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Shocking moment(s) make this a weak awards show overall
Horst_In_Translation4 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Here we have the "The 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards", a television awards show from January 2018, so still relatively new and this one is not the longest from the bunch at slightly over 90 minutes. Host is actress Kristen bell, but yeah not really as she was virtually not existent here apart from the very beginning and a few words at the very end, which is pretty good as I am not much of a fan of her anymore. This is like the title says already an award show for actors only. You won't find categories like writing, directing or visual effects here. The 4 big screen acting categories are basically decided this year for the Oscars too and the 4 dominating winners triumphed here too. But the best cast win for 3 Billboards makes it interesting as this one could take home the Oscar and is only very closely behind The Shape of Water still i guess with Get out and Ladybird even being potential dark horses (no racist pun intended). The focus in terms of politics (ugh can we have one award show without politics) has shifted from Trump bashing to evil men in Hollywood bashing now, but yeah after the very weak early introduction by Tracie Ellis Ross, we get the usual uninspired Trump insulting by Anthony Anderson's clip on Black-ish. pretty shocking stuff actually that Ross hits all the wrong notes and comes off as fake and melodramatic, while the young Millie Bobbie Brown teaches her a lesson on how to handle it despite her young years. The weakest moment of the show, however, was the win for This is Us' Sterling K. Brown, not because he was weak or anything but because of the blatantly racist presentation where we had the Black female laudator announce that she would give the trophy only to the only Black nominee in this category. A tragic moment for America really in terms of equality. Harbour was probably the one who was worst from the nominees in terms of hiding his embarassment about this presentation. And deal-breaking stuff. There is no way I can rate this anywhere above 5 out of 10 with events like this happening. The good news about this one, however, is that it is still an award show and music award shows that have turned into concert events these days can learn a lot from it. Rita Moreno and Morgan Freeman were fun too. Skarsgard's De Niro reference was very well-handled too. The wins here actually make me curious about This is Us. Claire Foy probably did not expect herself to beat Elisabeth Moss this time, which could explain her absence, but she did it and even as a great Lizzie Moss fan I am not too mad about it. JLD and Veep (really cringeworthy and unfunny fake speech there) well.. I guess we need to live with that. Not caught up with Shameless yet, so I cannot say too much about Macy's win. Overall, yes a mediocre award show, but that one moment I elaborated on really should not happen in a country that is all about tolerance, equality and understanding instead of hate. I don't recommend watching this one. Thumbs-down. Not even Mandy Moore could save the night.
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