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Holy Cow!
XweAponX28 February 2020
This season is slow burn, but when it finally flares up...

Where was Quell stashed for 300 years? Why is she going after certain Meths (but not others)? Who let her out?

Well we find out some of these answers here.

Tak had to fight Tak, but now there are 2 Taks.

We find out something startling about the "uprising" here. It's twists within twists and feints within feints.

Sure I'd love to see Joel Kinnamans chest again, but this ain't even Earth, and Elias Ryker is probably Ryker again. Why would Ryker needle cast to Harlan's world?

Too many people want the story to remain the same as it was in season one, and they don't want to give Altered Carbon the permission to continue the story on its own terms.

The fact is season two rocks well above season one and season one rocks.

I've never had my arse kicked as well as it has been in this particular episode.

I never saw this coming. It's not just the protectorate or greedy Meths or Founders.

This is a whole planet that is pissed off, and the elders left something hidden deep underground that nobody knew about. The fact is we found out in this season that the founders have been melting down all elder artifacts to create stacks for everybody. And Harlan's World wants payback - via Quell.

Since I didn't include any blatant spoilers related to this exact episode, I am setting this back to no spoilers.
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