"The Good Place" Chidi Sees the Time-Knife (TV Episode 2019) Poster

Kristen Bell: Eleanor Shellstrop



  • Eleanor Shellstrop : There's this chicken sandwich that if you eat it, it means you hate gay people. And it's delicious!

    Judge : It is! It is so good!

  • Jason Mendoza : [to the Judge]  I want to tell you about a guy from my dance crew in Jacksonville called Big Noodle.

    Eleanor Shellstrop : Well, we gave it our best shot, guys. It was nice knowing you.

    Jason Mendoza : I used to yell at Big Noodle 'cause he alway showed up late to rehearsal. Then one day, the swamp under my house flooded. I needed a place to crash, so I slept at Big Noodle's house. Turns out that he had to juggle three jobs to take care of four grandparents who all lived in the same bed, just like in "Willy Wonka". I never yelled at Big Noodle for being late after that, 'cause I knew how hard it was for him to be there. And he definitely didn't have time to research what tomatoes to buy. Even if he wanted to, possession of a non-fried vegetable is a felony in Jacksonville. The point is, you can't judge humans 'cause you don't know what we go through.

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