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Carrie (1976)
Ma tells her daughter to stay home from school to avoid being teased by the other students. Carrie's mother tells her not to go to the prom because "they're all going to laugh at you."
The Shining (1980)
Opening shot of a car driving down a winding road.
Misery (1990)
Several parallels between Annie Wilkes and "Ma." Annie is a former nurse, Ma is a veteranarian. Annie keeps Paul Sheldon captive and sedated using medicine she stole from work, just as Ma does to her daughter. Later, Ma ties Ben to the bed in order to inflict injury upon him, just as Annie does to Paul (breaking his ankles). Ma keeps the children tied up in the basement to hide them from a visiting police officer; she subsequently kills that officer when her captives attract his attention. The children also learn about Ma's past by finding her yearbook clippings; Paul finds out about Annie through her newspaper clippings. Ma is alerted to the childrens' presence and snooping around because her ceramic cats have changed position. Annie is alerted to Paul's wandering because her ceramic penguins have been moved.

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WatchMojo: Top 10 Best Movie Villains of 2019 (So Far) (2019) (TV Episode)
Sue Ann is #9.

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