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11 Apr. 2018
The Stanley Cup
Superstitions, traditions, all kinds of 'itions.
18 Apr. 2018
Biscuits, chiclets and pizza. Someone needs to bring Dogg a danish or something.
25 Apr. 2018
Stop trippin' - or boarding or slashing or clippin'. Snoop explains what happens to rule breakers.
2 May 2018
Not like on top of a delicious cake and certainly not bling or diamonds.
9 May 2018
Line Changes
It looks like last call at the bar or running into traffic.
16 May 2018
Ever wonder why players stop in front of the blueline like it's an electric fence?
23 May 2018
Penalty Box
The Hockeymeister teaches you all about the "Sin Bin," which sounds like a club in Vegas. And there's no WiFi.
30 May 2018
Snoop LaFleur examines some of the venerable traditions of hockey: seafood, hats, handshakes and hoisting.
6 Jun. 2018
A Day with Stanley
A week-long Cup party? Snoop Dogg dares to dream in his final lesson.

 Season 1 

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