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Season 1

28 Jun. 2019
Welcome to Wilkins Chawla
Riya breaks the dreaded news of the probable downsizing at Wilkins Chawla to Chaddha, the 'Chief Fun Officer', and asks him to keep it under wraps. And then, the leak happens.
28 Jun. 2019
Anekta Diwas
After employees complain against their 'Fun'jabi Boss' offensive humour, the head office assigns Madhukar to organise a workshop on racial tolerance and diversity.
28 Jun. 2019
Cost Cutting
When asked to come up with a cost cutting strategy, Chaddha puts TP in charge and goes out to plan a surprise for the employees. Brownie points, anyone?
28 Jun. 2019
A Secret Alliance
Otherwise at loggerheads, Amit and TP join hands to fight downsizing. Meanwhile, Chaddha organises an unusual party to pep up the mood at the office.
28 Jun. 2019
Kabaddi! Kabaddi!
Chaddha's newest goals - push for overtime and unite the teams. Solution? A 'kabaddi' match between the godown staff and office team, with the losers having to work extra hours.
28 Jun. 2019
Who's That Girl?
Loveleen, a hot beauty consultant has come to the office, and the boys are trying really hard to win her attention. Who will finally take her out, any guesses?
28 Jun. 2019
The Chaddies
It's that time of the year. Chaddha organises Chaddies - the annual awards night at Wilkins Chawla. While everyone is bored to death, only Pammi has a good time.
28 Jun. 2019
Madhukar is asked to conduct a sexual harassment workshop at the office. Obviously, Chaddha doesn't have a great opinion about the workshop and the new policy.
28 Jun. 2019
Wilkins Olympics
While the cat's away, the mice will play. As Chaddha steps out of office with TP, Amit and Pammi find a chance to organise impromptu Olympics in the office.
28 Jun. 2019
Emergency Alert!
A fire breaks out in the office, and the employees are asked to evacuate. Chaddha feels that the time is right to impress Sapan, while the team finds an interesting way to kill time.
28 Jun. 2019
Dandiya Downsize
It's Navratri and the employees are in full dandiya mood. However, Chaddha isn't happy as he has to fire someone today. Who will he choose?
28 Jun. 2019
Amit tricks Chaddha into challenging TP in a 'dangal'. Chaddha cheats and wins, leaving TP disappointed. To make up for it, he plans a surprise for TP.
28 Jun. 2019
The Deal
Chaddha and Riya are out to meet a client, where he wins more than just the contract. Elsewhere, Pammi and Amit spend some time together.

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