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Season 1

17 May 2018
Click Inc.
Anisa Gharam is the new employee in Click Inc. The employees are getting to know her.
18 May 2018
Baker King
Taghreed is pissed from Anisa Gharam staying in her house, will Baker King help her book a hotel for her.
19 May 2018
Saif Book
Taghreed is planning for a small work-party to welcome the new employees; Gharam and Goobel.
20 May 2018
Anisa Gram
Saif surprises Gharam by bringing her old-time friend Sami, only then he realizes that Sami was more than a friend, he is Gharam's ex-boyfriend.
21 May 2018
Goobel +
Goobel brings his relative Goobel+ to replace Saifbook.
22 May 2018
Goobel+ starts dividing the company into circles, meanwhile, Taghreed is attracted to him.
23 May 2018
Aya Db
Saif can't forgive Goobel for bringing Goobel+ to the company. Taghreed book movie tickets for them through AyaDB in an attempt to make them friends again.
24 May 2018
Mr Toufaha
Mr Toufaha visits the company to sign a deal with Mr Link.
25 May 2018
Saifbook has a date with Sanachat.
26 May 2018
Ruber & Kareem
Sanachat's habit of recording videos all the time becomes an issue for Saif.
27 May 2018
Taghreed, Gharam, Saif and Goobel are working overtime, a thief breaks in to steal from the company.
28 May 2018
Rebay is a popular auction, the four friends go there to buy some stuff.
29 May 2018
Eman Zon
Emanzon finally finds Goobel, they talk endlessly, meanwhile, Gharam and Taghreed aren't talking with each other because Gharam stole the date Taghreed was hoping to get.
30 May 2018
Goobel asks Emanzon for a date, Taghreed and Gharam are back as friends.
31 May 2018
Taghreed is a having a date with Mr Toufaha, Gharam books her an appointment with Photonshop to fix her up.
1 Jun. 2018
Ma'zozah is the auntie of Taghreed, she can't communicate with the employees of Click.
2 Jun. 2018
Sami sees Gharam after his wedding, Gharam meets his wife, Isabelle.
3 Jun. 2018
Goobel and Gharam both miss their exes, they try endless attempts to know what they are doing with their lives.
4 Jun. 2018
Tareq Call
While Goobel is desperate to remember Emanzon number, he sees an old friend who helps him finds it.
5 Jun. 2018
Mr Shababeek and Mr Toufaha's seminars crossover. However, the employees try their best not to make them meet with each other.
6 Jun. 2018
Sirin is Mr Toufaha's Assistant, she visits Click Inc. to help the employees with their work.
7 Jun. 2018
It's Valentine Day, each one of them is hoping to get a gift from someone he loves, will they find love?.
8 Jun. 2018
Wakeel Pedia
Wakeel Pedia comes to Click Inc to join the research department.
9 Jun. 2018
Fickr is a professional photographer, she has better photography skills than Gharam, something that will piss Gharam off.
10 Jun. 2018
Yousef Tube
Yousef Tube, a relative of Goobel, has millions of videos to show to him and his friends.
11 Jun. 2018
In an attempt of fix the problems that happened between Saif and Gharam, Saif calls Wassab to send messages to Gharam who is refusing to talk to him.
12 Jun. 2018
Kayed Link
Taghreed is finally meeting her secret admirer.
13 Jun. 2018
The Let Down
Will Taghreed continue her relationship with Mr Link, and is Gharam falling for Saifbook?
14 Jun. 2018
The Proposal P.1
Saif is planning to propose to Gharam.
15 Jun. 2018
The Proposal P.2
Saif is shocked to find out that Gharam is still in love with Sami.

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