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Candice Patton: Iris West-Allen



  • Cisco Ramon : That's the other thing, celebrating the decimation of an indigenous culture so a bunch of greedy colonizers can get their turkey-lurkey on.

    [to Iris and Nora] 

    Cisco Ramon : Do you know about this? Do you know about the sham? The sham we call "Thanksgiving."

    Iris West-Allen : Okay, I'm sorry, am I... am I missing something? Since when did you guys become anti-Thanksgiving?

    Cisco Ramon : Since a bunch of guys wearing hat buckles fed us some old bull, wrapped in lies, stuffed in propaganda. It's a deception turducken.

    Nora West-Allen : Actually, I think the hat buckles weren't real, either.

    Iris West-Allen : Don't encourage him.

  • Iris West-Allen : Did you get anything from Mardon?

    Barry Allen : No, nothing that'll help us find his daughter. What about you guys? What'd you dig up?

    Caitlin Snow : Meet Joss Jackam. She is a delinquent teen turned amateur storm chaser. A self-taught expert in theoretical meteorology.

    Cisco Ramon : How do we know she's a storm chaser? 'Cause Helen Hunt here has a blog.

    Caitlin Snow : Mm-hmm. She lost her grant from the Science Center for doing too many dangerous experiments on the weather.

    Iris West-Allen : [seeing pictures from Joss' blog]  Well, it looks like she's way beyond the experimental phase.

    Caitlin Snow : Ooh, Weather Witch?

    Cisco Ramon : I'll allow it.

  • Iris West-Allen : So, it wasn't so much the taste as it was the crunch.

    Caitlin Snow : Wait, are you actually saying...

    Iris West-Allen : Yes, that was the year I found out why Grandma Esther's yams tasted so good, because she never cleaned her favorite skillet.

    Cisco Ramon : [everyone groans in disgust]  I take it this was also the year you stopped eating Grandma Esther's yams?

    Iris West-Allen : Mm-mm, I didn't say all that.

  • Iris West-Allen : Sorry we're late. It seems like everyone and their grandma is getting pre-holiday manis and pedis.

    Nora West-Allen : Ooh, let's take photos and post them on that old-fashioned Insta thingy that you guys use.

    Caitlin Snow : Those two seem to have really patched things up.

    Barry Allen : Yeah, Nora's getting closer to Iris than she is with me, and the timing couldn't have been better.

    Caitlin Snow : What do you mean?

    Barry Allen : I mean, Nora was so young when I disappeared in her future, so this would be her first memory of Thanksgiving with both her parents. Feel like it's my job to make it the most perfect Thanksgiving ever.

  • Iris West-Allen : You know, the West-Allens have never missed a Thanksgiving.

    Nora West-Allen : Hmm.

    Iris West-Allen : No gorilla army, no evil speedster, no giant wormhole in the sky could break that streak.

    Nora West-Allen : Yeah, the singularity. So, the Flash Museum has a 3-D model of dad just running straight into it to save the city. God, it must have been so epic to be there.

    Iris West-Allen : Actually, it was, um... terrifying to be there. We didn't know if your dad was gonna come back.

    [glacing at Barry and Caitlin together] 

    Iris West-Allen : Ronnie didn't.

    Nora West-Allen : What? The-the museum says that... that dad just saved everybody.

    Iris West-Allen : I guess there's things that the museum left out. Like your dad giving himself to the Speed Force to save the city. That was another time we said goodbye thinking... might be a one-way trip.

    Nora West-Allen : Sounds a lot like what took him from us in the future. I didn't know dad had so many close calls.

    Iris West-Allen : Look, your dad was always gonna wanna put his life on the line for others. That is what I love most about him, but yeah, it-it does keep me up at night.

  • Iris West-Allen : What's going on?

    Caitlin Snow : I-I'm seeing a massive electrical surge at the power station downtown.

    Iris West-Allen : Barry, Nora, you're up.

  • The Flash : Guys, what's the problem? Everything looks...

    XS : [they're startled by a flash of lightning]  Uh, I think we found it.

    The Flash : It's lightning.

    Iris West-Allen : Skies were clear a minute ago. That storm must have come out of nowhere.

  • Cisco Ramon : There's an experimental cold fusion core from Mercury Labs in the plant, and if it blows...

    Caitlin Snow : It could take out the whole block.

    The Flash : I see it.

    Iris West-Allen : Nora, you've got to evac all the workers to safety. Barry...

    The Flash : Yeah, I know, I gotta grab the core.

    XS : No, no, no. Something doesn't feel right.

    The Flash : Just listen to Iris. Grab the workers from inside.

  • Iris West-Allen : Nora, I know you're upset, but if that core would have exploded, it would have caused a lot of damage.

    Nora West-Allen : It did cause a lot of damage. Dad died.

    Iris West-Allen : We made the best decision we could, given the circumstances.

    Nora West-Allen : Maybe someone else should be making our decisions.

    Iris West-Allen : Wow. All right, well, so much for mother/daughter holiday time.

    Barry Allen : She did just have to bring me back to life. Let's give her a minute.

  • Barry Allen : Where did that storm come from?

    Cisco Ramon : A storm like that coming and going, disappearing in a matter of minutes, it shouldn't be possible.

    Caitlin Snow : Unless someone was making it possible. I mean, we've seen that before.

    Iris West-Allen : Weather Wizard. But Mark Mardon is serving a life sentence at Iron Heights.

    Barry Allen : Let's make sure he's doing just that.

    [to Cisco and Caitlin] 

    Barry Allen : Let us know if any other weather anomalies pop up on the radar.

  • Warden Del Toro : You have to excuse our dim lighting. Today's storm out at the power plant knocked out our main generator, so we're working off a backup for the time being.

    Iris West-Allen : So does that mean you can't dampen the meta prisoners' powers?

    Warden Del Toro : Prison-wide dampeners are down, but we got every inmate into meta cuffs incident-free. I hope you include that in your article about our readiness. After the corruption of the last warden, I am eager to assure the public that their safety is in good hands. Now, our CSIs, which inmate did you need to see?

    Barry Allen : [seeing Mardon is secure in his cell]  And he's been here all day?

    Warden Del Toro : Never once out of our sight.

    Iris West-Allen : There was a crime committed today with an M.O. similar to Mardon's. Can I take a look at the security tapes?

    Warden Del Toro : Anything for our friends in the press.

    Barry Allen : Well, this is a bust.

    Nora West-Allen : Yeah, looks like you, uh, died for nothing.

  • Nora West-Allen : How's dad's interrogation going?

    Iris West-Allen : Well, we'll know in a minute. Hopefully, he'll find something that'll help us profile Mardon's daughter.

    Nora West-Allen : Okay, well, uh, let me know.

    Iris West-Allen : Nora, look... um, listen, I know you're upset with me for sending your dad into that situation earlier and I just... I wanted to say that I...

    Nora West-Allen : Mom... mom, it's okay. I-I'm not upset with you.

    Iris West-Allen : You're not?

    Nora West-Allen : No, we're good. I-I promise.

  • Nora West-Allen : Dad, that weathervane, doesn't it look a lot like...

    Barry Allen : The staff she was carrying, yeah. Cisco, can you pull up the security footage from her attack on Iron Heights?

    Cisco Ramon : Sure can.

    Caitlin Snow : [seeing a still of Joss' staff]  It's infected with a satellite shard. She's got meta-tech.

    Nora West-Allen : Like Spencer Young's phone.

    Cisco Ramon : Look, she has instant lightning on command. There's no way you're gonna be able to get that staff from her. She's gonna have to give it up willingly.

    Iris West-Allen : Okay, listen, we got twenty minutes before she destroys the entire city, so what is the plan?

    Barry Allen : We only have one choice. We give her what she wants.

  • Mark Mardon : That's a pretty cool staff. Would you just... how about you just power that thing off for a sec and, uh, let your dad try.

    Weather Witch : Try this.

    Cisco Ramon : [a Hummer lands grille-first on Mardon]  Oh!

    Weather Witch : Oh, oh, don't feel bad. He was a selfish dick who abandoned his family. Anyway, thanks for helping me drop a truck on my dad.

    Mark Mardon : [the Hummer falls over, revealing he's just a hologram]  Uh, guys?

    Iris West-Allen : [at STAR Labs, wearing a VR headset]  What now?

    [taking it off] 

    Iris West-Allen : I didn't see the Hummer coming.

  • Iris West-Allen : I can't believe she's actually willing to level the city to kill one man.

    Barry Allen : She doesn't know where Mardon is. It's overkill, but it's the only option we've left her.

    Iris West-Allen : Well, Caitlin's on radar, and Cisco's trying to juice the satellites, but there's interference. We can't locate Joss. You okay?

    [knowing she means Nora, he shrugs non-committally] 

    Iris West-Allen : Look, babe, you're gonna find the words to make her understand. I know it.

    Barry Allen : Not sure I have the words to make myself understand. She's got a point.

  • Iris West-Allen : Barry, do you have eyes on Joss?

    The Flash : No, she's damaged the terminal so badly, the hangar's the only safe place. I'm evacuating everyone trapped on the tarmac.

    Caitlin Snow : I think I can bring Frost out. What can we do?

    Iris West-Allen : Flood control down at the marina.

    Nora West-Allen : Guys, how do we fight weather?

    Cisco Ramon : [getting an idea]  We fight weather with weather.

    Iris West-Allen : [understanding]  Nora. We still have Mardon's weather wand. I need you to get it from the archives and take it to Barry, okay?

  • Iris West-Allen : We live in a world full of meta-phones and meta-weathervanes. What's next? My electric toothbrush?

    Barry Allen : 'Till we figure out how to remove those shards, better safe than sorry.

    Iris West-Allen : Yeah.

    Barry Allen : Well, now that Mardon and his daughter are all tucked away in Iron Heights, what do you say we spend some time with our own family?

    Iris West-Allen : Well, might just be us and Nora this year. Caitlin and Cisco are skipping Thanksgiving.

    Barry Allen : What? Why?

    Iris West-Allen : Don't even ask.

    Barry Allen : [confused]  What?

  • [last lines] 

    Barry Allen : Guys, this better be good.

    Iris West-Allen : Yeah, we've got an after-Thanksgiving tradition called sleeping, so what's up?

    Cisco Ramon : It's good. Trust us. Detective.

    Sherloque Wells : Well, it occurred to me that if you, monsieur and madame West-Allen, you want to spend this holiday with your family, well, perhaps your meta-killer does, as well. So I had monsieur Cisco hack into the CCTV footage of the hospital and this is what we got.

    Iris West-Allen : [playing the surveillance footage]  Ever since Grace arrived, only one man has come to visit her. Every day. Including tonight.

    Sherloque Wells : Team Flash, I give you... Orlin Dwyer. Also known as...

    Barry Allen : Cicada.

  • Nora West-Allen : Mom, um... I'm sorry.

    Iris West-Allen : Sorry for what, Nora?

    Nora West-Allen : For not giving you a chance to show me how great you are. This year, I'm just really thankful to get to know you. The real you.

    Iris West-Allen : I'm thankful, too.

  • Iris West-Allen : Barry? Nora, do you see him?

    XS : I, uh... I...

    [the Flash emerges from the smoke with Joss in meta-cuffs] 

    XS : I see him. He's still here.

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