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Blown away!
jamesweiss21 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The episode itself it rather regular and expected along the train of events of the show itself, but there's something different about this episode that I felt I needed to share.

Yes, the story felt like it was being stopped almost unnecessarily by Mason's character, but I realized that Mason's character and a lot of the dialogue/stories in these episodes are made as devices for self-evaluation. I'm not religious, in fact I consider myself purely agnostic. I don't lean atheist nor theist, but I want to be spiritual. I felt like listening to that conversation between Wendy and Mason about god was amazing because you hear two sides to the same coin. The coin is our inner dialogue. Our doubts and our hopes to maybe believe in something like religion.

Mason says that religion is life itself, but Wendy lives on the path that religion has been nothing but a burden for her. The one that has strayed so far from the path (Wendy) and the fallen angel (Mason). Both of their arguments are indisputable, but the best part of this dialogue is that they both uncover a truth about each other. Mason reveals to Wendy that she made an excuse to leave home on purpose which she doesn't deny, and Wendy says that Mason walked into that store because he wanted to die.

I've got to say that scene was powerful, and I'd recommend any of you to rewatch that particular scene (~37-42 minute mark if you're watching on Netflix) because it really encapsulates a really smart atheist and theist balance of arguments.

Belief isn't about logic, it's about a life essence to see something despite its apparent existence, and atheism is there to describe the grounding view of the world. Neither is wrong to believe, but neither can purely be proven right. That's what I really love about this scene and its powerful duality. This alone makes this episode a 10/10 for me!
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One Way Out
bobcobb30129 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Michael Mosley was a little better on Seven Seconds than this show, but nevertheless his character helped anchor the best episode of the season to this date. It was over the top, but it was intense and entertaining, and that is what you hope for with this show.

This was the kind of Breaking Bad-esque episode we haven't had in awhile from Ozark.
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stupidest scene
nimrodsin5 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Been watching this show, and as I came across the scene where Marty meets Rachel and they text each other while she is wearing a wire I couldn't help but laugh to myself thinking how stupid this scene is. All throughout the show Marty is super discrete and careful not to leave evidence and not to implicate himself in any crime or with any ties with the cartel, but all of a sudden it's ok for him to text Rachel about trying to vouch for Ruth towards the cartel, and mentioning the cartel will kill him and his family .All of this is done through TEXT MESSAGES to Rachel which he now knows is an accomplice with the FBI. Marty seems not to worry about it and doesn't even ask her to delete the texts afterwards. This show is getting dumber and dumber.
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