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  • In the mid 25th Century Captain Isotope and Cadet Timmy travel through Outer Space righting wrongs and defending innocence. When they are ordered to rescue the Princess of Space who has been kidnapped by the menace known as Bing the Merciless, a series of events is set in motion which propels Captain Isotope toward a final showdown with Bing. A tribute to the kiddie sci-fi shows of the 1950s set in a sitcom format, the show is made originally for WBXZ-Throwback Television channel 56.4 in Buffalo.

  • CHAPTER ONE - "Bing The Merciless" - Ordered by the Queen of space to rescue the Princess of Space, Captain Isotope and Cadet Timmy leap to the rescue. Captain Isotope boards Bing's ship and fires on Bing, who is curiously unaffected by the energy weapon's discharge. Captured by Bing, Captain Isotope learns to his horror that the Princess of Space is an angry ex-girlfriend, Princess Daphne. Things go from bad to worse when Bing and Daphne start to spar over who is going to beat the tar out of Captain Isotope.

  • CHAPTER TWO: "Dangerous Cargo" - Recovered from his run-in with Bing, Captain Isotope must now contend with Princess Daphne unwilling to leave his ship, and the sudden secretive mission form General Amelia Crank to transport a prisoner to a holding facility. When the General Transmogulates onto the ship with Bing in her custody things get VERY tense as Isotope must try to interrogate Bing, keep his presence a secret from the Princess, and handle an escape attempt.

  • CHAPTER THREE: "The Satellite of Doom" - Testing out new space suits, Isotope invites the Princess along for a space walk. She's VERY happy to join in until it's discovered that they received new spacesuits.. but only ONE helmet. This brings out the "testy" in her, and she begins to harangue the Captain over a recent romantic dalliance with the purveyor of the suits, a feminine Slug. Investigating a bit of space debris near the ship, Captain Isotope soon ends up unconscious, forcing Cadet Timmy to create a makeshift helmet and rescue his Captain. When Isotope is brought back on board he is clutching a portion of an old Earth Satellite with a piece of talking tech attached to it, and he is shocked to realize he's had a science officer on board for some time now.

  • CHAPTER FOUR: "The Mysterious Ones" - Happy to be getting off the ship for a little bit, Princess Daphne is primping and gathering all the "essentials" for a mission to find the source of a strange radio signal coming from the planet below. Captain Isotope is not pleased and relieves her of most of her non-essentials. Transmogulating down to the surface, Isotope soon learns that while Daphne appears to be physically fit, she is in need of some serious exercise to keep up. When she gets separated from him however she stumbles across the source of the radio transmission - an alien ship. Taken over by the body-less "Mysterious Ones", Daphne fights to maintain control of her own body. Returning to the ship she is forced to kill the crew of the Isotope so the aliens can leave this world.


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