the mess hall and the chase through the woods where it features the killer tracking the stragglers through the trees and snatching them at pretty inopportune times where everybody is distracted by everything going on around them and making the killers' antics all the more surprising. Leading into the big finale which is the chase sequence that brings about the fun double-crosses and tense stalking throughout here, the way this setup deconstructs the usual slasher film antics gives the film a wholly enjoyable and intriguing finish that really is the most enjoyable part. Considering this is mostly accomplished through the phone-call interactions that adds some well-deserved comedy alongside the gore to hold up this one over its flaws. Among the problematic areas are the meta-happy nature of the film which accounts for the humor present. The idea of typing out the deaths on-screen to keep track of what's happening, recapping the similar nature of movies featuring familiar setups to the situation and using their knowledge of the movies to make sense of what's going on might be somewhat distracting and get really old for some out there. This isn't a tactic which really will be divisive as there's very little need for it to be included yet the ingenuity might be appreciated although that does force the issue of the scattered and divisive narrative here. Since it jumps back-and-forth from the beginning of the rampage to the end and then back into the middle in various time-points of the night, this is just utterly confusing and doesn't make any kind of linear sense which is quite difficult if not outright impossible to determine what's going on. As none of the flashbacks are shown in a linear format either, there's an incredibly unfocused feeling to this that really becomes apparent the more subplots are introduced that just derail everything.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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Didn't hope for much BUT...
edwardbundy8 December 2018
This was a really clever film i think, and not like anything i´ve ever seen before. Cool story, and the way it was produced really had me enjoying it.

Hope to see more from this director
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Fake blood is not enough
avathaar7 December 2018
I liked the actors but I didn't care for people they played. There is no character development, there are no characters whatsoever in this movie. Some people are being killed. Watch the movie if you have nothing better to do but you will not see anything that wasn't done before. People do act in a stupid way and the ending just isn't interesting or extra fun. Violence for the sake of violence just doesn't work for me anymore.
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A Killer Movie on a Small Budget??
gustafson_jerry14 December 2018
I saw this movie and read a couple reviews on it and decided to take the plunge and watch it.......I am really glad I did. This is one of those movies that usually passes under the radar and not many people hear about it until one of your friends tells you about it. Just about every thing in this movie screamed "B Movie" material, but it was handled very well and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The camera work is nice, and there is some special effects thrown in here and there when needed. It had the same feel as one of the original Evil Dead movies plus a little Grindhouse thrown into the mix as well. There are a couple surprises in the writing, but these are what makes this take on slasher and gore a little different then other movies. If you like slasher movies, gore and above all enjoy B Movies like I do then you need to see this one. I loved the twist to the ending, didn't see that coming!
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Boring and stupid
mazetastan9 December 2018
Really, really stupid movie. Wasting money and time. I read the good reviews about this movie, seems like movie employees writing a good review to keep this wasting time production high rate. Totally stupid. Never fall again.
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Give it a try
adriene-gunashaa7 December 2018
I loved this little movie. Definitely low-budget, but the plot was interesting enough and a few twists really made me grin. I bet you'll like it too!
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Don't Believe the Fake Reviews!
arfdawg-19 March 2019
The average score is finally coming done, after real reviews are coming in. This movie is a bore. Not interesting, not funny, not crafty, not good.

It's a horrible mish mash of loud sounds screaming in place of an intelligent script.
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Best thing since Scream!
gothic-fiction4 December 2018
Waaait! I don't mean as good as Scream!

But! This one follows the rules of horror, it acknowledges them, it plays by them and also delivers! You see, it has a premise kinda similar to Scream, best and closest movie to do so that I've seen, even tho Cabin in the Woods managed a wonderful approach to this self aware genre, I think YMBtK is even more faithful. It pays homage to plenty of other horrors before it and even one that is my personal favorite but I am not going to ruin it for you guys, yet I am going to point it out just a little and see how many of you get it: When Hanging From A Tree! (soundtrack alone!)

Moving on: Nice acting, great actor picks, very comedically humorous dialogue as Michael Scott might say, and a lovely execution. All in all a MUST see to any horror fans out there, of course, bare in mind this more of a black comedy than pure horror. The death kills are ok, the usual slasher blunt force trauma or plain ol' stabs wrapped around a little mystery.

I didn't have this much fun since Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon .

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Pretty sure the cast wrote most of these reviews.....
natcalgary3 January 2019
That being said it was a diff type of movie for sure. Not horror or slasher per say... more comedic adventure with a twist.

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surprisingly funny and ironic slasher movie
ops-525355 December 2018
That sounds weird,doesnt it? well in fact this is in fact a near perfect filmproduct. the acting are flawlessly done by the cast,and the irony on slasherhorror films live through the whole movie. it was a great surprise seeing alison hannigan, the music nerd from ''american pie''-movies, and she is cutely impressive. the technical setup are amazing,especially the light settings,sound effects and a spot on target use of music. the filmography and camera moves are smooth and tantalizing. the editing are a successtory of itself and the spaghetti-horror inspired bodycounter are brilliant. also the use of a distant character who dialouges with the main through the telephone are clever , it has been done before but here its brilliant and very truthfull

watch and learn i say to all aspiring novises of horror film makimg ,producers and screenplay writers

what really shocks most are the graveness and very graphic killing scenes, one might say that they have not forgottten to have butter on the broccoli in this film,ill rather say that they have used buckets to smear the taste of the squemish viewer. i think it was too heavy,but it really draw a line under the word irony. the high level of violence are the reason for my 9 star descision

its a mockingly good film , highly recommendable for the slasherlaiker, and maybe you too
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Not a good movie, don't watch it.
tobimmeyer8 October 2018
This movie is so bad I didn't even finish it. And that says a lot for me. Just really stupid! Not stupid funny.
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"Exposition is my middle name"
UniqueParticle26 June 2019
Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan are both great in this mystery slasher! A little predictable but not bad at all. I love the mask and the homage to 80's horror! Give it a chance or don't, I loved it, I was almost let down by the ending but no I'm very pleased.
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