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Season 1

6 Aug. 2018
Episode 1
Heat 1 : 6 teams perform - Performances by the Public Servants, the Construction Guys, the Airline Crew, the Marketing Guys, the Ambo's and the Zoo Keepers.
7 Aug. 2018
Episode 2
Heat 2 with performances from : The Macca's Crew, The SES Team, The Printers, The Medical Team, The Car Dealers and The Youth Workers.
13 Aug. 2018
Episode 3
Dance Battles begin - The Printers Vs The Youth Workers. The Macca's Crew Vs The Construction Guys. The Zoo Keepers Vs The Medical Team. The SES Vs The Airline Crew. The Public Servants Vs The Marketing Guys.
14 Aug. 2018
Episode 4
Dance Battles - Round 2 - Construction Guys Vs The Printers. The Public Servants Vs The Macca's Crew. The Youth Workers Vs The SES. The Medical Team Vs The Airline Crew. The Marketing Guys perform on their own.
20 Aug. 2018
Episode 5
Special Guests- The Morning Show and Home and Away. Team Merger Performances - Youth Workers and Marketing Guys. Macca's Crew and Medical Team. Construction Guys and Printers. Public Servants and Airline Crew.
21 Aug. 2018
Episode 6
Performance by Timomatic. Performance by Youth Workers. Mergers Round 2 - Construction Guys and Medical Team. The Public Servants and Printers. Macca's Crew and Marketing Guys.
27 Aug. 2018
Episode 7 & 8
Double Episode - Semi Final and Grand Final. The remaining teams battle it out to see who will be Dance Boss.

 Season 1 

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