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Interesting until the final episodes
magoo1049822 October 2019
Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd do a great job in this. The idea is interesting although I thought some plot points were rushed. Maybe episodes could have been 40 mins to flesh-out some more scenes. I also thought the dichotomy of the over and under-achieving characters living the one life could have been a focus.

I really enjoyed this show. Until the FDA episode. This slapstick/bumbling approach was so unusual for the show's pace and style and was more of a Melissa McCarthy type of thing and put me right off.

The final episode and especially the closing scene was so lazy and again, threw out the sensibilities of the characters that we had just binge-watched and thought we knew so well.

The last two episodes appeared to have been under a new director or writing team and left me disappointed after 6 great episodes!
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Great season finale.
shaymalloy21 October 2019
Wrapped up the main story while leaving room for growth in possible future seasons. My husband and I both loved this show! Paul Rudd is phenomenal.
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I would like to say "It worth every second" but I can't
edicionccq8 November 2019
I always expect something awesome at the end and I was hoping this last episode makes everything better and that probably it would make worth it everything but when the first 10 minutes of the episode are pretty interesting, everything else was rushed and boring. The cliffhanger was predictable and I'm not really interested on a second season. This could be the end and I won't be mad at all.
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Season finale suffers from bad writing, completely negates the premise
goombapizza28 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The later episodes in this season get more boring, but the season finale is when the writing truly hits the fan. The whole premise of this show is that "New Miles" is a genetically modified version of the original Miles. And also the Korean geneticists who altered them are still around and willing to talk and provide information. So how, then, is Miles's wife pregnant but they can't tell which one is the father through genetic testing?

Very sloppy writing. You can't have it both ways. The whole point of the show is that the two Mileses are genetically different, hence why one is "better" than the other. You can't just turn around then and say that they are genetically identical.
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Season One Review
southdavid20 November 2019
This show has had quite the high profile prior to its release, which is understandable given how charming and beloved Paul Rudd is. This first season doesn't quite match the heights of that anticipation, for me anyway, but it was funny and endearing enough for me to enjoy it.

Miles Elliot (Rudd) is stuck in a rut, bored professionally and struggling to connect with his wife, Kate (Aisling Bea). Desperate, he agrees to a "spa break" that he's told will make him the best version of himself. What he doesn't appreciate is that this will be done by creating a perfect genetic clone of him and killing the original. The process goes wrong and two versions of Miles, with identical memories, come into existence.

I felt that everything about the season was fine. It's nicely shot, with its quirky indie movie sensibilities. It's a smart premise and I like that it doesn't spend too long indulging with the obvious way the plot could have gone. There's only a little time spent on the conceit of the pair trying to convince their nearest and dearest that they are one person. Instead the situation is discovered and everyone tries to come to terms with their positions in this new scenario. I love Aisling Bea, she's a fantastic comedian and everything she does in this is great. Vulnerable and appealing, she really feels like a character you would fight for. I also really liked the time shifting conceit of the show, with each episode alternating focus on a different Miles and seeing, or re-seeing events from another point of view.

But "fine" is about where my praise would end. It's not quite funny, or dramatic, or clever enough to earn a more ebullient recommendation from me. However, an extra star is earned solely by the goodwill that Paul Rudd earns with his natural charm. There doesn't need to be a second season, but if there is I'd be back.
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Fun show
EpimetheusA121 November 2019
Although nothing groundbreaking, this show has its charm, from its interesting storyline to its quirky characters. It's dark but it's also sweet. Good show, for sure.
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Nice Knowing You
bobcobb30131 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was a mediocre show from start to finish and they really ended things on a pregnancy? Really.

I admire Paul Rudd for going to TV, but this series was a mistake and I think a second season would be a mistake.

I admit the idea of not knowing who the father is is interesting, but that's not enough to make me keep caring about these characters.
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