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Still no improvement in sight
Horst_In_Translation17 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Okay here we got the "BET Awards 2018" and I think the title is telling enough to at least vaguely know what this is about. It is an awards show from 2018 and those who know nothing about BET can be informet that this awards show only focuses on honoring African Americans or lets say people who at least have some Black color inside them, most of them probably both parents Black. So much for the initial explanation. Director is Glenn Weiss, who won so many Emmys already in his career that you could expect something better her for sure compared to how it actually turned out. It runs for 3 hours as a whole and that includes commercials, actually the running time is over 2 hours and 20 minutes. The host is Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx who I like as an actor occasionally, but don't know or care too much about him as an entertainer or musician or host as well. He wasn't the worst aspect of the show lets say it like that. His opening presentation was okay, but everything afterward that involved him was genuinely mediocre I would say. Oh well, that still means it is better than most of the rest. The one problem is the definition of an awards show at its core. There are awards handed out here yes, but there is much more music, which means that you could say "BET Awards Concert 2018" is a more accurate description perhaps. Had they cut out most music numbers, then the running time would have been accurate even. Maybe even too short in fact, but yeah I think they also were far from including all awads here and the moment stage performances replace awards at an awards show, it is all lost. Of course, this is a general problem with many awards shows these days, basically everything except Oscars, Globes and Emmys, so it is not just the BET Awards, let alone just the BET Awards 2018. Anyway, there was one performance in the last third of the show that I liked a bit, the rest of the music, rapping etc. was not impressive, but yeah the genre is not necessarily my favorite, so it is also a bit subjective. I would have preferred this show to only include performances of the 5 best song numbers like they do it with songs at the Oscars too. Okay enough comparisons now. What I didn't like? Nicki Minaj was a bit annoying, also the concept as a whole is one I am still struggling with an awards show that shuts out performances and nominees because they do not have the required skin color/ethnical background. But that's probably just me. Finally, the big winner away from music here was the Black Panther film, a good movie without a doubt, but certainly a bit overhyped and also more successful commercially than it should have been given the quality. But probably better than most other nominees that night. Overall, a big thumbs-down from me for this very long awards show and it dragged way too much in my opinion. Watch something else instead.
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