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Aaron Pierre: Dev-Em



  • Jayna-Zod : The Rankless Initiative. That was shit, wasn't it?

    Dev-Em : Complete shit. It only made things worse, and Lyta didn't deserve to be made a scapegoat for the Council's bad decisions.

  • Dev-Em : Your Eminence, we're here to escort you to the ceremony.

    Voice of Rao : There will be a slight delay. In speaking with my protege, I realize I need more contact with the people of Kandor. I have much to learn, and to judge.

    Dev-Em : I don't understand, Your Eminence.

    Voice of Rao : The ceremony must be open to the public. I want the hall packed with citizens. Young, old, Guilded, Rankless. Turn no one away.

    Dev-Em : Your Eminence, I'm not sure we can get the people there in time.

    Voice of Rao : Then begin now.

  • Daron-Vex : You're telling me there will be collateral damage?

    Dev-Em : I am telling you the room will be stuffed with collateral damage. This is no longer a controlled situation. We have to abort.

    Daron-Vex : Proceed as planned. There comes a point in any coup when it's more dangerous to back out than to go forward. Too many people are involved to depend on none of them betraying the secret. Even inadvertently...

    Dev-Em : Let me be clear. Your opinion means nothing to me. Primus?

    Jayna-Zod : We can't withdraw now. We've already paid too much, Dev.

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