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How A Zombie Apocalypse Would ACTUALLY Go
psykosean6 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, most of these reviewers have either obviously never seen a Jim Jarmusch film or seem to understand this wasn't meant to be some laugh out loud big budget comedy or the same old zombie movie.

This is how a zombie apocalypse would actually occur. There would be no heroes, every normal human who is weird or quirky, angry, or downright boring would be affected, and there would be no happy ending. It would end the way the film does, exactly the way you would expect it to: immediate, bloody, and uneventful. It's just like every day life would be, except with zombies killing you. Boring, routine, ordinary, ends with you going to bed.

This film is a brilliant commentary on not just public consumption, but society in general and the state of entitlement of instant gratification. If you come in looking for THAT, you'll be sorely disappointed. Just enjoy the show.
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This non-event should be buried alive
FrenchEddieFelson17 May 2019
All the ingredients to produce a masterpiece are present: 1) A director I love, Jim Jarmusch, due to the excellent Paterson (2016) and Broken Flowers (2005). 2) A to-die-for cast, with Bill Murray in particular. 3) A sens of humor that regularly flirts with the absurd, including wacky and irreverent dialogues like « a black coffee please, but not too black » for instance. 4) The mesmerizing voice of Tom Waits. 5) A slight criticism of our society, especially the progressive global warming because of a strong procrastination with regard to the respect of our environment, and, albeit to a lesser extent, consumerism. 6) Zombies! I may confess that I have a crush on zombies. 7) ...

So, all the ingredients are lumped together but, it's quite strange and even weird, the recipe is rather unsuccessful: the atmosphere is sometimes cutesy or even insipid, the characters are usually devoid of enthusiasm and quite often apathetic, and the final scene rhymes with bitterness and bewilderment.

Although the film is not completely lousy thanks to a few successful scenes, I was globally bored and disappointed. In my humble opinion, this movie is a non-event and, as an echo with itself, should be buried alive, from now on until the end of the world. And even longer!
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Solid Quirky Movie (with zombies)
jasondempsey-893456 June 2019
If you like Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus or Wristcutters, you will probably enjoy this film quite a lot. Yes, the trailers are misleading: that is intentional.

If you want a scary zombie movie, this movie isn't for you. This is more like Anne and the Apocalypse meets Wristcutters. It is clearly a movie that all of the actors did because the idea sounded like FUN, and that spirit shows through in their performances.

To those who thought it didn't have a plot, it is subtle, but it is most clearly there. You may need to watch it a second time to catch all of the jokes and references. The offhand comments all are salient, even if they're really odd at first blush.
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Not you're average zombie flick!!
Lewis_Heather78730 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Either you buy right into this film or you just don't. This film is very strange right from the beginning and only gets more weird as the film goes on. This is definitely not you're everyday zombie film like Zombieland or World War Z, just the top of my head, it is a much more slow and methodical film about characters and their interactions. Don't get me wrong there are some great laughs in this film and maybe just a little bit of zombie killing to.

Jim Jarmusch has written and directed a zombie film that is absolutely bonkers not just as a zombie flick but as a film. The dialogue in this film and direction that he has given the actors, especially Bill Murray and Adam Driver, is just so strange. It is delivered in a way that makes everything they same seem so normal like water is wet. Even when the zombie killings start happening it is brought up so casually......I cant quite put it into words. I can definitely see this being one of the points as to why audiences may not latch onto this film because you're either going to go along with it or be completely disconnected from the film. I am happy to say that I'm the former in that scenario. Jarmusch has definitely given us something original, new and fresh in terms of the zombie genre in film. Its a welcome change personally.

The cast of this film is stupidly good and unsurprisingly all of them deliver. The two biggest standouts are Bill Murray and Adam Driver who are both great in their respective roles and are involved in some very funny scenes. Both characters are very likeable and you go along with them in this journey as cops in this some village, along with Chole Sevigny who is also good. Other shoutouts should go to Tom Waits who is just so creepy and is just made for that role. Tilda Swinton, Danny Glover, Steve Buscemi and Caleb Landry Jones are also all really good.

oh yeah......small shoutout for Selena Gomez she was good in a small role.

The last positive I have is to do with the writing of the humour and the deeper meaning behind some of the film. Firstly the humour is not overused in this film but when it is used it is done perfectly, there really are some laugh out loud moments. Moments such as the zombies carrying around phones looking for wi-fi.........genius gag. Adam Driver's character's car keys has a Star Wars Star Destroyer key fob on it...........a on the nose hint at Drivers involvement in the franchise......again really funny. There is another side to the humour that is linked to the other point about the hinting at deeper meanings behind the film. The film does hint at two main topics environmental and political. Such as the polar fracking causing the zombie apocalypse, its batted over you're head but its used cleverly and not over the top. Just like Steve Buscemi's character wearing a particular hat with a bit of a twist or his dog's name being Rumsfeld. Or Adams Driver's character commenting on Selena Gomez characters country of birth. These hints in the humour I like a lot, it puts the point across but also makes you laugh.

But the biggest laugh has to be conversation between Bill Murray and Adam Driver towards the end of the film. When Adam Driver said that he read the script I completely lost it.. it just worked so well for me personally. If that didn't make you laugh then you probably didn't like this film that much.

Overall it 80% out of 100 or 8 out of 10, I thought it was very good. It was everything I wanted it to be and a little more, a new fresh take on the cliche zombie film that was really enjoyable. However this is not for everyone so I completely understand if you were bored throughout, fortunately for me I wasn't. I did have a couple of problems though, the film is a little to slow in some parts it can get a bit stagnant. The other is I would have like to seen more of some other characters like Danny Glover, Caleb Landry Jones......also Selena Gomez and her two friends, they all sort of popped up and then got eaten........would have like a bit more character development. Still all in all a really entertaining and bizarre watch that is an.........original film!!!!!!!!
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Adam Driver - the new King of deadpan comedy!!!
Brad_G16 May 2019
Okay, going into Dead don't die (which is already out in Paris) after reading the mixed reviews from critics, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But, hey, give me a Murray movie any day and I'll gladly watch it. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this quiet, laid back movie - too laid back even for a zombie themed horror-comedy. Yet, totally in sync with Jarmusch's signature style casualness, this movie actually entertains you through and through. Zombies running amok in a small town, signalling impending zombie apocalypse - "yeah, heard that" you might say - but here's the deal, the casual style with which Jarmusch approaches this, with a movie that "doesn't take itself seriously" yet with an underlying "irony within it all" is what made this casual romp surprisingly entertaining for me. The ending may feel a bit pointless, yet I believe that's exactly the affect Jarmusch was going for with this movie. I went in as a Murray fan, came away as Driver fan! Among several, if there is one reason you should see this movie, is do it, just to experience and realise about Adam Driver's wide range of comedy chops. I mean I already knew this guy is the most versatile and talented actor on the planet today, having watched and enjoyed his outstanding performances in Logan Lucky, Starwars and the latest BlackkKlansman. Yet this movie cemented for me why Driver should also do more comedy movies. Most of us will remember his unforgettably hilarious SNL skit ''career day' as the oil baron Parnassus (which I believe deserves an Emmy of its own). Well, contrast that with the spot-on deadpan, laid back tone of his comedic display in this movie as the nerdy cop Ronnie Peterson and you will realise this guy has got leviathan range even in his comedy skills spanning beyond into another galaxy. His brilliant comedic delivery helps keep this movie ticking. Teaming Driver with Murray (known as the king of deadpan comedy) was a stroke of genius casting by Jarmusch. And with the ever-entertaining Tilda in the mix (Tilda is Tilda!) you have a fun matinee romp with this movie. To sum up my experience, I loved and enjoyed this movie immensely. I left the movie thinking about the Driver/Murray duo, as to who emerged the winner of the trophy for delivering the best deadpan comedy? For me Driver won out. I love Murray (as a longtime fan) but the way Driver injects nerdy absurdity in his brilliant laconic delivery nailed his performance, which for me is the highlight of this movie. This was followed by Tilda's charged delivery as a samurai wielding mortician. I can certainly say that Driver inherits the title as the new king of deadpan comedy. This movie is worth it, even just to watch the hulking form of Driver cramming into a convertible smart car, plus the way he says "ghouls" among a repertoire of other words and phrases, which sound cool and iconic just for the way he delivers them. "Ghouls" is the new "Cauliflower"! I loved this silly laid-back fun movie, which despite leaving you wondering what's the point of it all, so zombie apocalypse is here, the movie simply shrugs and says yeah. Yet, the relaxed tone belies a meta deep enough to subliminally stimulate you to ponder upon the underlying commentary on the state of our current society as unravelled through the nuggets laid out throughout the movie with an unmistakable comedic poignancy. I definitely recommend this movie as a "must see". A full ten stars from me!
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bringing zombie back to the beginnings
mirkodreher4 June 2019
I honestly think, that this movie isn't as bad as it is rated here. The first thing that is absolutely brillant is the slow pace and the long shots that remind me of an indie film. There's no need for fast sequences and big emotions. Actually, you will see almost no emotion at all. The Dialogues are so boring, it is awkwardly funny and the easter eggs are getting shoved in your face. But the camera and the actors are great and there are very, very beautiful scenses. But this movie also oozes from irony and subtle humor and mocks a genre (or a whole industrie), that has forgotten where it's roots are. Yes, the film could have been "better", but that was not the point. If you don't get it, it's not the fault of the script or the director. It's your fault!
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Boring version of "Shaun of the dead"
asauve16 May 2019
Adam driver really strives by his excellent acting. Bill Murray seem to enjoy the movie but often seems to be elsewere...

Otherwise the plot is awful. Most of the setup-payoff makes little or no sense. The ermite, despite a high screentime is underemployed. Many repetitions are expected to be funny but fail to do so and left me in an akward feeling of wanting to leave the theatre. The too-obvious meta point of view does not bring anything to the movie. The final twist sounds like a prank to the public. The pseudo moralistic explanation of the society is awkward bloated and not impacting. All in one very disappointing.

Two stars for a nice screenplay and the terrific apparition of Adam driver in the red smart which made me laugh one time in the movie.
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Deadly dull
i_ashworth16 May 2019
Before the premiere began the cinema audience was treated to the live red carpet arrival of the stars on opening night of the Cannes film festival. I thought both the stars interviewed (Driver, Murray) and the director came across as diffident and defensive, and I can see why after sitting through their dull, uninspired movie." This is going to end badly" was the oft repeated (and continually unfunny) leitmotif. If this is art, give me American Werewolf in London with my popcorn any day.
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A severe example of false advertising in trailers.
lordkrythic29 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer of this movie honestly belies the state of the actual movie. If you watch the trailer, it attempts to convey a more action oriented approach, with aspects of comedy that are quite synonymous with Zombie movies in recent times. However, the movie itself is nowhere like the trailer attempted to portray it as. Everything in the movie is slow, dull, and seems to just be meandering its way through scenes. Watching it, you really want to like it. You're thinking to yourself that the build up is going to be worth it. However, the more of it you watch, you will begin to feel as though the movie is not going to change, and it doesn't. The entire movie is extremely blah from start to finish.

At first, as I've already stated, this was not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoy a build up as much as anyone else. And when one of the officers say "It's zombies", you sort of laugh about it, because you as a viewer know they're right. You expect the other characters to laugh at the person who said it. But this is not what happens. In fact, everyone in the town immediately assumes zombies, without having actually seen a zombie themselves. The police officers also visit a nearby graveyard to inspect the local graves...again, they have no reason to believe it's actually zombies. No one has seen a zombie up until that point, and no logical person would ever immediately jump to the conclusion of zombies. If this was the purpose of the movie-to convey a sense of vertigo-it was done poorly by the end of the movie. I cannot stress that enough.

There are also two major 4th wall breaks. The first of which, you don't quite register what the person is talking about. So when they say "It's the theme song", you wonder to yourself are they actually talking about the movie? Is this something that will be explained later? Surely they wouldn't break the 4th wall like that...and then you see the second 4th wall break, where one of the police officers literal states "He knows how the movie ends, because he read the script". Even though I'm all for clever 4th wall breaks, this one honestly urinated me off (bypassing language filter), because it showed just how much the director of the movie didn't care about the movie itself. Immersion broken 100%, and not in a good way.

Did I mention they throw in random alien cameos? No? Well, they do. And it honestly had absolutely no place in this film. Nothing was explained in this film. Absolutely nothing. Why is it perpetual day, and then suddenly night? Something about the Earth's Tilt, any further questions? Screw you. Why is the dead coming back to life? Again, screw you. Why was someone in the town secretly an alien? Screw you. What was the point of the alien in the police station? Screw you. There are so many things wrong with this script that I honestly couldn't convey them all here if I tried.

If you watch this movie, go back and watch the trailer again. The trailer is a 100% different movie. And I'm personally wondering how no one is getting a lawsuit for false advertising after something like that.


The trailer blatantly lied about the content and pace of the movie. This movie is nothing but lost potential. It doesn't know what it wants to be, and has no idea of realizing what it wants to be.
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A low-key gem, full of charm and an affection for its characters.
maddox-richard20 May 2019
Saw this film on opening week in Paris.

It should be enjoyed by everyone who loves the particular style of comedy Jim honed early on with Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train, Night on Earth and Coffee and Cigarettes. Knowing, deadpan, meta-comedies.

It's pretty much Jim's Mars Attacks outing but tonally the opposite - gentle rather than rabidly cynical, chuckle-along-funny rather than laugh-out-loud-outrageous.

In the same way that Tim Burton's sci-fi comedy works best for those enthralled to see Annette Bening and Pierce Brosnan in an absurd b-movie pastiche. The Dead Don't Die should work a treat if you're simply excited to see Tom Waits, Tilda Swinton and Iggy Pop in a zombie comedy.

Admittedly not to everyone's taste. Liking the film will more than usually depend on how much you like the characters. I loved every single character and would have happily spent more time in their company.

Maybe next up for an unexpected horror comedy could be Wes Anderson...
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Unimaginably horrible
kalixtshawxo19 June 2019
In my 50 years of life, i have never walked out of a movie...until now. I lasted just over 30 minutes. It's not scary. It's not funny. Not even dumb funny. The writing and dialogue are so bad, and for such big name actors their performances were wooden, and they seemed as bored to be on screen as i was in the theatre. What was the direction? I have no idea what the director/writer/producer/whomever green-lit this movie was thinking. I should have believed the reviews. I was so disappointed i had to write this, my first ever review on IMDB.
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Boring, bland and pretentous
Dilldappe31 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a waste of time - do yourself a favor and dont watch it. The suggested humor from the trailer is constantly missfiring, dull and repetitive. You are supposed to laugh at usage of the same line thats repeated over and over until the last person rolls his eyes in agony. Sarcastic remarks are made to hit the audience over the head with the absurdity of the situation, thrown in with some blunt 4th wall breaking. Nothing works, not even the acting. While the main cast is supposed to be almost apathic at the outbreak of a zombie apacolypse, it geniuely kills the mood and every sense of drama or tension. After this you will wonder if Adam Driver cant really act and Bill Murray was high or thinking about his paycheck the while time.

There are no pay-offs to character arcs and they push some weird social commentary over the cause of the outbreak thats so mindnumbingly obvious and in your face it loses all weight, plus voice-over to really hammer home the fact how humans where zombie-like to begin with on how they consume and want ever more. Really dull in its delivery it only adds to the feeling of wanting to just be done with the movie. Save yourself from boredom and regret over wasted time and money and skip this.
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I felt like a zombie after watching this mess
A_New_Hope29 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I gave 3 stars because it has Bill Murray and Danny Glover, the movie itself was a mess. It was so slow, it fell too much on hipster "comedy" There is an awful song that is played repeatedly that is mean to be a theme song but its too country and boring to be a theme song to a zombie show.

This movie is self aware, zombies exist in this universe albit in movies, shows and pop culture. The writing is lazy, the jokes are bland, the acting is something like you would get in a high school drama class. Its horribly slow and boring, zombies don't show up for a good chunk, and then there was a random UFO. Yep just a UFO from nowhere for no reason.
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Worst movie ever saw in theaters! Complete waste of my money!
michaelfoltzer17 June 2019
This was by far the slowest and worst movie i have ever paid for in my life in the theaters. Almost walked out so many times like the rest of the crowd did, but because so many good actors are in it I kept giving chance after chance for the movie to pick up and get better. Took almost an hour for anything to happen in the movie. Everyone talks and moves slower then a turtle and it takes forever for literally anything to happen and when anything does happen it not exciting and still the slowest most boring zombie move ever created! Very upset Bill Murray would even put himself in such an crappy movie. Don't waste your time or money. Wish i could get that 2 hours of my life back and the $30.00.
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Jarmusch's love letter to the Zombie genre
matt-heroux15 June 2019
I was in 100% from the graveyard opening shot. This film made me want to run home and re-watch Night of the Living Dead for the 30th time. If you're a Zombie traditionalist with a dark sense of humor (redundant I know) you'll eat this movie up. Nice new touches like hyper self awareness keep it light and fun while you get to see everyone who you ever thought would make a good zombie (Iggy Pop and Carol Kane especially) chew up ... scenery. Tilda Swinton literally kills it in every scene she's in, and Adam Driver and Bill Murray deadpan their way through their hilarious matter-of-fact dialogue, with great scenes from Selena Gomez and the dude who played Allison Williams' lacrosse psycho brother in Get Out. You could definitely see why all of these great actors wanted to be in this film. There are a couple of dead ends that don't get resolved and some characters that we just lose completely, but the love and genre shoutouts shown (along with some subtle nods to cult classics like Plan 9 from Outer Space) had me grinning throughout. Loved this movie!
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I felt like a Zombie after watching this.
interaxcontracts30 May 2019
Well it had a star studded cast!

But after the boredom has turned you into a mindless minion of the brain dead zombie world, try to remember a yawn will result in permanent dislocation!

No atmosphere. A pointless, non credible story line. If it was funny then the comic genius was beyond me, as it was hidden in a script my 9 year old could have written.

The budget was so low I expected to see power extension leads being dragged across the set. If it had a bigger budget, then the Director spent it getting hammered in his trailer.

One of the most shocking examples of an accomplished and esteemed cast coming together to create a real master turd. And it deserves at least to make the history books for that.

I hope you enjoyed this review! I promise you it was a lot more fun than this film.
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Jarmusch's Zombie flick is dead on arrival
spriggs-lee8 June 2019
First off I gave this movie 6/10 because the cast is great, as is the overall production value. The movie also has a plot that begins and ends (something a shocking number of movies don't have). That alone warrants 6/10 in my book.

After Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) and Paterson (2016), both films I absolutely LOVE, Jarmusch seems to want to move in a less philosophical and goofier direction. Both those films are quiet, thought-provoking, and uneventful but not in a bad way.

The Dead Don't Die feels like Jarmusch trying to make an event film, as well as a statement on American sociopolitical culture today, on Hollywood today, as well as pay homage to classic zombie films. With so many characters and so much disconnect between them, as well as so little attention given to the themes, the film ultimately is... a mess. There is a meta framing device that doesn't really work too.

In trying to touch on all these things and their great complexities, Jarmusch winds up effectively analyzing none of them. Themes are lightly addressed before quickly being swept away and replaced with something else. Same could be said for the characters and subplots. There is fun to be had if you enjoy weird and offbeat movies, but this is sadly a weak outing for Jarmusch. I'd much sooner recommend other zombie comedies such as Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, and Return of the Living Dead before this one.
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In the town of Centerville, USA (population 768), everything moves a little slower, even the apocalypse.
JustaReplicant14 June 2019
The Dead Don't Die

Cinema 21, Portland, OR

Preview showing 6/13

What if we made a zombie movie where no one really cares that there are zombies? A sort of dull, apathetic acceptance to the horrific and odd world events happening around them. Legendary director Jim Jarmusch gave me pretty much exactly what I thought he would--an un-deadpan (ha ha) black comedy with an all-star cast: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Steve Buscemi, Tom Waits, Chloe Savigny, and a slew of other cameos I won't spoil here.

In the town of Centerville, USA (population 768), everything moves a little slower, even the apocalypse. When citizens realize the sun isn't setting, people start talking. Radio reports come in about electricity failures and other oddities taking place globally; even the head of the Power and Energy Board comes on air to assure us all that these crazy events have "absolutely nothing to do with the increase of ice fracking."

It's a nice little message from Jarmusch; the message rolls into something a little more personal, as when the undead return, we see them going back to "the things they did in life." We see ghouls holding cell phones they can't use, muttering "wi-fi" and "facebook." Undead children looking for toys and candy. Zombified soccer moms practicing tennis. Undead dads flocking to tool stores. It plays to a larger theme of mindless consumption--cheeky, albeit effective.

I feel like critics and audiences aren't going to go crazy for this right off the bat; this is a slow burner, deliberately paced, unflinchingly sincere in its presentation, unwavering in its self-awareness, and steadfast in its brazen humor. You'll know what I mean if and when you see it. I think Jim Jarmusch is a great writer, and the banter he creates will be quoted between friends as inside jokes 10 years from now. It's 100% a cult film in the making.

In a time where multiplexes are filled with Avengers and Wicks and Dark Phoenixes, mammoth sized films with astonishing budgets and record breaking box office returns, it was refreshing to see a flick that was just as aware as the audience that it didn't need to be made. Though I am glad it was.
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Funny, irreverent, pointed
peter-753-70477714 May 2019
A funny horror movie with great pacing and hilarious characters. It even has a heart and a point (see a spoiler review or the movie for more).

Bill Murray plays his part beautifully, same for Danny Glover. Gilda Swinton is deliciously weird.

An understated work of comedy genius. Maybe we all have a little zombie in us ;)
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just awful
somerville200328 May 2019
I think this was meant to be a bad movie, which it tried it's hardest to be. There is the occasional deadpan comedy 'funny' moment, but not for the bloody entire movie to try deadpan all throughout. Easily one of the worst zomcoms I have ever seen.
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Good cast, worse movie
eliasrau4 June 2019
I was waiting for the highlight but nothing never changed. Boring and strange kind of humor
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Surprised by all the negative reviews!
jaybutlersouthvalley16 June 2019
If you like black comedy, self aware movies, and dead pan sarcasm, you have a good chance of liking this movie.

It is not for everyone, but I thought it was pretty good. The characters are like-able and represent a trope of the classic zombie movie to a point. The movie is not without its issues, but it is original and new and FRESH. Not a reboot or remake or sequel.

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One of the worst films I've ever seen. People left the theater halfway through!
drakewidlake20 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I would highly avoid seeing this. It's slow with a stupid plot that goes nowhere. Saw about 10 people walk out of the theatre. Bill Murray was not funny at all. The film tries to repeat dumb jokes that aren't funny. Random UFO shows up and takes away a Scottish Samurai funeral director. Side plots that go nowhere and wastes about 20 minutes of the movie. The entire cast was wasted, just like the two hours of my life watching this trash of a movie. This was not art, but it was a big middle finger to anyone who had to sit through it. It's almost as if the director wanted to make the worst movie ever just to say "I made the worst movie ever." Why release this to theaters? It should of been free on Netflix. Then you could at least turn it off and pick something better to watch.
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Zombies In Paradise
bondscammer7 June 2019
Hilarious! There are laughs throughout with a few scares but it's the cast, led by Bill Murray, that keeps your attention! And Eszter Balint (Stranger Than Paradise) is back! Awesome!
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Aim the head
tinefos14 May 2019
Now, call that a masterpiece, and run to the nearest movie theatre nearby, for, if the dead don't die, the live ones are still beating it! This zombie movie is no B- yet it stings your brain, and freshens the screen as it should. Jim Jarmush unites his faithful besties, along with delightful newbies, to bring you up into a satirical though poetic middle of nowhere, touched by unavoidable bad ending. It's an ode to History, that of human's desperate need to conquer and consume, that of America, that of cinema and arts which lighten the burden of our lost civilisation. « The world is perfect... Pay attention to the details » whispers the delivery guy, sharpening your conscience towards the more or less subtle references planted inside the whole script (just ask Adam Driver for more information, or attend another screening). From Hitchcock to Tarentino, David Lynch to George Lucas, Herman Melville to Stephen King, and so much more, you just can't stop feeling satisfied. Dialogues are hilarious and characters keep close to absurd yet never fall off the cliff (send all my love to Bill). Instead, the profound, peculiar voice of Ermit bob, the whistle-blower narrator (wild wild Tom Waits) just makes you wanna clap hands, listen to more more music (excellent soundtrack by the way), and keep your soul well awake.
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